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Forces Against Snus are Corrupt

New Evidence! Forces Against Snus are Corrupt, paid by the Pharmaceutical Companies

The doctors who are called the tobacco-experts in the Swedish National Institute For Public Health (FHI) and constantly propagating against Swedish Snus are corrupt. At the same time they are working for the huge farmacutical company Pfizer, manufacturing nicotine replacement products. Another doctor who is also a tobacco expert for the FHI and also on the board of Doctors against Tobacco is also frequently hired by Pfizer.
Since the EU Comission proposal for the new tobacco directive is coming this year the EU commission asked for opinions.
Pfizer has issued a response template that among other things says, "It is a top priority to maintain the sales ban on snus. There is no reason to introduce yet another harmful product."

Responses identical to the template Pfizer send out has been received by the EU Commission from several agencies, including the organization Doctors against Tobacco and Tankesmedjan Tobaksfakta (tobacco fact- a "
independent non-profit organization") who both receive grants from the FHI.

It's interesting to see that Pfizers anti-nicotine drug Champix is also connected to several suicides and heart attacks in both Europe and the US.... And yet I cand find no deaths caused by Swedish Snus.... 
Source: Aftonbladet

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