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Oden's 69 White Portion Review

 Odens 69, White Portion Snus

Haha! I had to laugh when I read the label on the can. Oden’s 69, if it’s half as good as the name then im sold!
69 is also the astrological sign of Cancer. Hmm, let’s hope that it’s named after a fun romp in the bedroom and not a life threatening illness ;)
LOVE the packaging! I really feel that Oden’s has pioneered the way in stylish, modern and sleek designs, and the white packaging really stands out against the silver and orange label (their old packaging with the rounded sides was not appealing to me at all).  I also enjoy their large used portion disposal area on the lid. When im on the road and not near a trash can really comes in handy. Many a time I have filled up smaller lids only to have them spill out into my purse during the day, and it is not a pleasant experience delving your hands into slimy, cold, wet spent portions!

The first thing I noticed about 69 was the smell, a truly hedonistic citrus/pepper that was light, floral and warm, almost general-ish but far more enticing.  The portions were also quite interesting. It only contains 11 grams of tobacco and seems quite sparse compared to other brands, but at only $2.60 a can so you can’t complain too much…
The portions were just as labeled, dry, white and medium in size.  I was actually quite excited by this, as you all know I prefer a drier portion, they have less drip and last longer in my mouth = better value for money.

The mouth feeling is very pleasant. I have read others comment that it is too salty, but I dip Roda Lacket los all day so I find it just right and very tasty.  The taste is exactly like the smell, peppery tobacco and citrus oils and loses nothing in the translation from nose to mouth. I thought it might have some elder flower in there but I don’t think so, the citrus is the main player.
The portion size itself seems perfect for me. Jakobsson’s is amazing but far too big, mini portions are convenient but not enough of a nic hit. This one seems perfect in size, consistency and moisture level for me.  Other who enjoy a wetter portion can get a fair compromise with the 69 by licking it a few times your tongue or dipping it in cold water.

The nic hit is only 9mg’s. Hah! I say only 9 because I have been doing nothing but strong portions for so long now, but a smaller hit will do me the world of good.  Building up a high tolerance will make you not appreciate the myriad of fine smaller portions on the market and this I feel would be a true disadvantage, as most small portions contain wonderful flavors and complexities unavailable in the stronger snus’s.

All in All this is a perfect taste for summer with a warm herbal spiciness! I will be buying a few cans and keeping it in my freezer stash for moments of herbal awareness.

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