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Jakobsson's Melon, Strong Portion review

Jakobsson's Melon, Strong Portion review by Victoria.

My favorite snus that I have used for a few years now is the Göteborgs Rapé White Portion, I really like tobacco flavored snus like that with some hint of other flavors. But I'm not that keen on totally flavored snus, I usually keep within the tobacco flavored types. I use to snus General Portion before I switched to Göteborgs Rapé White Portion just to clarify my love for tobacco flavored snus :-). Once in a while however I buy a minty flavored snus to balance up the tobacco flavor, I use a about a pouch a day or something just to get another flavor. But I never buy any other flavors really, not my cup of tea to be honest.

Jakobssons Melon,
It has a very nice and fresh smell which is the first thing I noticed. Smells a bit like fruity flavored candy. Very inviting. And all this before I even opened the can!

Then when I opened the can the smell of candy hits my senses like a wonderful melody. The smell is intense but very very nice. I just want to eat the entire contents of the can cause it smells like a big bag of candy. One of the best smelling snusbrands I have ever tried!

The taste is just like the smell, fruity and candy like. No disappointment there let me tell you, rather the other way around. Both the smell, and the taste are the same. My godness... I kept the pouch in for a couple hours, and I could still taste the wonderful flavor after 2 hours. 2 hours people!! Never happend to me before, its just awsome! Its a strong snus and I'm use to regular, but it actually worked for me. I didn't feel like it was too strong, and cause the taste lasted so long I didn't use as many pouches of this snus per day as I would my regular brand.

I give Jakobssons Melon 5 out of 5. Go Gotlandssnus!! :-)


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  1. James30.1.12

    Great review. Not much text out there. Checked but did not find much.

  2. I'll have to add a can or two of this in my next order.