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Sommar snus (summer snus)

I got this can of Sommar Snus (summer snus) shipped to me from Henrik at Gotlandssnus 3 weeks ago. Just seeing the can gave me a "summer-feeling" and I just wish the weather was a little bit warmer here in Sweden right now.

Once I opened the can I feelt this lovely smell of wild strawberries, (called "Smultron" in Sweden). I also feel it smells a little bit like freshly cut grass (which reminds me, to remind F, he has to mow the lawn!)
I agree with Sarah that the Jakobsson's from gotlandssnus portions are a bit to big. It works fine for me when I use it at home, put I don't want to use it in public since it really shows under my lip.
The taste is just as wonderful as the smell and I'm enjoying it right now with a glass of lemonade. This was a perfect "midsummer" snus for me and I got to share it with some friends when we met up around the maypole last friday. (weird, but fun Swedish tradition). My friend Anders who is a Göteborg's rapé loose snus user really loved this snus, even though it comes in what he calls "mini diapers" (pouches)

I still wish Gotlandssnus would make a white smaller portion, because all their flavoured snus is amazing, and I'm sure that would be my new favorite snus. If you like normal portions you can order a trail pack with all their flavours, Mint, Wintergreen, Melon and Classic. It's a good way to find out which flavours you like.

Back to the Sommar snus, this is a great snus to celebrate both midsummer and normal summer days with, but Henrik, PLEASE make me a white portion!

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