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Nick & Johnny White Heat Review

Nick & Johnny White Heat, White Portion snus
The taste of this snus is very natural, imagine pure tobacco taste with a hint of something sweet and smoky. The taste is very clean – just like with the Rothbrix White Portion – and it just tastes.. Natural and clean.  I like this one a lot! The flavor stays strong from the moment you put it in until you take it out without being overwhelming, which I also thought was a plus.
The smell is actually very similar to the smell of Ettan White Portion (which I love by the way), but this smell is not as harsh and strong. It’s a bit more soft and smooth but still has that clean tobacco aroma.
The pouch is exactly like the ones in Ettan white portion, neatly organized and placed in that neat little swirl pattern.. I don’t know why but it makes me happy every time I see that.

Compared to for example the Rothbrix pouches they’re not as soft but still soft enough to lay pleasantly in your mouth and the pouches look very white and clean which adds to the overall feeling of freshness.

With 11mg/g of nicotine the strength of this is just perfect – it is stronger than for example the Rothbrix White Portions (8mg/g) and weaker than the Oden’s Extra Stark (17 mg/g, which was too strong for me).

These ones give you a nice buzz without making you dizzy or making you feel overwhelmed.

This one feels good under your lip, the size is perfect and you can barely tell that it is there. It has a tiny bit of a burn, especially if you place it somewhere in your mouth where you normally don’t place snus. It is a tiny bit moist for a white portion but not in a bad way, it’s just enough to make sure it doesn’t get stuck to your gum and breaks! For those of you that have tried the Camel Snus with candy flavor – you know what I’m talking about..

The can I have in my possession is white/silver-ish looking which I absolutely love – it goes perfect with the clean taste of this snus. It doesn’t feel as flimsy as some cans (like the Rothbrix can). As far as the label itself I love it! It feels like they really made an effort to make it a bit more youthful (than for example Ettan who looks like it’s being marketed for 80 year old men) with the font and the colors of the can. I love it, it is different and someone clearly made an effort! I could pull up this can at an art show even and people would be curious just because it looks cool.

I would definitely buy this one again, no doubt about it. The combination of a slightly higher nicotine content than my old  favorite Ettan White is perfect, the can looks great and is good quality and the flavor of the pouches is familiar yet new. Definitely one of my new favorites!


My visit at Gotlandssnus

This summer I was invited to visit the Gotlandssnus factory located on Gotland Island in Sweden. I got an exclusive interview with Jimmy Karlsson.
Jimmy working in the lab

This is truly one of the most fascinating people I’ve met in the snus industry so far, a man with an incredible sense for flavor and quality. I realized early on that his sense of smell and taste is something extraordinary that has taken many years of work and study to develop. Jimmy Karlsson is truly a connoisseur and it is thanks to his good sense of flavors and Gotlandssnus responsiveness to customer needs that the fantastic Jakobsson's series was introduced to the market.
Jimmy has worked as a chef for twelve years. He worked in nice restaurants worldwide and had a dream of one day opening his own restaurant. Jimmy later slipped in on a new path, and joined a sales program. That’s where he met Henrik, owner of Gotlandssnus. Henrik hired Jimmy as a salesperson and later on it was natural for Jimmy to start working with product development and to develop new flavors.

5 years ago Gotlandssnus had only 2 employees, today they are 20 and as the demand for their products increases, it will require a new factory and several employees. The last 5 years Gotlandssnus has grown by 100% a year and is probably one of Sweden's fastest growing companies.

Pocket size snuscan? Forget it! 
Gotlandssnus has a strong wish to be different from other companies and want their products to stand out in the market. Therefore, they have trouble finding a specific audience, but say that their products are intended for all users of snus. Some people like it and some don’t. I most certainly think the majority of people who try the Jakobsson’s snus falls in love with it though. When Jakobsson’s Melon was introduced on the market many people thought it would be a typical “girlsnus” due to its fruity aroma, but it turned out to also be very popular among middle-aged men and tough construction workers. That said, Jakobsson’s is really a snus for all snusers.

I asked Jimmy how he comes up with new flavors. I had painted a picture in my mind of him standing in the lab all day experimenting to come up with the perfect flavor. Jimmy shattered that picture and it turns out they first come up with an idea for a product , address the customer needs and when they have a prototype they ask the customers what they think, what they can improve and so on. It was through a major customer survey that the Melon snus was produced.
Jakobsson’s is truly our, the consumer’s snus.

I've always been fascinated by the quality of Jakobsson's snus. The flavors are outstanding and the snus do not have this bitter aftertaste that can be found in many other snus brands. I myself got to smell some tobacco samples, and OMG what a difference there was between the different price classes. The expensive fine tobacco used in Jakobsson's snus smelled absolutely lovely while the cheap tobacco smelled terrible, an odor that reminded me of cat pee. It was the exact same thing with the aromas. It’s fascinating how big the difference can be between quality and the cheapest alternative. Gotlandssnus are always looking for the best aromas at whatever cost. It may sound like a cliché but in this case it is certainly true. Gotlandssnus never sacrifice the quality to keep down the costs.
Jimmy is teaching me to tell the difference between high quality and cheap tobacco, can you tell?

Jimmy himself tells me how he quit smoking by using snus. He has now been smoke free for 10 years. His favorite snus is Jakobsson's Fläder (elderflower).  You can read Anna Manley’s review of that snus here.

Jimmy says it's important to think Quality at all levels and to always have innovation thinking and to want to do better. If they are not 100% satisfied with a product then the product will simply not reach the market.

When I ask Jimmy about the future of Gotlandssnus he says that they want to continue to grow and also in markets outside Sweden. They have a lot of exciting things going on and I don’t think this will be a problem for them at all.

I’ve been nagging Henrik forever about a white portion and mini portion snus and of course asked Jimmy about that as soon as I got a chance. He made me jump up and down of joy when he said they are looking for solutions to manufacture both white and mini portions.
So girl´s, let’s hope we can see those products in a near future.

I truly believe that Gotlandssnus is a company to count on in the future. They have the right innovation thinking and the quality of their products is something that will never leave you disappointed. After all nothing can compare to the feeling of having a good portion snus under your lip. And I can assure you, there’s a lot of love, passion and thought put behind every portion of Jakobsson’s. So Enjoy!

Read our reviews for Gotlandssnus products here, more coming up soon.

Pictures from the factory will be published soon

Northerner Licorice/Lemon Snus Review

Northerner Licorice/Lemon White Purified Portion Snus 
If you are like me, the first thing you do when you get a new can of snus is open it up and take a big whiff. Do not do it with this one! It left me a in a sneezing fit for 5 minutes! Haha

Ive never had this happen before and I went online to find out what was causing it.  It turns out that these Northerner snus’s are extra dry, purified and powdered.  This is quite a revolutionary step in snus production and I like it.

1. Its extra dry so no refrigeration and no spoilage,
2. Direct and fast nicotine absorption (excellent for those trying to quit smoking),
3. They are Discreet and very long lasting.

With all these great qualities why wouldn’t any one want to try it!
The thing I love most about the Northerner brand is the portion martial. It has to be the softest dry white portion on the market. Once it has absorbed the desired saliva levels, it’s like having a fluffy soft cloud in your mouth.  I have been known to forget about these portions and go to sleep only to wake up with them stuck to my forehead!

The flavor was a bit on the weak side, it didn’t really taste of licorice or lemon, very bland and non-assuming.  I enjoy my licorice snus to have a really strong anise punch. I realize that others don’t like an overpowering taste and this is the flavor for you. What it does have is a really warm peppery characteristic which is kinda cool, something you will never get with any other snus.

I was very curious to find out what is on the inside of these portions so I had to cut one open. I was so shocked to see a powder reminiscent of finely ground salt and pepper, very interesting and similar to snuff, although I was definitely not game enough to snort this into my nose!

At 6mg, one portion is not enough for me so I always use 2 portions and luckily they are small enough to do this.  I find that 12mg is perfect for me and very comfortable.  I also like that it comes with 24 portions. the highest amount per can on the market. 

I am a huge advocate for people trying to quit smoking and every time I get a can of Northerner snus I always give out portions to my friends trying to quit.  It’s the ideal anti-smoking product for people unaccustomed to snus.  Very non-threatening, not overly strong or intimidating, comfortable and easy to adjust to, and if it is a gateway product to help people improve their life then it is worth more than any other snus out there.  People who are full-time snus users might not be that interested in Northerner snus but I highly recommend it to those who finally want to quit smoking and delve into a healthier and safer nicotine habit.

Jakobsson's Fläder (Elderflower) Review

Jakobsson's Fläder (Elderflower) Review

Flädersnus, what the ****? That was my first thought when I saw this.. Fläder is a flower that grows on trees in Sweden (I think it is Elder flower in English?) and we often use it to make sweet drinks out of, I have personally never been very fond of these drinks but I still very much associate them with summer, the wonderful Swedish summer! So my feelings when seeing these were mixed, it could either be perfect or just the most odd taste ever on a snus.. Turns out, it was perfect.

It is like Swedish summer in a pouch and I could not be more stoked about it! The flavor lasts for a long time and is perfectly balanced with the tobacco flavors and what I believe is a hint of apple or pear – possibly both. The smell is just wonderful too, like I said – it really is just like Swedish summer! It just smells like..  flowers, fruit, summer winds and bathing in the ocean..

These pouches are very soft and the texture of the tobacco is very fine and smooth, similar to the Rothbrix white portion pouches that I loved with the difference being that these are not white portions. Interestingly enough they are also not as wet and moist as non-white portions usually are – they seem to be somewhere in-between white and regular ones.

The nicotine content in this snus is 9 mg/g, so it is very similar to both Rothbrix White and Ettan White who both have 8 mg/g, for an everyday snus I think this is perfect – I wouldn’t want any stronger for something I use on a daily basis so it fits me perfectly.

So on top of tasting and smelling like a perfect summer day it also feels like a memory foam pillow in your mouth, the size is good - although I wouldn’t complain if it was like 5% smaller cause then I could make it completely invisible in my mouth! It does not burn but you can feel that it’s there and for a non-white portion it is not very moist at all. Normally I feel like non-white portions are just too runny and I am not into it so I was yet again pleasantly surprised by this snus.

This can is my favorite can ever! It is a white can made with sturdy materials and the label is a wonderful bright summer green that couldn’t be more fitting to the content. In addition to that Gotlandssnus have added the most wonderful details all over this can.
Someone really took their time with this one and it turned out great! I love that is has four points where you can pick up the small lid instead of just one rounded area, I love the French lilies and compass that is discreetly placed on the inside. Very nice marine-theme that fits with their ship logo and yet very nice, clean design and color choice.

I think this snus has knocked my favorite Ettan White off its pedestal. I have loved Ettan since I was a teenager so that is saying a lot! I would recommend this to anyone, although I probably wouldn’t share a single pouch with them since I want it all to myself, haha!



Meet our new snusgirl Anna!

My name is Anna Manley, I am 28 years old and currently residing in the mountains outside Temecula, California. I was born and raised by the arctic cirle in the north of Sweden so I got introduced to the whole snus culture very early because where I'm from everyone is using it.
I started smoking in 7th grade (horrible, I know :P) and I thought it was awesome.. Until winter came.

Me and all my friends tried to go outside and smoke but it was about -35 outside and needless to say we were not entirely excited about freezing our teenage butts off in the cold just to get some nicotine in us.. So we went to the boys in our class, who were using lossnus, and made them bake pea-sized little balls of snus for us that we could use instead of smoking - and we all got hooked instantly! Well everyone except this one girl who wouldn't stop throwing up... :P It was just absolutely awesome to not have to run outside just to get a nicotine fix, plus we all enjoyed baking those little balls of lossnus haha! It was like a fun project leading up to the wonderful buzz from the snus :) At the age of 22 I finally gave up smoking because it smelled so bad and my lungs were starting to protest and I switched to using snus full time, and I absolutely love it! It gives you a lot more freedom compared to smoking!

When I lived in Sweden I always used Ettan White Portion (if you've never smelled those pouches you need to buy a can of it asap!) and every now and then I'd buy mini catch Eucalyptus to get some variety! So moving to the US I never really reflected upon the fact that they didn't have the same snus as we did in Sweden.. until I got here and I was freaking out! After almost going nuts I found Camel Snus at the gas station and used those for a while but honestly.. they ruined my gums in a year - something that the swedish snus hadn't done after using it for a decade pretty much!

Then my husband and I discovered The and I was in heaven :D I even got my husband hooked on Goteborgs Rape, General AND Grovsnus too and now he's running around telling all his friends about the website and how great swedish snus is - but he treats it like it's gold so he won't let anyone try it haha!

When I saw that was looking for people to review products I just HAD to apply - I thought it was absolutely perfect for me and I couldn't be happier about getting the job! :)

Anna Manley

Gotland Anis, Loose Snus Review

Gotland Anis (grey) Loose Snus

Did I mention I love Licorice?? Oh yea, I love licorice, and this month I got hooked up!

I don’t know why I didn’t try this snus earlier.  I think it has something to do with a friend sending me some gotlandssnus julesnus for Christmas in 2008 and I hated it! The flavor was just not good and I could not even take a second pris (my opinion of course). I ended up putting it in a Snus yuletide box drop with some other offroad limited edition flavors and sent it off to the next person ASAP.
I just thought all Gotland snus was this bad and never bothered to order that brand again.  Shame on me because I have really been missing out and I am so grateful for this opportunity to try all these wonderful products.

The first thing that got my attention was the packaging. Sleek, dark grey and totally unlike all Match products, I was instantly impressed.  The lid is a free forming snap down cap and not joined to the label like SM products are. Another difference is Gotland Grey comes in a plastic can and not a wax cardboard container that los usually comes in.

As soon as I saw Anis on the side I knew instantly this snus was for me.  Opening the package was like opening a bag of licorice. This is a Strong, unmistakable smell that makes me crazy. I couldn’t wait to pack it into my pris….get in my mouth now!

The first thing I notices was the saltiness, way saltier then Röda Lacket (if that’s even possible), but not unpleasant and definitely enjoyable. Then the Anis hit me.  Its not as candy like as the odens Licorice, but more of a pure herbal licorice root extract taste. Both are very pleasant and its up to the individual what depth of Anis they want from their snus, I’ll take them both!

Another thing I have been reading about Gotland is their quality. They use very high grade tobacco and their processing in minimal to preserve a true tobacco taste which is evident in their products. You can definitely taste the warm spiciness of the tobacco ever through the added flavorings.
Its not the easiest snus to bake.  The grain is quite large so it doesn’t pack up as nicely as Röda, but its not as bad as some I have used. I would compare it grov but a little drier. Despite this it has its own unique qualities that I find endearing and it lasts in the mouth as long as the Swedish Match lös products last.

The Nicotine level is 9mg’s. SM lös usually is around the 8mg mark so not much difference there. Its perfectly adequate and can be kept in the mouth for a good period of time.  I found that by packing bigger pris’s it lasted longer than small pris’s, which tended to fall apart quicker. Its quite funny how each individual company has their own optimum size and durability.  I find that thunder products last longer in the mouth when the bakes are small and other brands when they are larger. You just have to play around and find out what right for you and most importantly, what’s comfortable.

I would definitely buy this product for myself and I recommend it to others who enjoy Anise.  Its cheaper (by nearly $1.00) than the Swedish Match Lös products, and in my opinion is just as good. Well done Gotland and I hope to see more of you in the future.