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Gotland Anis, Loose Snus Review

Gotland Anis (grey) Loose Snus

Did I mention I love Licorice?? Oh yea, I love licorice, and this month I got hooked up!

I don’t know why I didn’t try this snus earlier.  I think it has something to do with a friend sending me some gotlandssnus julesnus for Christmas in 2008 and I hated it! The flavor was just not good and I could not even take a second pris (my opinion of course). I ended up putting it in a Snus yuletide box drop with some other offroad limited edition flavors and sent it off to the next person ASAP.
I just thought all Gotland snus was this bad and never bothered to order that brand again.  Shame on me because I have really been missing out and I am so grateful for this opportunity to try all these wonderful products.

The first thing that got my attention was the packaging. Sleek, dark grey and totally unlike all Match products, I was instantly impressed.  The lid is a free forming snap down cap and not joined to the label like SM products are. Another difference is Gotland Grey comes in a plastic can and not a wax cardboard container that los usually comes in.

As soon as I saw Anis on the side I knew instantly this snus was for me.  Opening the package was like opening a bag of licorice. This is a Strong, unmistakable smell that makes me crazy. I couldn’t wait to pack it into my pris….get in my mouth now!

The first thing I notices was the saltiness, way saltier then Röda Lacket (if that’s even possible), but not unpleasant and definitely enjoyable. Then the Anis hit me.  Its not as candy like as the odens Licorice, but more of a pure herbal licorice root extract taste. Both are very pleasant and its up to the individual what depth of Anis they want from their snus, I’ll take them both!

Another thing I have been reading about Gotland is their quality. They use very high grade tobacco and their processing in minimal to preserve a true tobacco taste which is evident in their products. You can definitely taste the warm spiciness of the tobacco ever through the added flavorings.
Its not the easiest snus to bake.  The grain is quite large so it doesn’t pack up as nicely as Röda, but its not as bad as some I have used. I would compare it grov but a little drier. Despite this it has its own unique qualities that I find endearing and it lasts in the mouth as long as the Swedish Match lös products last.

The Nicotine level is 9mg’s. SM lös usually is around the 8mg mark so not much difference there. Its perfectly adequate and can be kept in the mouth for a good period of time.  I found that by packing bigger pris’s it lasted longer than small pris’s, which tended to fall apart quicker. Its quite funny how each individual company has their own optimum size and durability.  I find that thunder products last longer in the mouth when the bakes are small and other brands when they are larger. You just have to play around and find out what right for you and most importantly, what’s comfortable.

I would definitely buy this product for myself and I recommend it to others who enjoy Anise.  Its cheaper (by nearly $1.00) than the Swedish Match Lös products, and in my opinion is just as good. Well done Gotland and I hope to see more of you in the future.

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