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Pioner Snuff Review

Pioneer Snuff

Hmmm an Asian Tobacco, and I good one at that! I wasn’t too sure about this one. The only snuff I have ever heard of is a powered variety my father kept in a small antique ivory snuff bullet and administered into his nose with a tiny spoon. It never looked really appealing to me and tobacco residue is the last thing I want in my nasal cavity.  I was happy to see that when I opened the lid (which was really difficult due to my lack of fingernails), there was a fine thick black snus that had a really earthy delicious odor.  This got me both curious and excited.

I read that it comes from Swedish Snus makers who moved to Laos, to cater to the myriad of European travelers who frequent South East Asia each year.  For Americans it’s hard to believe that it’s a Mecca for Europeans, but having witnessed a European winter first hand, I am not surprised, although S.E Asia is not my first choice of holiday destinations.

When I was 22 I fell in love with a German guy from Frankfurt and followed him on his backpacking trip around Thailand, Loas and Vietnam. It definitely was an eye opened for me and I hated every minute of it except for the awesome, cheap and delicious food! I was very surprised to see so many tourists from Central and Northern Europe (some even living there full time), but it makes sense. If you are willing to give up a western quality of life and put up with the dirt and squalor that plagues 3rd world countries then you can live cheaply and have a higher social status that you would not have living in western society without copious amounts of money.

What I enjoyed about this snus was the sheer quality of the tobacco.  Ironically it tastes more Scandinavian then a lot of Swedish snus brands.  The tobacco is grown without pesticides (reducing TSNA levels), in plenty of sunshine and fresh tropical soil.  It really comes through in the taste, a rich Smokey and bold tobacco flavor that I crave and adore being a cigar connoisseur. It is supposed to have essence of Bergamot but I didn’t really taste that, all I could taste was the clean tobacco and a slight fresh citrus note. If you love general I guarantee you will love this too, it has very similar characteristics.

The nicotine level at 6mg is lower than other los products (usually at 8mg) but since you are getting the real tobacco flavor you don’t notice the reduced nicotine level. It’s like a richly flavored cigarette or cigar is always far more satisfying then a sharp strong one.
I have to say this has been the best and easiest snus to form. In my picture I was able to form the whole can into a ball without any more than 2 hand movements (haha I know right, I need to get a hobby!).  The clay like texture is perfect and I actually enjoy this to the larger grain varieties.

Pioneer is moist, slightly sticky, aromatic, Smokey and perfect. I would highly recommend this to los beginners wanting to try an easy to bake snus with a real tobacco flavor and those who seek a good quality, high grade snus product. Definitely a keeper!

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