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Göteborg's Rapé Lime Review

Göteborg's Rapé Lime review 

Years ago, somebody told me I would enjoy the so called fruity-floral qualities of Goteborgs rape and I stupidly believed them. I brought 5 cans and waited eagerly to try them.  Needless to say I hated it and its been the only snus I have ever tossed in the trash.
Lucky for me my tastes have changed over the years and I can now enjoy rape on an occasional basis and use it as a break from my usual monthly line up.

I was happy to receive this can as I have learned that things I would turn my nose up at in the past, I can now enjoy. That was definitely the case for General. I used to loathe it and now I order 5 cans of it every month for something different (los of course).

The packaging of Rape lime was surprising to me. I didn’t read the can and just figured it was regular rape and opened it up to notice the pretty star portion formation I’ve usually only seen in the special, expensive additions such as General Onyx and certain white portion varieties. Im not sure how much extra effort the factory takes to do this, but its highly appreciated.  The uniformity of these white portion wedges appeal to my meticulous/compulsive nature. I like everything to be neat and organized and have its own position rather than the traditional ‘dog pile’ style.

It does take an extra step to figure out how to position the wedge in your mouth. Some people just place it as is on their gums; others mush or fluff it up so its uniform and some try to reshape it. I personally take it as is with the larger size towards the front of my mouth.
The portion material is typical of most Swedish match white products, which I find comfortable and tolerable. Softness and less drip is what im all about.

The smell is very familiar and I cannot distinguish between this lime flavor and the regular rape.  I was so clueless in fact that I had 4 portions before I even noticed that this wasn’t rape regular but rape lime! hah I don’t know if this is accountable to me not having rape for a while or the lime flavor being overpowered by the usual floral taste of rape regular.
Once I knew that this was a different beast to what I previously had, I can now search out the flavor and appreciate the slight citrus notes in this enhanced snus.

I definitely find Rape to be the most refreshing of all non-mint based snus. It only takes but one lick of the tongue and you whole mouth if filled with a flowery medicinal clean taste that only this variety can provide.

As I swish air in my mouth I can taste the subtle citrus flavor but nothing stands out to me as a definite lime quality. I once tried the Catch Glow Elder Lime flavor a few years back. I only brought one can and I still regret it to this day since I cant get it in the states anymore. It was the most amazing flavored snus I have ever tasted and to me that is what I think of when I want a citrus hit that is distinguishable as lime.

Perhaps if Swedish match added lime essence to another brand that is not already heavily flavored/scented, the taste would be more realistic and pungent, but I just find this snus to be a hodgepodge of competing flavors with none of them coming out on top and all of them fighting for dominancy. Others might enjoy that, particularly if you are already a big fan of Rape, but its just not for me.

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