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This evening, April 30 is called "Valborgsmässoafton" in Sweden. People gather around large bonfires and sing songs to welcome spring and the light (winter is a very long and dark time of year in Sweden). This old tradition has its origins in Germany where they used to light fires to scare off witches.  F and I used to celebrate this holiday partying with our friends, but this year we're staying home with our own little family. Little Henry's aunt is coming over for dinner tonight. She's a snusgirl too so I guess there will be some snus discussions tonight because of the article in Aftonbladet that I wrote about yesterday. Her favorite snus Catch Eucalyptus white dry portions is also on the list of snus flavors that the EU commission wants to ban.  

This was my 2 minutes of well-spent computer time, now it’s time to do the dishes, laundry, take a shower and cook dinner before this cute little sleeping baby starts crying for attention again.
Wishing you all a happy Valborg!


EU threatens Swedish Snus

Lately the EU snus-ban has got a lot of attention in the Swedish press - Finally! 
Since the EU took it one step further and said they want to ban some ingredients commonly used in Swedish snus, which threatens the whole manufacturing of Swedish snus. This upsets a lot of people in Sweden. Taking away snus from the Swedes is like trying to take away a bottle of milk from my 7-weeks old, food-loving son (never seen anyone so mad). 

Yesterday the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published a list of snusbrands that is threatened by this new ban. This is the list translated (in a hurry, since little Henry will wake up pretty soon).

Oden's Licorice
Mocca Licorice
XQ's Licorice portion (nicotine free)
Offroad Licorice white portion
Catch Licorice white portion
Catch Licorice dry portion
Catch Licorice white mini portion
LD Salmiak

Oden's Extra Strong, Kanel (cinnamon, odens 59 portion)
Oden's Kanel, Loose
Nordströmmen Julesnus, Loose

Catch White Eucalyptus Portion
Catch Dry Eucalyptus Mini Portion
Offroad Eucalyptus White mini portion
Offroad Eucalyptus White Portion

Oomph Licorice Lemon 6mg
Choice Lemon (nicotine free)
Art Citrus Menthol 3mg
Göteborgs Rapé Lime White Portion
Thunder Cool Orange Extra Strong

Blue Ocean Portionssnus

Offroad Coffee Supreme
Thunder Chrome Coffee Supreme Longer portion

Art Citrus/ Menthol
Northerner Citrus / Menthol
Oomph Wise Citrus/ Menthol

Skruf Tranbär (cranberry) White Portion

 Göteborgs Rapé

This list is not complete though there are a lot of other snusbrands that contains these flavours. 
For example one of Swedish Match's most popular brands, General, contains citrus aroma. 

When will people realize that snus helps people quit smoking = saves lifes!
Snus does not harm anyone like second hand smoking does! It makes me crazy mad when people smoke near little Henry.
Let people decide for themselves and leave our snus alone!