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Oden's Extreme 59 Loose review

Oden's Extreme 59 (cinnamon) Loose Snus review

Ive never been really excited to try Odens Snus. I remember a few months ago when Northerner had shipping problems and I could not get any Roda Lacket, I drove an hour east to a tobacconist who had snus, hoping to get some of my old favorites to tide me over till I could order from northerner again. All he had was general loose and Odens. I brought 8 cans of general and 1 can of Odens. I didn’t like general portions so I knew I wasn’t going to like the los version either. To my surprise it grew on me and now I get a few cans it as part of my monthly order. As for the odens, I threw it out when I got my order of Roda lacket.

Now I have been given the chance to try it again and this time I will not be so discerning. On first sight I was really impressed by the packaging. A stylish good quality black can with an attached lid and bright attractive label.I opened the can and took a sniff. There were no distinguishable features or scents, just a subtle tobacco smell and a jet black moist product.I began packing it into my ice tool and it formed into a nice pris.  The high moisture content and smooth grind make it easy and ideal for hand baking or icetools. I formed several sizes from large to small and all stayed together easily and did not fall apart in the hand or the mouth.

Being 22mg nicotine, this is quite high even for a strong snus. I did not notice any surge in nicotine, the strength seemed perfect and the good thing about los, if it is too strong, you can make very small pris’s according to your preferences. I made my regular 3-4cm portion and it was fine.There was really nothing eventful about the taste. It’s supposed to have a cinnamon flavor. I cannot detect any cinnamon or other flavorings, just straight tobacco and salt. It doesn’t please or displease me, its just snus in my mouth doing its job of dispensing nicotine into my bloodstream.I like mine with a flavor so this was kind of disappointing.

This snus is on the other hand PERFECT for beginners. If you have never tried los and would like to, this is the snus for you! Super easy to mold and form, non-threatening in flavor or texture and a good strong nicotine hit. If you are new to loose give it a try and think of it as a stepping stone to others, stronger in flavor and harder to form.

Thunder Raw Frosted Review

Thunder Raw Frosted, Ultra Strong Portion

Oh boy! If there was ever a snus to kick my butt its this one! 21 mg’s? who would even think that would be necessary considering most commercial cigarette brands pale in comparison.

I remember during my University days in Australia, a friend went to Indonesia and brought back the most horrid cigarettes and im sure they packed a punch close to this Nicotine level.
Ive also heard rumors of Russian cigarettes being extremely high in nicotine.

The typical unassuming V2 tobacco can is an assassin in disguise. The plain packaging that is used for all thunder products gives no warning as to the immense power inside.
The only distinguishing marker is a bright silver-blue metallic label with a strike of white lightning and raw ultra-strong scratched into the side.

My breakfast Snus is Thunder frosted long+ and twice now I have waddled to the kitchen in the early hours, half asleep and grabbed this “black can of death” by mistake and quickly put it back in the butter case before I made the mistake of having it. 21mg’s are something I need to work my way up to during the day in both courage and nicotine tolerance.

I waited until after lunch before trying my first ultra-raw. I had 2 strong portions and 4 los pris’s and felt that I was ready. The smell is typical of all thunder frosted products, a strong mint aroma that I find enjoyable and invigorating, nothing unfamiliar there.

The portion sizes are average medium and are only half as full as Jakobsson’s strong, which is an ideal size for my small mouth (although not as perfect as thunder long +).
I also enjoy the portion material of V2, its soft and comfortable and not irritating on the gums.
As soon as I put in my first portion I am met with a burn that is similar to other strong snus. This lasts for a few minutes. My head then begins to swim, my heart palpitates and I have a sudden urge to use the toilet. I spit the portion out and run to the bathroom. I sit in there for 10 minutes and wonder what the hell just happened. Never in my 5 years of Snusing has this happened to me before. Luckily I have been snusing strong portions for a while and have somewhat of a tolerance; otherwise I would be vomiting and shaking.

I am smart enough to know when I am beaten and this snus had kicked my butt good and proper!! Ive had 4 portions so far and all I can do with them is put them in my mouth for a minute, take it out for 5 minutes, then put it back in and take it out etc. This does not make for an enjoyable snusing experience. The taste and portion size are just right for me, the strength and nicotine level is not.  Ive been trying to think of ways and instances in which to use this and unfortunately I cannot find one. This can will end up in my freezer to be used when im running low on portions and desperate for a thunder hit and again, will have to be alternated in and out of my mouth.

This snus is fun and quite a novelty but I recommend people not get too used to it. The strength will ruin you and you will not be able to enjoy the myriad of wonderful mini and regular portions on the market. If you can handle that, or want to use it when you have to be somewhere and you can’t snus for hours and your desperate for a nic hit then by all means go for it, otherwise stay well away and stick with the human strength portions :)


Offroad Coola, White Portion Review

Offroad Coola, White Portion Review 

I have been wanting to try Offroad Coola, White Portion for months now, but have always passed over it for some other more exotic or fruity taste. I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived in my mailbox the other day and couldn’t wait to pop a portion in.

Upon opening my can of Offroad White Portion Coola, my first impression was that it smelled medicinal with a hint of spearmint. Although I’ve tried several different kinds of snus, I’m partial to General Mini Mint, so the Offroad portions struck me as larger than what I prefer. After placing a portion under my lip, I noticed a licorice taste first.

Offroad Coola is nice and salty without being overwhelming, and through the duration of having it under my lip, I observed a menthol-ish tingle. Personally, I didn’t find much of a cola taste in this snus. The nic hit was subtle, but carried out for a decent amount of time.

Once in, the size of the portions didn’t seem as overly large as I’d first thought. I wouldn’t mind using this snus out in public without being self-conscious of the size. I kept the portion in for about an hour, and found that the flavors mellowed out and blended pleasantly the longer it stayed. There was some drip, but not enough to bother me.

Overall, I found the Offroad Coola to be a nice change from my go-to brands of snus, but I was expecting a little more from the flavor.


My name is Kristi, and I'm a snusgirl!

Hi Guys!
Time to introduce yet another snusgirl and her "snus story". Very proud to have this lovely woman writing reviews for the blog, the first one will be published in a few days; so stay tuned.. :)

My name is Kristi Hamilton. I live in Texas, and I was a pack-a-day smoker for several years until I found snus. My cigarettes were as much a part of me as my hands or feet.

After many unsuccessful attempts at quitting smoking, a friend of mine introduced me to Camel Snus last summer and piqued my interest. That night, I got online and searched the internet for more information about it. Not a fan of artificial flavors and ingredients, I was pleased to discover the variety and quality of snus beyond what major American tobacco companies were selling in convenience stores. I looked at page after page of snus brands, curious and excited to try different flavors. I made my first order that night.

I gave up my beloved cigarettes shortly after my first cans of snus arrived. I tried different kinds, amazed at the variety. There’s nothing better than discreetly enjoying your nicotine during a movie or social function.

My house no longer smells like smoke, and I rarely indulge in a cigarette anymore. So far, my favorite snus is General Dry Mini Mint, although I enjoy trying different brands and generally carry more than one with me in my purse.

I’m very excited to be chosen to review for and I look forward to spreading the word about snus to women all over the world.


Forces Against Snus are Corrupt

New Evidence! Forces Against Snus are Corrupt, paid by the Pharmaceutical Companies

The doctors who are called the tobacco-experts in the Swedish National Institute For Public Health (FHI) and constantly propagating against Swedish Snus are corrupt. At the same time they are working for the huge farmacutical company Pfizer, manufacturing nicotine replacement products. Another doctor who is also a tobacco expert for the FHI and also on the board of Doctors against Tobacco is also frequently hired by Pfizer.
Since the EU Comission proposal for the new tobacco directive is coming this year the EU commission asked for opinions.
Pfizer has issued a response template that among other things says, "It is a top priority to maintain the sales ban on snus. There is no reason to introduce yet another harmful product."

Responses identical to the template Pfizer send out has been received by the EU Commission from several agencies, including the organization Doctors against Tobacco and Tankesmedjan Tobaksfakta (tobacco fact- a "
independent non-profit organization") who both receive grants from the FHI.

It's interesting to see that Pfizers anti-nicotine drug Champix is also connected to several suicides and heart attacks in both Europe and the US.... And yet I cand find no deaths caused by Swedish Snus.... 
Source: Aftonbladet


Trying snus again-Euphoria

Last evening I had my first snus since July last year. I’ll try to describe the feeling but it’s difficult to find words. I thought I would feel sick when having my first snus in such a long time, but I did not... It was a wonderful, amazing feeling which I had longed for since I quit during my pregnancy. WOW!

Here's a song to describe the feeling:

By the way, I’m not breast-feeding; in that case I would not choose to try snus again since nicotine passes to the milk and can affect the baby.


Nick & Johnny Radical Red Chili Review

I was soo excited to receive this Snus! In the past year ive gotten into a routine of ordering my favorite Snus over and over again without deviating or exploring new and different options. Im glad to once again to test my palette.
Chili in Snus?? Who thinks of these things! Nick and Johnny of course! This has to be the most innovative idea since Northerner brought out there line of Boost energy portions.
The first thing I noticed was the nice packaging. N and J have always had stylish designs but this is very trendy and obviously targeted at the younger demographic
I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened my first can. Maybe a flashback to the day my brother and I set off a can of pepper spray in the car; the tear jerking, overpowering and unmistakable smell of pure capsaicin.  Instead you are given a light spiciness reminiscent of cloves and cinnamon, not what I was expecting and not similar to any other snus I have tried. 

The size of the portion is very reasonable for a standard. As a woman I am always conscious of “snus lip” and I despise any that stick out below my gum line or are too pronounced or obvious, but N and J’s have successfully met my size criteria. 

The taste is the most surprising to me, as I run my tongue over it I get hints of gingerbread cookie and nutmeg. Years ago I got given a can of Chaini Khaini spiced Indian Snus and I expected the same flavor profiles to be in N and J’s Chili, but no, Chili is a lot tamer and reminiscent of the usual Swedish style Snus BUT with a kick!
It took about four portions before I got the full effect of the chili heat.  It started out as a mild tingle and accelerated into a warm numbing sting. Call me a masochist but I have come to love the pain associated with strong portion snus. It’s not uncommon for me to put three thunder frosted portions, one after the other in the same position in my mouth to bring on the pain, so N and j’s chili was a welcome surprise for me.  It’s not a cold sudden sting like thunder long +, it’s a warm heat that develops over time. It seems the longer you have the portion in your mouth the stronger it becomes.
The strength of the actual nicotine level was not impressive to me. Compared to the other 12mg portions out there this is definitely on the weaker side. I did not get that nic Buzz that I do with thunder or Jakobssons strong, but then again I am known for my can of thunder a day habit. Those used to mini or even regular portions would enjoy the extra nicotine jolt, but I find myself inserting another portion 5-10 minutes later.
Nick & Johnny Radical Red Chili

What I LOVED about this Snus was there was absolutely NO DRIP! Nothing! Not even a run down the teeth. I was really impressed. I kept my portions in for one hour to test it and still nothing. Usually with all other portions im done with it after 30 minutes maximum, if I get any hint of juice on my teeth or down my throat i spit it out. I was really impressed with the staying power of N and J’s Chili and it did everything that it advertised. 

This is definitely a snus that I will be buying again. It doesn’t compete with my regular line up but a few cans a month would offer a fun and unusual deviation from the norm. To me the snus I pick has to fit into my lifestyle in one aspect or another, and in my opinion Nick and Johnny’s chili would make the perfect snus to indulge in whilst driving or doing other outdoor activities. The no drip and relatively high nicotine level makes it perfect accompaniment for all the daily duties that lead us far from home.


New Snusgirl!

I've pretty much had my hands full since little Henry arrived in March this year, so I put out a contest in cooperation with looking for female snus reviewers for this blog. It’s time to announce one of the winners.

This might be every snus using man’s dream girl.

Let me introduce you to beautiful Sarah Sorge, a loose-snus-girl. 

Hello Snusers!
My name is Sarah Sorge. I moved from Australia to the USA in 2007 and was unable to find my favorite cigarette brand in the USA. I smoked a very light (1-2mg) cigarette and found no suitable brand or nicotine level in America.
I smoked camel brand Turkish silvers for one year and came to the realization that my father’s heart deterioration and death was brought on by his pack a day 30+ years camel gold addiction.
I did not want to die a suffering death like he did so in 2008 I started my quest for a safer alternative to cigarettes. I was also tired of my hair, clothing and breath smelling of smoke. YUK.
I started with the pharmaceutical brand quit smoking products (patches and lozenges) which made me violently ill. They would cause vomiting, fever, body shakes and headaches. It turns out that I was having an allergic reaction to the artificial nicotine and im sure im not the only one!
I went online and started reading blogs and articles and came across Snus. I honestly thought that my prayers have been answered and I made my first order.
I could hardly wait for it to arrive I was so excited to try it. At first I did not like it at all and was unaccustomed to having something in my mouth all the times and the smell was strange and unfamiliar.  The people on the snus forums I was on told me to hang in there and keep trying. I went from a combination of smoking and snusing every day and within a week I was just snusing and have never looked back!
Snus is wonderful. It is so comforting to use it. To me its like eating my favorite meal, watching a great movie or reading a good book. It creates a euphoric feeling in my body and I would be lost without it.
I especially like los snus. There is something special about using your ice tool and forming a pliable pris of snus custom made for your mouth. Roda Lacket is my personal favorite.
I look forward to many years enjoying snus, reviewing snus and promoting it to women of all ages and locations.