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Offroad Coola, White Portion Review

Offroad Coola, White Portion Review 

I have been wanting to try Offroad Coola, White Portion for months now, but have always passed over it for some other more exotic or fruity taste. I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived in my mailbox the other day and couldn’t wait to pop a portion in.

Upon opening my can of Offroad White Portion Coola, my first impression was that it smelled medicinal with a hint of spearmint. Although I’ve tried several different kinds of snus, I’m partial to General Mini Mint, so the Offroad portions struck me as larger than what I prefer. After placing a portion under my lip, I noticed a licorice taste first.

Offroad Coola is nice and salty without being overwhelming, and through the duration of having it under my lip, I observed a menthol-ish tingle. Personally, I didn’t find much of a cola taste in this snus. The nic hit was subtle, but carried out for a decent amount of time.

Once in, the size of the portions didn’t seem as overly large as I’d first thought. I wouldn’t mind using this snus out in public without being self-conscious of the size. I kept the portion in for about an hour, and found that the flavors mellowed out and blended pleasantly the longer it stayed. There was some drip, but not enough to bother me.

Overall, I found the Offroad Coola to be a nice change from my go-to brands of snus, but I was expecting a little more from the flavor.

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