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Jakobsson's Wintergreen, Strong Portion Review

Jakobsson's Wintergreen, Strong Portion Review

I always wondered what Wintergreen was. I was under the impression that it was a combination of all flavors they typically use in oral hygiene products (peppermint, spearmint, menthol, cinnamon and camphor etc.), as it has flavor characteristics of all these ingredients.

Turns out it’s the oil extract of a berry found on North American evergreen trees. I never thought that one single plant could have all these taste and flavor variables, no wonder it has been prized for centuries for its medicinal and disinfecting qualities.There is no doubt that jakobssons make superior quality Snus, I have never heard a bad word spoken about any of their flavors. And the ones that I have tried (Icefruit and Mint) were delicious so I knew that Wintergreen would be just as tasty.

This odor is quite pungent. I could smell it through the packaging. It is everything I described above and more with a sweet, thick herbal aroma; I couldn’t wait to take off the lid and bury my nose and inhale the medicinal vapors.Now I am ready to try! I always put my portioned snus on the left side of my mouth and my los on the right side. I guess I do this as I am left handed and its easier to put in without having to ultimate hands. For a 14 mg portion I felt no burn or initial discomfort, im guessing because of the camphor has a slight numbing effect.

The nicotine kick is mild but certainly adequate enough for you to not want for it, but not enough to cause the body to surge or have any discomfort that other strong portions can do. Despite the overpowering odor the taste is quite mild and pleasant, a perfect mix between tobacco and flavorings without one upstaging the other. After a few minutes I find myself running my tongue over it to get some flavor and remind myself that I have a portion in. As I do this I get a slightly sweet tasting juice that is both pleasant and comforting.As far as taste and quality is concerned this is superior and the low drip factor would make it appealing to many people.

My problem with Jakobsson’s is portion size, and its not just this flavor, it’s ALL of their Snus.Its simply far too large for my mouth and causes me much irritation and discomfort despite the smoothness of the pouch material I tried an experiment with this can in a desperate attempt to have my snus and eat it to. I opened up 5 portions and put the loose contents into a clean can. I then sprinkled it lightly with cold water and tried to pack it into my ice tool. Each time I did this I was met with dismal failure. The grind is far too large to form a pris and each time I tried it crumbled in my hand. After 6 attempts I gave up and resided to the fact that I will never be able to enjoy Jakobsson’s until they bring out a mini or at the very least a medium sized portion Snus.

I recommend everybody try Jakobssons Wintergreen at least once, the taste is well worth it if you can tolerate the size of the portions. I have a small mouth so it might be just me.

Also Wintergreen had been known to agitate allergies and cause asthma attacks, although im not sure this small amount will cause any harm but practice caution if you are known to have severe cases of these conditions.

Enjoy your Snus!

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