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Nick & Johnny Radical Red Chili Review

I was soo excited to receive this Snus! In the past year ive gotten into a routine of ordering my favorite Snus over and over again without deviating or exploring new and different options. Im glad to once again to test my palette.
Chili in Snus?? Who thinks of these things! Nick and Johnny of course! This has to be the most innovative idea since Northerner brought out there line of Boost energy portions.
The first thing I noticed was the nice packaging. N and J have always had stylish designs but this is very trendy and obviously targeted at the younger demographic
I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened my first can. Maybe a flashback to the day my brother and I set off a can of pepper spray in the car; the tear jerking, overpowering and unmistakable smell of pure capsaicin.  Instead you are given a light spiciness reminiscent of cloves and cinnamon, not what I was expecting and not similar to any other snus I have tried. 

The size of the portion is very reasonable for a standard. As a woman I am always conscious of “snus lip” and I despise any that stick out below my gum line or are too pronounced or obvious, but N and J’s have successfully met my size criteria. 

The taste is the most surprising to me, as I run my tongue over it I get hints of gingerbread cookie and nutmeg. Years ago I got given a can of Chaini Khaini spiced Indian Snus and I expected the same flavor profiles to be in N and J’s Chili, but no, Chili is a lot tamer and reminiscent of the usual Swedish style Snus BUT with a kick!
It took about four portions before I got the full effect of the chili heat.  It started out as a mild tingle and accelerated into a warm numbing sting. Call me a masochist but I have come to love the pain associated with strong portion snus. It’s not uncommon for me to put three thunder frosted portions, one after the other in the same position in my mouth to bring on the pain, so N and j’s chili was a welcome surprise for me.  It’s not a cold sudden sting like thunder long +, it’s a warm heat that develops over time. It seems the longer you have the portion in your mouth the stronger it becomes.
The strength of the actual nicotine level was not impressive to me. Compared to the other 12mg portions out there this is definitely on the weaker side. I did not get that nic Buzz that I do with thunder or Jakobssons strong, but then again I am known for my can of thunder a day habit. Those used to mini or even regular portions would enjoy the extra nicotine jolt, but I find myself inserting another portion 5-10 minutes later.
Nick & Johnny Radical Red Chili

What I LOVED about this Snus was there was absolutely NO DRIP! Nothing! Not even a run down the teeth. I was really impressed. I kept my portions in for one hour to test it and still nothing. Usually with all other portions im done with it after 30 minutes maximum, if I get any hint of juice on my teeth or down my throat i spit it out. I was really impressed with the staying power of N and J’s Chili and it did everything that it advertised. 

This is definitely a snus that I will be buying again. It doesn’t compete with my regular line up but a few cans a month would offer a fun and unusual deviation from the norm. To me the snus I pick has to fit into my lifestyle in one aspect or another, and in my opinion Nick and Johnny’s chili would make the perfect snus to indulge in whilst driving or doing other outdoor activities. The no drip and relatively high nicotine level makes it perfect accompaniment for all the daily duties that lead us far from home.

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