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My name is Kristi, and I'm a snusgirl!

Hi Guys!
Time to introduce yet another snusgirl and her "snus story". Very proud to have this lovely woman writing reviews for the blog, the first one will be published in a few days; so stay tuned.. :)

My name is Kristi Hamilton. I live in Texas, and I was a pack-a-day smoker for several years until I found snus. My cigarettes were as much a part of me as my hands or feet.

After many unsuccessful attempts at quitting smoking, a friend of mine introduced me to Camel Snus last summer and piqued my interest. That night, I got online and searched the internet for more information about it. Not a fan of artificial flavors and ingredients, I was pleased to discover the variety and quality of snus beyond what major American tobacco companies were selling in convenience stores. I looked at page after page of snus brands, curious and excited to try different flavors. I made my first order that night.

I gave up my beloved cigarettes shortly after my first cans of snus arrived. I tried different kinds, amazed at the variety. There’s nothing better than discreetly enjoying your nicotine during a movie or social function.

My house no longer smells like smoke, and I rarely indulge in a cigarette anymore. So far, my favorite snus is General Dry Mini Mint, although I enjoy trying different brands and generally carry more than one with me in my purse.

I’m very excited to be chosen to review for and I look forward to spreading the word about snus to women all over the world.

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