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Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Loose Review

Thunder Frosed ES Lös Snus

This Snus is simply amazing! I have been using the thunder Frosted long+ for years and it is the first thing I reach for when I wake up. Now I have been fortunate enough to try the los and I am in love all over again!

I remember when V2 tobacco first started coming out in the market. I was reluctant to try it for many reasons.  It’s a Danish company (not a true Swedish product), and because it’s nearly half the price of the Match products I just dismissed it as inferior and cheap.  I am so glad my opinion has changed because those who do not try their products are seriously missing out.

The label and packaging are nothing to go by and i strongly feel that it is truly undeserving of the wonderfulness that lies within its black container. I think this simple construction used on all of V2 products are designed to keep production costs low and they sure do pass these savings on to the consumer and for that I am very grateful.

The smell of thunder lös is very familiar and there is no cleaner, crisper spearmint on the market.  If you are a fan of strong mints and gum then this is definitely for you. The 16mg of tobacco is also the same for all their extra stark products (except RAW), and really packs a punch so go easy on this one!  The good thing about lös snus is that you can make the portions as large or as small as you please depending on your nicotine needs at the time. For example I like smaller pris’s in the morning and bigger ones at night once I have built up a little tolerance. If I had a large pris of this in the morning before eating anything I would be sick, so practice caution until you have a stomach for it.

Now the true secret of this snus is the BURN, and im not talking about a little tingle im talking maximum pain! I absolutely love it, its addictive and enchanting. The burn lasts for as long as you keep it in your mouth. Others tend to string for a while and fade out after a few minutes, not this one!

Thunder frosted lös snus is not as easy to pris as the match products (Roda, ettan or grov for example). The tobacco cut is quite large and gritty with none of the binding properties of match lös, and requires a gentle touch to transport it from ice tool to mouth.  I deem this not suitable for hand baking as it leaks a large amount of tobacco juice and crumbles easy.  If you find it hard to form after it has been in the fridge for a few days then sprinkle it lightly with a little water and it will be as good as new.
This snus will definitely be added to my monthly line up and I am looking forward to savoring every pris in this can, but don’t feel bad you are not a lös fan or have trouble with this one, you can get the exact same qualities in their large range of portioned extra stark varieties.

Go V2~!

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