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Snus News: More corruption

So, bad news. The prosecutor has appealed against Snusworldwide. The post office, tax office and Swedish customs are all government agencies that have been aware that Snusworldwide was selling snus to EU and therefore made Snusworldwide believe it was OK. I think it's so lame to attack the small player in this when there is so much more behind.

According to sources the whole hunt for stopping the online snus sales to EU and prevent snus to be legal in the EU has been initiated by pharmaceutical companies that pay EU commissionaries through a "hidden" secondary company. The Finish cancer society that collected the evidence against SnusWorldWide in August 2010 was allerted by the University of Bath. Which in return got payments from an EU organization that is funded by pharmaceutical companies.
The pharmaceutical companies see Snus as a threat against their nicotine products and cancer treatment products. If snus were introduced in EU there would be less tobacco related cancer cases.

The text below is from and says alot...
"The EU Snus ban is fundamentally wrong in two ways. First it's against one of the most important principals in the EU which is free movements of goods and services.

Secondly, the EU Snus ban is wrong from a human perspective becuase it closes the option for people to use less harmful tobacco alternatives like Snus. 650.000 Europeans die every year prematurely because of tobacco use (cigarettes), which is more than the population of Malta or Luxembourg. The tobacco consumption in Sweden is the same as for the rest of EU but Sweden has the lowest tobacco related deseases in Europe. How is that possible? The answer is that half of the tobacco users in Sweden consume Snus."

  Some other rumors I’ve heard is that loose snus can be forbidden in Denmark. (Portion snus is already forbidden there, which is kind of crazy when loose snus has been allowed for a very long time) Apparently Denmark may end up in the EU court and get a ban on the loose snus later this year.

  Seriously, who are they, sitting there in the EU commission and banning a Swedish product that actually have saved lives? I get emails every day where people write how they finally managed to quit smoking with snus when nothing else worked. I have lots of friends who have stopped smoking with snus when other nicotine products have not been enough. The purified snus that I use contains even LESS carcinogens than Nicorette, nicotine gum. That says quite a bit.... I say that the EU ban is banal and discriminatory against a good Swedish product, when other DANGEROUS tobacco products are allowed... Free movement of goods, they say ... but hey, let’s make an exception for Swedish snus! Crazy!
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  1. Anonymous10.7.12

    In the USA, the defense of ignorance of the law is not accepted by the courts as an excuse for violating it. Is that also true in the EU?