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The V2 Tobacco Factory

As I told you the other day, I've been to Silkeborg where I met the V2 Tobacco brothers Marc and Patrick. Marc showed me around the factory. I've never been in a snus factory except Tillce’s (manufacturer of purified snus as Art, Northerner and Al Capone) which is not at all the same.
Marc gave me a guided tour of the factory and it was very fascinating. I also love how his whole face lights up when he talks about the factory. There is a deep passion behind V2's products.

A 2400 square meter factory including the most modern machines and furnishings. From raw tobacco that comes in as a big tobacco blocks to finely ground tobacco that is then used in snus production.

The grounded tobacco is then blended with water, salt and flavor essences and then it's time for the pasteurization process. The pasteurization process is special for Swedish snus. It takes away namely the smallest harmful microorganisms and is the reason for the Swedish snus containing so little TSNA’s (tobacco specific nitrosamines, known as carcinogenics in tobacco) compared to other tobacco products. The V2 factory meets all the strict requirements when it comes to hygiene and food. All employees are certified for food production. They therefore satisfy all the stringent requirements necessary for the product to be called Swedish snus.

The machine used for manufacturing the portion snus can produce up to 2000 portions per hour. Incredible!

V2 tobacco has really come a long way since the start in 2006. You can find snus reviews for some of their products here.
More coming up soon!
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