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Meet our new snusgirl Anna!

My name is Anna Manley, I am 28 years old and currently residing in the mountains outside Temecula, California. I was born and raised by the arctic cirle in the north of Sweden so I got introduced to the whole snus culture very early because where I'm from everyone is using it.
I started smoking in 7th grade (horrible, I know :P) and I thought it was awesome.. Until winter came.

Me and all my friends tried to go outside and smoke but it was about -35 outside and needless to say we were not entirely excited about freezing our teenage butts off in the cold just to get some nicotine in us.. So we went to the boys in our class, who were using lossnus, and made them bake pea-sized little balls of snus for us that we could use instead of smoking - and we all got hooked instantly! Well everyone except this one girl who wouldn't stop throwing up... :P It was just absolutely awesome to not have to run outside just to get a nicotine fix, plus we all enjoyed baking those little balls of lossnus haha! It was like a fun project leading up to the wonderful buzz from the snus :) At the age of 22 I finally gave up smoking because it smelled so bad and my lungs were starting to protest and I switched to using snus full time, and I absolutely love it! It gives you a lot more freedom compared to smoking!

When I lived in Sweden I always used Ettan White Portion (if you've never smelled those pouches you need to buy a can of it asap!) and every now and then I'd buy mini catch Eucalyptus to get some variety! So moving to the US I never really reflected upon the fact that they didn't have the same snus as we did in Sweden.. until I got here and I was freaking out! After almost going nuts I found Camel Snus at the gas station and used those for a while but honestly.. they ruined my gums in a year - something that the swedish snus hadn't done after using it for a decade pretty much!

Then my husband and I discovered The and I was in heaven :D I even got my husband hooked on Goteborgs Rape, General AND Grovsnus too and now he's running around telling all his friends about the website and how great swedish snus is - but he treats it like it's gold so he won't let anyone try it haha!

When I saw that was looking for people to review products I just HAD to apply - I thought it was absolutely perfect for me and I couldn't be happier about getting the job! :)

Anna Manley
4 comments on "Meet our new snusgirl Anna! "
  1. Congrats Anna,

    I'm anxious to see your reveiws ;-) If you or your husband need anything, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm the National OTP Category manager for the distributor that imports Thunder, Jakobsson's, Oden's and Northerner brand snus.

    Good luck,

    Rick Charles

  2. Ah, I wish girls in the south that used smokeless tobacco looked like this!

  3. Cool girl with a cool addiction. Now if I meet a girl I like, and she smokes, I'll just get her to switch.

  4. Do some reviews....I look forward to them...