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Thunder Raw Frosted Review

Thunder Raw Frosted, Ultra Strong Portion

Oh boy! If there was ever a snus to kick my butt its this one! 21 mg’s? who would even think that would be necessary considering most commercial cigarette brands pale in comparison.

I remember during my University days in Australia, a friend went to Indonesia and brought back the most horrid cigarettes and im sure they packed a punch close to this Nicotine level.
Ive also heard rumors of Russian cigarettes being extremely high in nicotine.

The typical unassuming V2 tobacco can is an assassin in disguise. The plain packaging that is used for all thunder products gives no warning as to the immense power inside.
The only distinguishing marker is a bright silver-blue metallic label with a strike of white lightning and raw ultra-strong scratched into the side.

My breakfast Snus is Thunder frosted long+ and twice now I have waddled to the kitchen in the early hours, half asleep and grabbed this “black can of death” by mistake and quickly put it back in the butter case before I made the mistake of having it. 21mg’s are something I need to work my way up to during the day in both courage and nicotine tolerance.

I waited until after lunch before trying my first ultra-raw. I had 2 strong portions and 4 los pris’s and felt that I was ready. The smell is typical of all thunder frosted products, a strong mint aroma that I find enjoyable and invigorating, nothing unfamiliar there.

The portion sizes are average medium and are only half as full as Jakobsson’s strong, which is an ideal size for my small mouth (although not as perfect as thunder long +).
I also enjoy the portion material of V2, its soft and comfortable and not irritating on the gums.
As soon as I put in my first portion I am met with a burn that is similar to other strong snus. This lasts for a few minutes. My head then begins to swim, my heart palpitates and I have a sudden urge to use the toilet. I spit the portion out and run to the bathroom. I sit in there for 10 minutes and wonder what the hell just happened. Never in my 5 years of Snusing has this happened to me before. Luckily I have been snusing strong portions for a while and have somewhat of a tolerance; otherwise I would be vomiting and shaking.

I am smart enough to know when I am beaten and this snus had kicked my butt good and proper!! Ive had 4 portions so far and all I can do with them is put them in my mouth for a minute, take it out for 5 minutes, then put it back in and take it out etc. This does not make for an enjoyable snusing experience. The taste and portion size are just right for me, the strength and nicotine level is not.  Ive been trying to think of ways and instances in which to use this and unfortunately I cannot find one. This can will end up in my freezer to be used when im running low on portions and desperate for a thunder hit and again, will have to be alternated in and out of my mouth.

This snus is fun and quite a novelty but I recommend people not get too used to it. The strength will ruin you and you will not be able to enjoy the myriad of wonderful mini and regular portions on the market. If you can handle that, or want to use it when you have to be somewhere and you can’t snus for hours and your desperate for a nic hit then by all means go for it, otherwise stay well away and stick with the human strength portions :)

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  1. Anonymous31.5.12

    lol, they are pretty good though.