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Oden's Licorice portion review

I have been searching for a rich, strong Licorice flavored snus for eons! Most of the snus I have tried that says it’s Anise has a slight taste but nothing as luxurious as this! Even my beloved Röda Lacket is said to have lakrit notes yet I’ve never tasted them, but this my friends, is the real deal!

I have always loved Salmiak. (Salted licorice) I remember a few years ago when Northerner offered a program where you could redeem your bonus points for small Scandinavian delicacies.
I was so excited to receive my box of salmiak pastilles and I devoured them all in one day. I thought I would never see or taste that flavor ever again (unless I went to Sweden), so you can imagine my joy to have this, my snus and candy in one!

The packaging is soo cute! The purple and gold coloring reminds me of a beautiful celebration and rightly so, a celebration for the mouth this is! I love Odens packaging, it’s so trendy and appealing and so different from the traditional brands.

The smell is the most intoxicating of any snus I have tried. The lakrits hits you hard and with a strong salty punch that is divine. I sat there for a good 10 minutes just breathing in the vapors.
The portions are a decent size, not huge and the material is slightly dry yet soft. I was quite surprised by the taste. I was expecting a huge licorice hit but its actually quite mellow. As I rub my tongue over the portion the salty anise flavor comes out and its very pleasant. I believe that people who traditionally do not like licorice would enjoy this too as it is very subtle and you can adjust the amount of flavor by compressing the portions in your mouth.
The nicotine hit is more than adequate. 8mg which is normal for medium sized portions. I can happily keep this in my mouth for an hour and not feel any discomfort or need for more nicotine, and once in a while tasting the salmiac with my tongue, so very satisfying.

I thoroughly enjoyed this product, what would be even more amazing is if Odens brought out a loose version of this, but then again, I am a loose girl at heart!

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