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Northerner Boost Review

 Northerner Boost, Purified Portion

I thought I’d write a little review on one of my favorite snuses, Northerner Boost, for those of you who haven’t tried it.

I use this snus all morning and then I mostly switch to something else in the afternoon, if I don’t want to be up all night. If I do want to stay awake, this is the perfect party snus!

This snus was named Energy snus some years ago, but then they changed it to Boost. Boos is a really suitable name since that is what I get out of this snus, a boost.

Frank at works a lot, both day and night so that might have been the reason for this snus innovation. Anyways, he went to Tillce (the manufacturer of purified snus) and said something like this “Hey, can’t we put some energizing ingredients in a snus portion?” Tillce experimented with this for a while and then came out with a whole new and innovative product on the market.

Thank you Frank and thank you Tillce, cause after a night with little sleep and baby crying, this is my savior!

First night out in a long time, needed my Boost!
The snus itself kind of tastes a little bit like honey and mint at the same time. It contains taurine, coffeine and guarana for that energizing effect.
It’s a dry small portion that turns invinseble under your lip. Each portion contains 6mg of nicotine and if you are used to stronger stuff you can easily fit 2 or 3 of these thin portions in your mouth at the same time.

I find the design of the snus can really ugly and I hope they can improve that in the future. However the size of the can is small and discrete. Perfect in my pocket or in a small purse.

Since this is a private label snus i think you can only buy it here

2 comments on "Northerner Boost Review"
  1. Very interesting and lovely review.

  2. This is the most extraordinary snus I have tried. I try to keep my usage to just a half of portions (I moisten them and cut them with scissors), but this one gives a strong kick nevertheless. Its like an orgy of natural boosting ingredients in your mouth.