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Northerner Wintergreen Review

Northerner Wintergreen

My picture here says it all, I was just soo excited to get this one in the mail! Ive wanted to try the Northerner brand small dry portions for years but have always opted not to incase I didn’t like it (I know, I was in a non-creative buying funk for a while), but now its here in my hot little hands! I have always been impressed by the packaging, Small discreet and easy to carry on person or in a bag.

The smell as you open the can is intoxicating. Think of the most refreshing thing in the whole world and times it by 100! It cleans out the nasal passages and provides a total calming effect to both mind and body….ahhhhh I was a little worried about the portion material. It’s as dry as I’ve ever seen a snus (excluding the nasty American ones) and I was worried that it was going to absorb all the saliva in my mouth and rub my gums to the point of irritation. I was so wrong. The portions couldn’t be more comfortable! So comfortable in fact that I had a portion in for 2 hours and forgot about it! I can honestly say that has NEVER happened before.

Those who have read my previous reviews know I hate post drip and this had none. A perfect blend of small, discreet and dry makes for an enjoyable snusing experience for those who love snus but hate all the side effects associated with some of the other heavier brands. What I found unusual was the fact that this variety discourages refrigeration. I was under the impression that all snus had to be kept cold in order to preserve freshness, but not this one. Dry is the main priority which makes it perfect for work or travel when refrigeration is not an option. I have never tasted any of the other northerner products in this range but I enjoyed the taste of this one.

The smell of it is far more fierce then the taste. Its rather a mellow fresh mint taste then a wintergreen and it takes some licking with the tongue to get the flavor out. Not a problem for me as sometimes I feel like a strong snus and other times I just want to dip without all the overpowering pretentiousness. The nicotine hit (6mg) is pretty decent considering I had this in my mouth for 2 hours and didn’t even think about putting in another portion. It might have been the time of day also as I tend to not need as much nicotine earlier in the day as I do late at night.

 After my initial portion I put in 2 portions. I wanted to see that if that is all I have in my purse and im desperate for a bigger hit, then I can do that without any problems. I even put 2 in the same position with no ill effects (was not obvious from the outside and not irritating from the inside).

I have now found my prefect “in my purse 24/7 snus” and I am so very glad I did. I will definitely buy this and keep it on hand at all times for those emergency situations when a discreet nic hit is in order. I will also be sure to check out the other flavors in this product line.
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  1. Anonymous21.2.14

    Hey Snus Girl,

    Northerner doesn't carry the TillCe Mint flavor even thought it is available for them to carry. The feedback I received from Northerner was that they felt most customers prefer the Wintergreen over Mint, so the decision was made not to offer Northerner Mint at this time. Personally, I much prefer a Mint flavor to Wintergreen. I only go with the Wintergreen by default, as I prefer Wintergreen over the other flavors available by Northerner but not nearly as much as I would a Mint flavor. Unfortunately, since I live in the U.S., the TillCe Mint carried by Al Capone is not an option due to trademark issues in the U.S. with the Al Capone name.

    With that said, making the Mint flavor available under the Northerner brand is going to be on the agenda for the next producers meeting. Do you feel that a Northerner Mint flavor would be a successful snus addition for Northerner, particularly in the U.S.?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.