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General Nordic Mint Portion Review

General Nordic Mint Portion
This was quite an unusual gift to receive from the Lovely Snus Girl.  I have never seen this Snus before, or the packaging and I was shocked to discover that it was a General product; I thought I had tried them all!
The black rectangle packaging is quite a novelty and since I love everything Scandinavian, the name Nordic mint, was something I had to try right away.
Curious about this product I went online and did some reading. Apparently it was brought out by general into the American market to compete with the Camel and Marlboro versions of so called “snus”. I can tell right away by the aroma and portion size and consistency, that it is not even in the same ballpark! Unfortunately I was not living in the “test market” areas and was unable to get a hold of this snus until now.  I really wish Americans were not exposed to the camel/Marlboro junk and were able to taste real Swedish Snus right off the bat.
When I first started using snus in 2008 I was blessed to read about real snus first and I was educated and not tempted to try the American floor sweepings in a tea bag rouse. I waited patiently for my first order and I was off from there! I did buy a tin of camel spice just to see what it was like. I used one portion, tossed the rest out and used to metal tin to keep quarters in for the Los Angeles parking meters.
The smell of Nordic Mint is AMAZING! Think of Wrigleys Double Mint gum, throw in some tobacco and there you have it, the most pure, obvious spearmint/peppermint snus on the market.
The portion size is perfect and fits in my mouth without any obvious signs or discomfort. It’s Longer then a regular portion but not as wide and is filled evenly so there is no problem with bunching up like other snus can do.
The taste was just as pure and ferocious as the smell and you would swear that you had gum or candy in your mouth and not snus, it is sweet, minty and unlike every other Swedish snus product I have tried.
I have a love hate feeling on the taste. I LOVE the mint flavor, I HATE the sweetener. It has some kind of artificial sweetener in it.  I do not like sweets of any kind (especially artificial sweeteners) and this was a deal breaker for me. I hated the sweet drip down my teeth and I could still taste it on my lip an hour later, not pleasant at all.  I like snus with as minimal processing as possible.  Give me something with tobacco, salt and a slight flavor and im happy.  I know they did this to appeal to the American sweet tooth but they really don’t have to, people will adjust and come to love the real Swedish snus taste like I do.
The nic hit is also not impressive with a measly 7mg per portion. For a portion this size you would expect a lot more.  The amount you get is also lacking. For example Thunder cans weigh in at around 20 grams, this was only 13, so you are getting significantly less for around the same price, not good value for money.
In my humble opinion, if they took out the sweetener and kicked up the nicotine to 12-16mg’s, they would have a winner product, but as is I would not purchase it.  For people who are starting out on snus and those switching from American Chew to snus this might be for you but I cannot recommend it to the seasoned snus user, it just doesn’t cut it!


Catch Pure Mint Review

 Catch Pure Mint, medium white portion

I like to refer to catch as the ‘junk food’ of the snus world.  Is it the best flavored snus on the market? No. Is it the best quality tobacco? No. Is it the best nicotine hit for your buck? No. Is it fun and a nasty little treat you can indulge in from time to time? HELL YES!
I have been using this snus for years and there are at least 3 qualities I enjoy about it.  The first is the tin! OMG this has to be the coolest looking and most functional can on the market!  I had to have a long, hard think to myself about the reasons I’ve brought so many cans. Is it for the tobacco or for the can? It’s definitely the can!

Whoever designed this is pure genius. The colors are really eye catching, its lined with plastic and has a waved locking mechanism which means that you simply have to twist to take off the top.  The underneath is also very cleaver (see photo).  The used portion tray is pressed into the metal and has a small plastic cap.  The use by date is also clearly printed and so are the ingredients. All in all its well-designed and very practical.

I love the cans so much that I can’t bare to throw them away.  I have many of them around the house and here are some of the things I do with them.
  1.  I put all my portions in them and throw away the cheap plastic cans. 
  2.  I put jewelry and rings/earrings in them to keep them safe and together in my purse. 
  3.  I Put loose change in them for parking meters and trips to buy stamps. 
  4.  I buy cheaper loose herbs and spices at the market and put them in these tins with a clear label. 
  5.  I put loose gum and mints in them so I can alternate it with my snus so I don’t develop a 2 can a day habit.

The second thing I love is the portion shape and size.  Somebody at Swedish Match must have broken into my house in the middle of the night and measured my mouth when I was asleep, because these fit like a dream! Its bigger and more substantial than a mini portion, but narrower and longer then a regular portion.  They are Puffy and filled with just the right amount of tobacco, its heaven for a small mouthed girl like me with an unquenchable thirst for nicotine. 
The nicotine hit is average but not huge at 7 mg, which is 1mg less than the usual 8mg dry white SM portions. Im starting to think that a lot of my needs for nicotine are based purely on a mental placebo.  The larger the portion is, the more nicotine I ‘think’ I’m getting there for the better.  Which I guess is why a lot of mini portions leave me wanting for more and contribute to a feeling of not being satisfied. So despite this not being a high hit product, I feel that I am getting enough nicotine because of the size and amount of tobacco in the pouch.

The flavor is not my favorite.  It’s not the best or cleanest mint on the market but is adequate enough and would be enjoyable to those who like a subtle mint and tobacco flavor.  It does not have an artificial sweetener but it does have a slightly sweet aroma and taste which I think comes from the flavorings. It contains minimal ingredients and this to me is perfect, the less ingredients and processing the better as far as I’m concerned.

I always use this snus when I am out and about. I feel so stylish pulling the can out of my purse at a bar or restaurant, and it seems to compliment many alcoholic beverages. I would recommend this snus and I will continue to buy it, use it, and collect the cans!


Art Snus Mint

Art Snus 
Well... I just love taking pics of my snus all the time, silly I know.
I love this photo of the Art snus can in front of a rauk (limestone sea-stack.)

Art of Nature indeed. 

Definitely one of my favorite snuses. This is the mint flavour. Art snus is available online and hopefully also in Swedish stores soon.

Oden's 69 White Portion Review

 Odens 69, White Portion Snus

Haha! I had to laugh when I read the label on the can. Oden’s 69, if it’s half as good as the name then im sold!
69 is also the astrological sign of Cancer. Hmm, let’s hope that it’s named after a fun romp in the bedroom and not a life threatening illness ;)
LOVE the packaging! I really feel that Oden’s has pioneered the way in stylish, modern and sleek designs, and the white packaging really stands out against the silver and orange label (their old packaging with the rounded sides was not appealing to me at all).  I also enjoy their large used portion disposal area on the lid. When im on the road and not near a trash can really comes in handy. Many a time I have filled up smaller lids only to have them spill out into my purse during the day, and it is not a pleasant experience delving your hands into slimy, cold, wet spent portions!

The first thing I noticed about 69 was the smell, a truly hedonistic citrus/pepper that was light, floral and warm, almost general-ish but far more enticing.  The portions were also quite interesting. It only contains 11 grams of tobacco and seems quite sparse compared to other brands, but at only $2.60 a can so you can’t complain too much…
The portions were just as labeled, dry, white and medium in size.  I was actually quite excited by this, as you all know I prefer a drier portion, they have less drip and last longer in my mouth = better value for money.

The mouth feeling is very pleasant. I have read others comment that it is too salty, but I dip Roda Lacket los all day so I find it just right and very tasty.  The taste is exactly like the smell, peppery tobacco and citrus oils and loses nothing in the translation from nose to mouth. I thought it might have some elder flower in there but I don’t think so, the citrus is the main player.
The portion size itself seems perfect for me. Jakobsson’s is amazing but far too big, mini portions are convenient but not enough of a nic hit. This one seems perfect in size, consistency and moisture level for me.  Other who enjoy a wetter portion can get a fair compromise with the 69 by licking it a few times your tongue or dipping it in cold water.

The nic hit is only 9mg’s. Hah! I say only 9 because I have been doing nothing but strong portions for so long now, but a smaller hit will do me the world of good.  Building up a high tolerance will make you not appreciate the myriad of fine smaller portions on the market and this I feel would be a true disadvantage, as most small portions contain wonderful flavors and complexities unavailable in the stronger snus’s.

All in All this is a perfect taste for summer with a warm herbal spiciness! I will be buying a few cans and keeping it in my freezer stash for moments of herbal awareness.


Pioner Snuff Review

Pioneer Snuff

Hmmm an Asian Tobacco, and I good one at that! I wasn’t too sure about this one. The only snuff I have ever heard of is a powered variety my father kept in a small antique ivory snuff bullet and administered into his nose with a tiny spoon. It never looked really appealing to me and tobacco residue is the last thing I want in my nasal cavity.  I was happy to see that when I opened the lid (which was really difficult due to my lack of fingernails), there was a fine thick black snus that had a really earthy delicious odor.  This got me both curious and excited.

I read that it comes from Swedish Snus makers who moved to Laos, to cater to the myriad of European travelers who frequent South East Asia each year.  For Americans it’s hard to believe that it’s a Mecca for Europeans, but having witnessed a European winter first hand, I am not surprised, although S.E Asia is not my first choice of holiday destinations.

When I was 22 I fell in love with a German guy from Frankfurt and followed him on his backpacking trip around Thailand, Loas and Vietnam. It definitely was an eye opened for me and I hated every minute of it except for the awesome, cheap and delicious food! I was very surprised to see so many tourists from Central and Northern Europe (some even living there full time), but it makes sense. If you are willing to give up a western quality of life and put up with the dirt and squalor that plagues 3rd world countries then you can live cheaply and have a higher social status that you would not have living in western society without copious amounts of money.

What I enjoyed about this snus was the sheer quality of the tobacco.  Ironically it tastes more Scandinavian then a lot of Swedish snus brands.  The tobacco is grown without pesticides (reducing TSNA levels), in plenty of sunshine and fresh tropical soil.  It really comes through in the taste, a rich Smokey and bold tobacco flavor that I crave and adore being a cigar connoisseur. It is supposed to have essence of Bergamot but I didn’t really taste that, all I could taste was the clean tobacco and a slight fresh citrus note. If you love general I guarantee you will love this too, it has very similar characteristics.

The nicotine level at 6mg is lower than other los products (usually at 8mg) but since you are getting the real tobacco flavor you don’t notice the reduced nicotine level. It’s like a richly flavored cigarette or cigar is always far more satisfying then a sharp strong one.
I have to say this has been the best and easiest snus to form. In my picture I was able to form the whole can into a ball without any more than 2 hand movements (haha I know right, I need to get a hobby!).  The clay like texture is perfect and I actually enjoy this to the larger grain varieties.

Pioneer is moist, slightly sticky, aromatic, Smokey and perfect. I would highly recommend this to los beginners wanting to try an easy to bake snus with a real tobacco flavor and those who seek a good quality, high grade snus product. Definitely a keeper!


Snus News: More corruption

So, bad news. The prosecutor has appealed against Snusworldwide. The post office, tax office and Swedish customs are all government agencies that have been aware that Snusworldwide was selling snus to EU and therefore made Snusworldwide believe it was OK. I think it's so lame to attack the small player in this when there is so much more behind.

According to sources the whole hunt for stopping the online snus sales to EU and prevent snus to be legal in the EU has been initiated by pharmaceutical companies that pay EU commissionaries through a "hidden" secondary company. The Finish cancer society that collected the evidence against SnusWorldWide in August 2010 was allerted by the University of Bath. Which in return got payments from an EU organization that is funded by pharmaceutical companies.
The pharmaceutical companies see Snus as a threat against their nicotine products and cancer treatment products. If snus were introduced in EU there would be less tobacco related cancer cases.

The text below is from and says alot...
"The EU Snus ban is fundamentally wrong in two ways. First it's against one of the most important principals in the EU which is free movements of goods and services.

Secondly, the EU Snus ban is wrong from a human perspective becuase it closes the option for people to use less harmful tobacco alternatives like Snus. 650.000 Europeans die every year prematurely because of tobacco use (cigarettes), which is more than the population of Malta or Luxembourg. The tobacco consumption in Sweden is the same as for the rest of EU but Sweden has the lowest tobacco related deseases in Europe. How is that possible? The answer is that half of the tobacco users in Sweden consume Snus."

  Some other rumors I’ve heard is that loose snus can be forbidden in Denmark. (Portion snus is already forbidden there, which is kind of crazy when loose snus has been allowed for a very long time) Apparently Denmark may end up in the EU court and get a ban on the loose snus later this year.

  Seriously, who are they, sitting there in the EU commission and banning a Swedish product that actually have saved lives? I get emails every day where people write how they finally managed to quit smoking with snus when nothing else worked. I have lots of friends who have stopped smoking with snus when other nicotine products have not been enough. The purified snus that I use contains even LESS carcinogens than Nicorette, nicotine gum. That says quite a bit.... I say that the EU ban is banal and discriminatory against a good Swedish product, when other DANGEROUS tobacco products are allowed... Free movement of goods, they say ... but hey, let’s make an exception for Swedish snus! Crazy!

Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Loose Review

Thunder Frosed ES Lös Snus

This Snus is simply amazing! I have been using the thunder Frosted long+ for years and it is the first thing I reach for when I wake up. Now I have been fortunate enough to try the los and I am in love all over again!

I remember when V2 tobacco first started coming out in the market. I was reluctant to try it for many reasons.  It’s a Danish company (not a true Swedish product), and because it’s nearly half the price of the Match products I just dismissed it as inferior and cheap.  I am so glad my opinion has changed because those who do not try their products are seriously missing out.

The label and packaging are nothing to go by and i strongly feel that it is truly undeserving of the wonderfulness that lies within its black container. I think this simple construction used on all of V2 products are designed to keep production costs low and they sure do pass these savings on to the consumer and for that I am very grateful.

The smell of thunder lös is very familiar and there is no cleaner, crisper spearmint on the market.  If you are a fan of strong mints and gum then this is definitely for you. The 16mg of tobacco is also the same for all their extra stark products (except RAW), and really packs a punch so go easy on this one!  The good thing about lös snus is that you can make the portions as large or as small as you please depending on your nicotine needs at the time. For example I like smaller pris’s in the morning and bigger ones at night once I have built up a little tolerance. If I had a large pris of this in the morning before eating anything I would be sick, so practice caution until you have a stomach for it.

Now the true secret of this snus is the BURN, and im not talking about a little tingle im talking maximum pain! I absolutely love it, its addictive and enchanting. The burn lasts for as long as you keep it in your mouth. Others tend to string for a while and fade out after a few minutes, not this one!

Thunder frosted lös snus is not as easy to pris as the match products (Roda, ettan or grov for example). The tobacco cut is quite large and gritty with none of the binding properties of match lös, and requires a gentle touch to transport it from ice tool to mouth.  I deem this not suitable for hand baking as it leaks a large amount of tobacco juice and crumbles easy.  If you find it hard to form after it has been in the fridge for a few days then sprinkle it lightly with a little water and it will be as good as new.
This snus will definitely be added to my monthly line up and I am looking forward to savoring every pris in this can, but don’t feel bad you are not a lös fan or have trouble with this one, you can get the exact same qualities in their large range of portioned extra stark varieties.

Go V2~!