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Snus Portion Pillows

This is really funny!
Pillows that looks like snus portions! I would love to have these in my sofa, haha.

These lovely pillows are designed in Finland by Denz & Son.

I contacted Denz & Son to ask them some questions about the snus portion pillow design. I was so curious as to know how they came up with the idea. I got an answer from Timo, the designer himself telling me he wasn't sure but he thought it might have been the sight of used snus portions laying around on the streets of Helsinki. A somewhat strange sight considering snus can't be purchased legally in Finland. 

At first his wife sewed the snus portion pillows but as the demand grew he had to outsource the production. He also says there are black and white portion pillows coming soon. 

The snus pillows are for sale at Northerner, a bit expensive but could be worth it. Can you imagine cuddling up in the sofa with a snus portion pillow under your head? Wow... :)
I definitely want one! or two... 

Jägarpris Original Portion Review

Jägarpris Original Portion by AG Snus

Swedish Snus Review

The flavor is definitely different from any other brands of snus, although I am not sure what kinds of flavoring it is that they put in there! It has a fresh outdoor, log cabin, forest kind of flavor and that goes for the smell of it too, it is very pleasant and kind of makes me want to go for a walk in the forest and look for elks or deer or something! Maybe that's why they named it Jägarpris..

A Nice Little Pillow In Your Mouth

The pouch is not as dry as a white portion, it's moist and a bit thicker than a white portion too. It's like a nice little pillow in your mouth, just a tad bit bigger than the regular white portion like for example Ettan White. When you first put it in it is kind of juicy (I had to spit once or twice) but after that it was just the right amount of moist without being too much, so still pretty mellow compared to other regular portions. Also noteworthy is that the texture of the pouch is actually really nice and soft, a lot more comfy in the mouth than white portions and honestly also a lot better than the regular Ettan portion (and less moist too which I like).

Deer Hunting - Feeling

The can is white with a green label with some gold in it, it really has a deer hunter-feeling to it without being too manly or looking like a typical male kind of snus so you can get one even if you're a girl without looking like you're butchy, haha. I also like that the little dip in where you put your finger to open the little compartment on top is slightly bigger than all other snus cans I've tried before. Overall I'd say this is a great snus, I really like it and would definitely buy it again.. But this time maybe hide it from my husband who is absolutely nuts about it. He thinks it's the greatest snus ever made :)

Written By Anna M


N&J Black Tarmac Review

Nick & Johnny Black Tarmac, Xtra Strong Licorice

Swedish Snus Review
I wanted something Dark, strong and sexy while I watched the latest episode of Amish Mafia. I scoured my fridge and freezer for a snus that could live up to all the theatrical staged drama, and also reminded me of my trip to Lancaster County a few months ago.  As it turned out I had the prefect snus staring at me from the butter case.  Black Tarmac! That sounds so amazingly appetizing and I was really looking forward to touching, smelling and tasting. It brought me instant flashbacks of driving down the old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse PA,  in a rickety old buggy drawn by a totally unruly horse and dreading that the tailgate was going to fly open at any time and my face was going to meet the tarmac AND I ate plenty of Amish licorice twists while I was there so this was a perfect win win!

Never Disappointing

Nick and Johnny has not disappointed me to this date and if it wasn’t for my gig here I never would have had the opportunity to try it. Why? Because I truly believe I suffer from a mild form of Autism and slight changes in my regular routine drive me crazy, and this goes for snus too! It’s my regular line up month after month and nothing else. I am now learning that this is the wrong attitude to have a variety is the spice of life! Plus the voices in my head told me to try this and write a good review ;)

A Strong Licorice Portion

Black Tarmac has everything I love in a portion. Its extra strong AND its licorice! And snus girl knows this all too well, she always hooks me up with things she knows I will enjoy.  Not many flavorings can hold up to the rich taste and texture of snus, and in my opinion licorice is the best.  Tobacco and licorice are very different is flavor but when they come together, they complement each other beautifully.

The can is that of all N&J strong portions, but this one has "black Tarmac" scribbled on the side in a big white flash.

Mild and Spicy

I was expecting a really strong licorice punch when i opened the can. More like an Odens or V2, but its really mild and spicy with a strong overpowering tobacco. Licorice  is definitely there but its a second note and not the strongest scent.  The portions are large and wet like all N&J strong portions and are filled to the brim with delicious licorice scented heaven.

Headspin Strong

WOW this snus is definitely strong has has given me a slight headspin! that hasnt happened for a while and i think its because i have been trying to use up a lot of my mini portions today before they go past expiry.  Well i enjoyed my hedonistic nic hit anyways, and at 15.4 mg of tobacco per portion its understandable.
The taste of pure strong tobacco really comes through in this and all of the other strong portions i have tried in this line.  I really like my snus to taste like tobacco, after all that's what it is, but i know some others dont like it and thats too bad for them because this has it all baby!

Not an Overpowering Licorice Flavor

Licorice is definitely there but not at all overpowering.  Even those who (heaven forbid!) don't like licorice, will still like these as its not as intense as the other licorice varieties on the market.   I was expecting a huge anise hit like a licorice stick or a black cat but its not at all like candy. Just a nice subtle hint.

I am pleased to report that black tarmac has had a slight warming effect on my gums, not as much as n&j chilli, but its there and i feel calmer and more relaxed with each portion.
I definitely recommend extra strong licorice to all connoisseurs of strong snus. I have been very impressed with all the new Nick and Johnny flavors and im sure you will be too, so give it a try for yourself and tell me what you think!

Written By Sarah S


Blue Ocean Blue Portion Review

Blue Ocean, Blue Portion

Swedish Snus Review
Blue Ocean, I have never heard of you! I’m sure I’m not the only one either, but you were a pleasant surprise after a long snus delivery hiatus, and I welcome all portions as a change up from my regular loose Habit. Another company from the ocean cities of Denmark, I just had this feeling AG snus was not Swedish, but an incredible simulation, and I was right. I used to hate on Danish snus, but this far into my habit, I really don’t care where my ‘stuff’ comes from as long as I get a hit. (kidding!) Blue Ocean came as a tribute to the great blue sees surrounding the sea faring country of Denmark.We have the 5 generations of Gundersen family to thank for this wonderful blue snus gift!

Striking Packaging and Surprising Pouches

Your striking blue packaging is what first caught my eye, totally different from any other brand out there, although your grammatical errors made me want to get a sharpie and scribble in the right catch phrase. Ahh stuff it I’ll do it now! Blue Ocean, A taste of THE Sea!

Moving on, the biggest surprise of all was when I opened the can. The pouches are blue! Never in all my snusing years have I seen a blue portion and I was hesitant to put it in my mouth. I had these flashing visions of me smiling at the UPS delivery guy with blue teeth.  After closer inspection, I realized I was not in any imminent danger and proceeded with curiosity.

A Pure Tobacco Smell

The smell is that of pure tobacco. Rather surprising considering I was expecting a mint portion with all the ‘cool ocean breeze’ packaging. Come to think of it the ocean has never smelled like mint, it’s usually a mixture of fart and seaweed, so anything other than that is a good thing!

Comparative to White Portions

The Pouch material is dry and comparative to a white portion. I noticed no external wetting process and was quite parched to the touch. The snus inside is easy to soften and seems quite moist.

Unusual Taste Experience

The taste is the most unusual and different snus experience that I have ever tasted.  A rich, warm tobacco comes through on the first note. Not the best quality, but definitely better then some others on the market.  Then the taste of mint comes through. A faint, very mild mint that tastes exactly like menthol cigarettes, and then a slight saltiness that tastes like baking soda.  I know this all sounds quite disgusting but it’s actually very good!  There’s no harsh burn, but a pleasant mild mint that freshens the mouth and relaxes the soul.

Large Portions - Average Nicotine Level

The only downside (to me at least) is that each portion is large, but only contains 8mg of nicotine. Now since I only do 5-6 portions a day, I want them to wow me with their nicotine prowess and knock me on my ass! Especially if I am out and about, anything to get my mind off LA traffic and keep me powering on for a while, BUT I know everybody is not a nic head like me, and enjoy the subtle delights of not so strong portions, so for you this is it.

In my fantasy life, I hand a list of requests to every snus company, and they joyfully comply to my demands for stronger and longer portions, but in reality, I don’t run the snus game, and I have to bow to societies “norm”, and accept that I’m not the only person that portions are targeted at. So for the 6,973,738,432 who are not Sarah, enjoy! :)

Written By Sarah S


Odens Cold Dry, White Portion Review

Odens Cold Dry, White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I was so excited when I got this can in the mail. Oden’s extreme Cold, White Dry portion. Wow! Can it get better then this? I've always loved the buzz you get from Oden’s extreme regular portions even though I haven’t had it in a while since it’s mega-strong. Another reason is that I don’t really enjoy the regular drippy portions.

Fresh and Clean

So this is really exciting news people! Oden’s Extreme Cold in a dry white portion. Couldn’t wait to try it.
The portions looks really fresh and clean and they are really fully packed with snus. Some portions from other brands can feel really empty, like it’s just a bag with a little little amount of snus inside. This is the real deal! They are slightly on the edge of being too big for my small little mouth but it’s OK.

Portion 1:

Portion 1: When I first put the portion in I felt this huge burn under my lip. The burn that I’ve become so addicted to. I had the first portion in for like 5 minutes then I had to take it out. It felt like a powerful river running through my head and I got this great nicotine buzz I’ve actually never felt in that way before. When I described it to my husband he told me to spit it out so I wouldn’t become sick. This is strong stuff!

However now 2 minutes after I spit it out I really crave for a new one. I want this feeling again! I I have to wait a while before trying the next one otherwise I’ll get a nicotine overdose so big it will ruin my day I guess so I’ll be patient.

Portion 2:

Portion 2: I Had a late lunch and then I decided to hit it again. I put in my second portion and one minute after I noticed my fingers started shaking. My head feels all cloudy and my body feels really heavy now. Again I have to say, the burn is just wonderful and the mint flavor is kind of discreet and nice. When I lick the portion a bit with my tongue the flavor really comes out nice.  OMG this is STRONG! I get a great nicotine buzz from this snus.

Some portions later I can definitely say this is one of my favorite snuses. I want this can to last forever and ever and ever, but I’m almost out so I gotta order some more.

A Cool Design

The can is really nice. It has this cool hard-rock-viking feeling to it but at the same time it’s nice and clean. Goes well with my red nails :). I went to Rock Music school when I was 19, I would have loved to have this can then, but at that time I thought it was so cool to smoke those nasty cigarettes.

Definitely one of the best snuses I've tried. Be careful though, it is very strong.
Northerner has got this new Oden's product in their US warehouse now so guess it's being shipped all over the world. If you try it, let me know what you think! I just have to say it again: I love this snus!

Written By Josie


Goteborgs Prima Fint Review

Göteborgs Prima Fint Loose

Swedish Snus Review

Ahhhh Prima Fint!!!! I have forgotten about you! I am soo sorry!
We were best friends back in the day you and I. You in your pale blue tiffany looking box with a gold lid, but instead of containing diamonds, you exuded a black, exotic, mild, slightly salty/sweet tar, which wrapped around my mouth like a big warm blanket and rocked me into a sphere of esoteric subliminal heaven! Oh how I have missed you my dear friend and lover!

Around since 1919

I remember the day you and I met. I being new to the snus game, had explored the option of ordering a mixed bag of loose.  You being around since 1919, and no stranger to newbies, glistened at me from the bottom of the box; our eyes met and I immediately had to put you in my mouth.  Having no ice tool, I scooped up a piece of your raw ebony brilliance and hand baked you into a palatable and appropriately sized pris.  I was instantly taken aback by your awesomeness.  

Mild and Easy To Handle

Not only were you divinely tepid and mild, but you were also easy to handle.  Tasting you was like having the LORD putting forth his hand, and touching my mouth “And he said unto me, Behold, I have bestowed you with my tobaccowy goodness in thy gob! Enjoy my child”. I was truly blessed that day and felt everything in the world was alright again.
Although we were 62 years apart in age, it didn’t stop us from being together.  You were born in a turbulent time of WW1 ceasefire, volcanoes and economic uncertainty, but that didn’t stop me from loving you.  You came to me with your west coast Swedish good looks and smooth Sauvé taste and I was hooked.
Then something tragic happened. You became unavailable for a period of time and I had to find comfort in the arms of another dark stranger. A guy in a red jacket that is slightly saltier and more robust, the one they call Roda, but let’s not talk about him now.
Simple words cannot express my sorrow at loosing you, nor can they fully encapsulate my joy of finding you again.  For the sake of taking a walk down memory lane, let’s briefly discuss your awe inspiring qualities: VERY fine grained and easy to form, light on the salt and mild in flavor, 8mg of awe inspiring nicotine, strongly enticing tobacco aroma and a smooth intoxicating level of mouth comfort that not even clouds surrounding Mount Everest could replicate. I am so glad we are once again together!
With much sorrow in my heart (because I don’t want to share you), I must recommend you to everyone who partakes in oral tobacco.  For those who do not like you, I feel very sorry for them, for they have never experienced true happiness.

Written By Sarah S


Thunder Cool Mint, White Portion Review

Thunder Cool Mint White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

I have been waiting for thunder to come out with a new product for ions! Waiting, waiting patiently, not knowing what i was initially hoping for. V2 are a very innovative and ever changing company, and everything i have wanted so far, including mini strongs and long portions have come to fruition. so what's next for one of the largest discount snus makers? White portions of course!

Snus girl was soo excited about this, as she is a white portion kinda girl. Me? i like em dark, strong and straight on the gums for maximum tobacco absorption and burn.
Normally i would turn my nose up at anything white portion, but its thunder so i was a little curious and also excited.

A Classic V2 Can

You can tell its a V2 product just from the can. I read around the forums that these are bulk made in china cans that anyone can buy. This made me laugh, I really dont care what my snus is packaged in as long as the product itself is good and thunder never disappoints me! What is cool and different though is the label. A light blue and bubbly design that stands out from the rest of the usual product line.

The new white portions come in three varieties: Cool Mint, Wintergreen and Frosted.  It is said that cool mint and wintergreen are limited edition items and may or may not be continued on.  I hope they are, the more snus choices we have available the better.

Not a Frosted Kind Of Smell

The smell of cool mint is unlike frosted. It has more of a chewing gum spearmint flavor that you don't get with frosted. its stong, but not overpowering and the tobacco still comes through in a rich peppermint tone.
The good thing about white portions is that since the they are dryer, it lets the flavoring come through a lot stronger before the initial hit of the tobacco. So its kind of like chewing a piece of gum before snusing and that's exactly what cool mint tastes like, mint with a touch of sweetness. Another bonus of course is NO DRIP. You would think that that alone would be enough to convert me to all white portions but sadly it's not, i still prefer my regular! :)

Regular Portion Size

The portion size itself is regular.  I know a lot of people are going to want these in strong minis. That would make it perfect for work and other discreet situations, but since i work from home, im happy to have a fat snus lip.  The white material itself is slightly more irritating then regular portions, but that comes with the territory, as with everything there is a trade off.
The nicotine level is at 16 mg's which is the same as the regular thunder portion. You definitely feel the nic hit and are not wanting another portion for a good long while.

I am super excited about the new thunder product line. Its not enough to switch me from my usual frosted long +, but it offers something different and as i know i am not the only one in the snus manufacturers target market, i just know others will love it :)
Try it before its all gone!

Written By Sarah

The EU snus ban - Petition

So according to the German Parliament, they might discuss the EU snus ban since a member of the Parliament sent in a petition about the issue. The petition says it's not clear why chewing tobacco is allowed in Germany when Swedish Snus that is more protective to the gums is not. It also says Swedish medical studies shows that snuser has a significant lower risk of getting cancer than smokers and that it's crazy how the government can forbid a product with so much lower health risks than snus.

Hopefully the German Parliament will put this up for discussion now. Keep fighting for your right to snus guys!

For those of you who read German this is the link to the petition:

My translate might not be the best, so read for yourselves :)


Discreet Snus Review

Back again in Northern Los Angeles. Its warm and dry, my eyes are running, my Margarita is delicious, and i am once again dining in the company of Snus royalty, and this time, i met the KING! 
After Annoying him with talk of Northerner back in the day, the future of snus worldwide, poisonous animals and fun adventure vacation destinations, i get gifted with the greatest adornments of all. A huge bag of my beloved Roda lacket Los, yummy chocolates that put American and Australian candy productions to shame, a beautiful stainless steel snus tin that i will treasure for a lifetime and an assortment of samples for me to taste and review. Snus girl, knowing full well what my snus preferences are, hands me 3 small packets and immediately says, "Sarah if you dont want to do this, i will" haha, how could i refuse her pretty face!
So here i am, about to embark on another journey into the seedy underbelly of American "Snus".
I remember my last US Snus experience. It was 2009, so much talk was surrounding Rj Renolds, and as a former Camel Turkish Silver smoker, i just had to try the 'mellow' for myself. needless to say i had 3 portions, they tasted like crap, threw the rest in the trash and used the tin for a coin purse.
I am so hoping Discreet is going to be better. If its not i have nothing to show for it. no cool looking tin, just 3 empty plastic bags and a feeling of utter disgust and mouth violation. we shall see.
Discreet Snus, a brand from Virginia based American Smokeless Tobacco, has been around the traps for a few years now. Selling the business a while ago (and if the portions i have got are not already 2 years old) somebody has once again started production. It comes in 5 flavors: Full Flavor, Emerald Ice, Cool Mint, Strawberry and Peach. I have been given Emerald, Strawberry and full flavor so those are what i will review.
Im dragging my feet as you can see; i do not want to try this, and what i don't want to do i don't do, but my word i keep so here goes!
Upon opening the pouches the first thing you notice is the smell.  These people use so much flavoring they put V2 to shame! good lord! is this Snus or candy?? 
The portions are small and as dry as a nuns gusset.  They requite proper crushing with ones fingers before placing, otherwise you have a hard bullet in your mouth. 
I will break down the taste and flavor individuality as follows:

Strawberry portion: My favorite of them all. The smell of sweet berries with a slight medicinal undertone. Kinda like a Ricola, yummy and funky all in one. It reminds me of strawberry flavored salt water taffy, and being a food grade product, it would not surprise in the least me if they used the same flavorings meant for candy production. Very tasty and decedent with a slight hint of tobacco, a nice change.
Full Flavor portion: The smell; kinda like Camel mellow but not so mellow. A real hint of enhanced tobacco and pepper that is not present in the other two. My least favorite of the three though. If im going to have junk floor sweepings in a pouch, i want it to at least taste good. I like the flavor or REAL tobacco, not tobacco that has been enhanced with the taste of tobacco for the sake of trying to get something that should be present in the first place. It's a sweet smokey tobacco that people will either love or hate. put me in the hate basket please!
Emerald Ice portion: The smell of this is identical to Crest toothpaste. I dont know if its a good or bad thing but its true. Its unlike anything i have smelled in the Snus department. It has the slight tingle of super clean mint with a sweet aftertaste. By the smell i was expecting these to be laden with artificial sweeteners. Its there but no where near as bad as General Nordic mint or American marketed catch mint. This one wanders around the mouth a lot more then the rest, somewhat acts like a breath-mint..Bonus! not bad, not bad at all.

Mocca Mini Left Discreet Snus Right
Although Discreet will never make it in my line up of Snus, it does have some really good qualities that are worth mentioning. The pouches are very comfortable, packed to the brim and stay in place for a long ass time! I guess being dry has something to do with it as well, you will never get drip with these and they are smaller then all swedish snus pouches by at least a quarter (see picture) I guess they really do live up to the name Discreet.  Their highly flavored and scented and would appeal to American Dip users and women looking for a cigarette alternative (if it can get someone away from those products it has my respect!)
The nicotine level is decent at 7.4 mg's. I definitely did not need to put in two pouches, but that might be because i have just done three portions in a row. 
I do believe Discreet has a place in the Snus market. Live long, snus, prosper and come out with a tin already!


Gotländskt Julesnus ( Christmas Snus) Portion Review

Gotländskt Julesnus (Christmas snus) Portion
Swedish Snus review

I just love these seasonal snuses that comes out a few times a year. It's fun, and you always look forward and long for the next one. I got a can of Summer Snus shipped to me from Gotlandssnus last summer. I loved that snus! I've been longing for the next Summer Snus since then.

Anyway, this is all about the Julesnus (Christmas snus).

I started with opening the can and smelling the product as I always do, and OMG this actually gets me in Christmas mood! It's really hard for me to take in the Christmas Atmosphere here in LA. It gives me this unreal feeling when seeing the Christmas trees and decorations out on a hot sunny day. I'm used to it being snow everywhere during Christmas in Sweden. (I'm not complaining about the weather though! Love it here!)

The smell of this snus is absolutely wonderful! I definitely think it smells of cloves, cinnamon and other Christmas spices. What my nose says is not always right so I checked Northerners description "A taste of Christmas! Flavor of ginger bread, cinnamon and glu wein." I bet it is clove in there somewhere as well. I'm very sensitive about that flavor ever since my husband put cloves in our pepper mill believing it was pepper. Leaving me wondering why all our food tasted like cloves for a month before I figured it out.

I put a portion in and at first I was kind of disappointed. I thought it would have more of this wonderful Christmas flavor but it actually came through more and more as longer I kept it in. The tobacco flavor which I actually am not to found of also came through very nice in this snus. It suits very well with these spices. I thought it could have a little more sweetness to it as the Jakobsson's snus does, but on the other hand I tend to eat a lot of sweets during Christmas so this might even it out a little. I also think the saltiness would make it good together with a Christmas beer.
This snus is runny, so for those of you who likes tobacco juice this is a really good snus. The nicotine level is good and both me and my husband compared it to Jakobsson's strong, although it's only 9mg of nicotine. It feels stronger than that. Jimmy explained to me that it contains more moisture than their regular snus so that's why it might feel stronger.
This snus is a little bit to strong for me to use in the morning (most snuses are nowadays) however I found it to be a great evening snus.

The snus tin is very nice. It's the same clean white tin as for the Jakobsson's snus and it has the same neat compass details as the other cans. It has really nice Christmas decorations all over it and is definitely a nice can to have laying around to raise the Christmas atmosphere. 

Go get yourselves a can of authentic Gotländsk Julesnus, it's definitely worth the money.


Pure Nordic Classic Portion Review

As you might remember I got a box of Pure Nordic goodies shipped to me a while ago. Since I'm not a big fan of classic flavored snus I gave a can to Sarah when i arrived to LA. Here's her review of Pure Nordic Classic:

Pure Nordic Classic Portion
Swedish Snus Review

I am super excited about this snus! Never heard of Pure Nordic before? That’s ok, neither have I!
I enjoyed almost all of my tin before I decided some research was in order. They are a brand new innovative company from Aalborg Denmark (although some say they are a subsidiary of V2, with the same can design, flavors and processing), but I believe them when they say they are new :)
Their products are what intrigue me the most.  They have a whole line of portioned snus (licorice, icemint, classic and wintergreen) and come in classic and mini pouch sizes, 2 varieties of los (classic and strong), a nicotine free variety, and a new cost effective large resalable bag.
Now we all know that Nordic is not the first company to come up with the whole value model.  V2 also has the snusX bucket; A large economy package in which you can add different flavorings, to create your own individual snus.
The Nordic pouch bag is an economy product where one bag equals 10 normal cans.  The cost however is only about half of the normal recommended retail price.  The pouches only need to have regular water added and left to infuse overnight.  This is what the snus industry needs more of, as we all know how expensive our tobacco addictions can be.  I am yet to try the value bag, and as long as the quality of the portions is not compromised, then I am already a fan.
Pure Nordic is one of the most non-threatening snus’s on the market. Key facts I was thinking about while enjoying these portions was how well rounded and adapting Nordic is. It’s the perfect snus to keep in the fridge and literally have anywhere anytime. The portion material is soft and dry with no drip or irritation. I have had my portions in for an hour with no ill effect.

The taste is almost indescribable as Nordic possesses qualities of many popular snus brands.  It has a citrus note like General, a good quality tobacco taste like Pioneer and Jakobbsons, and a ripe smoothness like Oden’s and Gotlandsnus.  I’m not saying it’s the BEST quality available, but it certainly is a cut above some of the others on the market.
Since there is no published information on the strength of Nordic, I’m guessing from how soon I need another portion that it’s between 11-14mg’s.  Adequate enough to last a long time without the need for more nicotine and the warm peppery tobacco taste makes you feel satisfied without the overpowering hit that strong portions can provide.

Nordic is also the perfect gateway snus as it is mild and possesses the flavor characteristics of many snus’s, thus making it a good jumping off point into other realms of the snus market.
All in all I really enjoyed my sample of Pure Nordic, The taste is nice, the strength good, it’s comfortable and definitely fills a void in my life for a good all-rounder snus for any time of day and any occasion.  I cannot wait to try all their varieties, especially the Los. Yay im a fan!

This snus is available in some stores in Norway as well as on their online web shop.


Oden's Cold Portion Review

Oden's Cold Portion
Swedish Snus Review

I have been well impressed with oden’s lately.  Their Wintergreen, Lakrits Licorice, Extreme and original classic have all been high quality, tasty and satisfying.  Picture it; A beautiful day in northern Los Angeles.  The sun is shining bright, our alcoholic beverages are kicking in and our tummies are slowly filling with chicken and fish salad.   You can imagine my surprise when Snus girl handed me a bag of goodies filled with the most delicious Scandinavian milk chocolate, e-cigs, smoke gel and assorted tins of snus. What caught my attention first was this beautiful little gem! I saw it glistening at me through the dark depths of the bag, and I immediately snatched it up for a closer inspection!  Of course the labeling is pure genius. Bright silver on solid black which screams look at me, touch me, open me and try me! Self-control has never been one of my strong points, so who am I to argue!

The smell is that of pure spearmint. I can only liken it to sticking your face into a bunch o mint and sniffing in so hard that the leaves block your nostrils and you are punched down in a sea of Mentha.  It’s a lot more pure and distinguishable then thunder frosted and unlike General Nordic mint, it’s cleaner and more authentic in both smell and flavor.
OMG the burn my friends! By far the most painful and Sterk of all Snus! It makes you want to scream out in pleasure it’s so amazing! Thunder has nothing on this, and it lasts for a good 20 minutes without any subsiding. When the throbbing finally stops you are left wondering what you have been complaining about all this time.  You desperately switch sides to try and get the pain back again but it’s gone, and you are left wanting the effects of the tobacco to dwindle, so you can do another portion as soon as possible.
This one produced a bit of saliva for me and I found myself getting up to spit a few times. Im guessing it’s my body’s way of trying to dilute the perceived irritant.  Definitely not a snus I would want to do on the move. I wouldn’t want the cute guy in the car next to me thinking I was some redneck dipper; after all I still have all my teeth and perfect gum health!

I have found that Odens cold is best kept in the freezer and used in the privacy of your own home.  Having these portions stored as cold as possible allows for longer flavor and burn and a more constant distribution of the nicotine, of which is 9mg, but because of the burn, feels more like 16!

The pouch size is that for all Oden’s products, regular wide, soft material and medium filled.  I wish they came in long portions, I really feel that that is the way of the future in oral tobacco products.  Somebody said the other day they could see my portion protrude down over my teeth so, I would rather have a longer portion that is discrete then one that is visible.
Surprisingly the flavor of Cold is not as strong as the smell. I guess the burn kind of overshadows the mint, but there is a definite taste there, especially when pressed with the tongue.
I cannot wait to get my hands on more Oden’s Cold!  It’s a little too powerful as a breakfast snus, so I have cleared a space for it after dinner to freshen my mouth and enjoy a different textural and taste component that no other snus can provide. You have been warned, but enjoy ok!

Available both to US, Europe and other countries here  



I love checking my mailbox right now. Look what I got this week!

Christmas snus from Gotlandssnus. Can it get any better than this?
Reviews will be up shortly.


When does snus tastes its best?

Some fun info a grey thursday morning in LA:

Sifo did a survey among Swedish snusers at the request of a snus-company. One of the questions they asked was when snus tastes its best.

41 % said snus tastes its best after morning coffee
37% said after a meal

Read the whole article in Swedish here

I know I've said it before, my best snus during the day is definitely after my morning coffee. Nothing can compare to the first snus in the morning.

I also like the last snus in the evening before I go to bed. Knowing it's my last snus during the day makes me enjoy it more.

What do you think? Which is your favorite snus during the day?


Thunder White Portion Snus!

I got this in the mail from V2 tobacco some days ago. It's the Thunder white portions! Reviews will be up soon. I've been hoping for V2 to make Thunder white portions since I first started snusing and finally they are here! It's so hard to find white portions with strong nicotine content. My husband has been trying to steal these from me since he first saw them.
Note to self: I need to get a safe-deposit box for our apartment.


Göteborgs Rapé Lime Review

Göteborgs Rapé Lime portion
Swedish Snus review

This snus has the most refreshing limey-citrus flavor ever! It doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve tasted before so I would say it’s quite unique and I absolutely love it, it is so refreshing! It’s almost better than having a candy in my mouth, that’s how much I like it!

The taste lasts and is strong for quite a while, at least for as long as I’d want to have it in my mouth which can be up to 30 minutes sometimes so long lasting for sure! I am not a beer drinker myself but this would be the perfect tobacco to use while sipping on a Corona on a hot summer day.

If anyone from Swedish Match is reading this I have a question; Does the smell of these pouches come as a perfume? Cause I just might buy it, haha! No but seriously it smells fantastic, I probably shouldn’t admit this but I have caught myself walking to my purse just to open the can and smell the pouches on several occasions. I normally don’t go around sniffing things like that but I am just madly in love with these pouches and the way they smell. And taste.

I even love the way the can looks even though it’s just the standard Goteborgs Rape’ can with a splash of green on the bottom, swirling all the way around the can. The green and blue combo with the golden can is just perfect! The pouches are slightly larger than the standard white portions, but you know what? That is fantastic because this snus is so good I almost want to put two pouches in at once.

Apart from being slightly larger they are just as nice and soft as the other white portions from Swedish Match – kudos to them for finding the perfect pouch softness! As far as nicotine content is concerned it’s medium strong and about the same as the regular Goteborgs Rape’ which I think works perfectly with the larger pouches.

I am so happy I got to try this snus, it it seriously the best one ever. If it was a man I would marry it! Don’t tell my husband that though, haha! If you haven’t tried this one yet you need to go to immediately and get some, I promise you won’t be sorry!


Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion Review

Jakobsson's Mint, Strong Portion
Swedish Snus review

At first when I smelled this I was a bit hesitant, it reminded me of chewing gum or the dentist office – a very clean and STRONG minty scent. I honestly doubted that they would taste good and expected some sort of clinical, sterile dentist flashback to hit me and cause great mental trauma (I am not a fan of dentists). Then I grabbed one of the pouches and tried it and I was pleasantly surprised!

I have always been a fan of minty tobacco ever since I first tried Catch Eucalyptus (which is awesome too just so you know) and this one is almost just as good. I did not expect that considering how strong the scent was – and it doesn’t taste like a dentist office at all. This is a really nice mint flavored snus, I would recommend it to anyone that likes mint tobacco.

The pouches are standard size and softness but a lot more moist than what I am used to since I normally only go for the white portions so I did have to spit a few times, but honestly I didn’t mind at all because this snus is great. As you can tell from the name they are strong and that is no lie, I got a major nicotine buzz from these and they even burned the inside of my lip. I love that burning feeling!

This might be my new favorite morning snus, I always like getting a bit of a kick out of the first snus of the day since I went without nicotine all night (awful, I know) and that’s also why I don’t mind that they’re more moist than the stuff I am normally used to cause this is what I would use in the morning or in the evening before bedtime to load up on nicotine, and usually I am at home at those hours of the day so I can have a little spit cup nearby. Allthough you really don't have to spit when using Swedish Snus, it's completely safe to swallow the tobacco juice. I would probably not recommend this snus for shopping sprees though since it would make you too dizzy to be around people.. Well maybe not if you are used to stronger tobacco, but I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to tobacco strength haha.

The can is kind of nice, I love the white base of the can which is just like the Jakobsson Flader snus with fun details and a unique top lid but I think the blue looks a bit boring, or maybe the can just looks finnish. I bet everyone in Finland loves it haha, all jokes aside though it’s a clean looking can and the blue goes good with the mint flavor but I think a dash of green would have made it even better!

If you like mint snus and want more of a nicotine buzz from your tobacco then Jaksobssons Strong Mint is perfect and if you like Finland and the color blue too then this is the snus for you. I will definitely keep a few cans at home for my morning and evening nicotine buzz!


Pure Nordic Icemint, Strong Portion review

Pure Nordic Icemint, Strong Portion
Swedish Snus review
This snus has a great burning feeling and the smell is just lovely.  I have a bad habit of sticking my nose into this can and breathe in its wonderful aroma. It’s really Icy and fresh and reminds me of a Swedish chewing gum I used to buy when I was a child.

The flavor has a bit of saltiness to it that I really like and enjoy. It also has a little bit of this bitter aftertaste that I usually have a problem with, but it is actually pretty good combined with a glass of red wine. The flavor reminds me a lot of Thunder Frosted though it’s different in some way that I cannot really put my finger on. It has a fresh minty feeling and the saltiness comes through more and more the longer you keep it in. It burns my throat a little so I guess that is due to the high nicotine content.

I must say the nicotine level of this one is a little bit too strong for me. I used to love these high nicotine snus brands but my lifestyle has change a bit since I become a mom. I guess I cannot describe myself as a “nicotine junkie” anymore. When the nicotine is too strong for me I get this feeling of something being stuck in my throat. That’s why I couldn’t keep the first portion in for more than a couple of minutes. The second one was better. Maybe because it was in the evening and I built up my nicotine tolerance a bit more during the day.

This is not a white portion snus which I usually prefer, but the portions are not that runny and that makes me a little bit more comfortable with it. I have seen on Pure Nordic’s website that they have a new product called Icemint White Strong Portion and I think that would be a perfect snus for me, but for those of you who like the regular portions this is a great snus!

I just love the logo and label of the Pure Nordic snus cans. It’s truly traditional and the colors are really neat. The whole design makes it feel expensive.
Icemint is a suitable name for this flavor. It really gives an icing feeling. The saltiness makes it go great with either a glass of wine of a beer. Forget the peanuts and olives, have a Pure Nordic Icemint instead!

Congratulations Norway, You got a really good snus available here!


Phantom / Rothbrix brown loose review

Phantom / Rothbrix brown loose 
Swedish snus review

I knew this snus looked familiar to me but I have never heard of Rothbrix. Turns out its good old Phantom re-packaged for the American market. I have never tried Phantom, with so many other *cough! Better* Snus on the market I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Phantom by V2 is based on a recipe from the late 1700’s (although I doubt they had Propylene Glycol back then), and is a medium grain snus with a lustrous black appearance. The can is that of all V2 products, solid black, bare-bones, basic and functional.
The first thing you notice when you crack the can is the smell. My goodness it’s really stinky! It’s like sticking your nose in pure ammonia. I figured this can’t be right, I must have been given a rancid batch by mistake, but I went online and nope, that’s how it’s meant to be. I am kind of in disbelief, going by this odor I don’t

know how it could appeal to anyone. After reading a few forum posts I discovered that if you leave the can in the fridge overnight with the lid off that the ammonia will dissipate and the snus will mellow out to a more pleasing tobacco aroma. For me this didn’t work and my tin was still really stinky the next day.

Now came the time to try it and this is something I was really dreading. I molded a pris and held my breath. Every inhalation stung my nostrils and I was truly worried about what was to come. To my surprise it wasn’t that bad. The mouth aroma has a totally different feel to the nose and it mellows out into a tolerable level where you can taste the salt and earthy tobacco without the overpowering ammonia.

The grind of tobacco is perfect. It’s the same grain as thunder los, and stays in position and lasts a long time. Rothbrix, like thunder is moist and when packed into the icetool a film of juice will collect around the sides of the aluminum. I love a moist snus as it does not draw so much moisture out of my gums and is very comfortable and non-irritating.

The nicotine level is at 8mg and is adequate; it certainly didn’t leave me wanting for more. Everything about this snus is pleasing but the smell. I can’t spit used portions of Rothbrix in the trashcan. Maybe I am oversensitive to ammonia but I can smell it all the way in the living room. I ended up having to flush used pris’s down the toilet or wrap them in a tissue and immediately throw it in the bins outside. Most of the time I keep a paper towel next to me on the couch and put my used goodies in there and throw it out at the end of the night. I especially like it when it’s jakobssons melon; I love the smell of it, but not with Roxbrix.

My final verdict is that Rothbrix is a good snus but the smell has totally ruined it for me. I do not recommend this for new snusers or those sensitive to strong odors, but don’t take my word as the gospel, apparently its very popular with a few snus enthusiasts who actually like it more then Swedish Match products. Yeesh! Not me!
You have been warned, snus at your risk:)


General Long, Strong Portion Review

General Long, Strong portion
Swedish Snus review

I have never seen these new general portions before and I was very happy to receive it.  It is so nice to see that General has diversified their product range and spruced up their packaging and appeal. For the longest time I have hated General with a passion, but in the last year my opinions have changed. I now crave the salty citrus taste and order it regularly, usually in loose form.  I enjoyed these so much so that I only had 2 portions left before I remembered that I had to write a review!
The packaging is really cool! A shiny round plastic tin with a gold embossed general logo and sleek grey wrapping.  The used portion compartment is large and encompasses the whole top of the can with an easy to open slit to put your finger.  It is also relatively easy to open and not only is it 100% functional but stylish too.
Now the smell of general is something that I have NEVER liked. Even to this day if I smell a portion or a pris of it before it goes into my mouth I am instantly revolted. I don’t know what it is but I find it totally unappealing… I think the citrus/bergamot notes are just far too strong and overpowering.

The taste is a totally different beast. I actually crave General now if I have not had it for a while.  It’s a lot tamer in flavor then it is in scent and when I feel brave and want to encapture more taste, I send my tongue on a recovery mission for more of that acidic bergamot.  The one thing that general has that most other snus’s don’t (my opinion of course) is the perfect balance of salt and flavor.  One does not over-power the other and they both provide a symbiotic taste experience far superior to most. It is no wonder that general is the most supplied, consumed and recognized snus worldwide.

This new portion shape has me sold! It’s a long portion! Yay! I was waiting to see how long it would take Swedish Match to bring out a long portion.  This is my personal favorite shape and I still don’t understand why the longs aren’t the original snus design.  First brought out in the Lab 01 and 02 series, long portions just make sense. Our mouths are not square or rectangular and a longer portions= greater surface area= maximum gum contact and nicotine absorption…..Winner!
General long strong portion are a little different from other long portions on the market.  They are shorter then thunder long+ but contain the same about of snus (about a gram), and contain 15mg of nicotine. Adequate for a strong portion but definitely unusual, I have never seen a 15mg portion before in any brand except Granit Sterk white portion.  14mg is said to be the lower benchmark of a strong portion so this is definitely on the lighter side as far as other brands go.
General Long Strong portion would be a perfect starting snus for those who want to stray over to the dark side and try stronger portions.  The portion material is soft and not too dry, they are long lasting (had a portion in for over 1 hour with no drip or discomfort), and the taste is great.
I have been looking for a long portion snus to do at night before bed and I have found it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Catch Licorice, White Portions Review

Catch Licorice, White Portions
Swedish Snus review

The flavor of these pouches is a smooth, non-abrasive licorice flavor. It definitely tastes like licorice but not so much that it feels like you’re chewing on some licorice candy – which is good cause I am not into licorice candy at all. Compared to the Oden’s Licorice portions this one is a lot more gentle – and feels a bit more ‘high class’.

If you are a licorice lover then this just might be the perfect snus! As someone who’s not into licorice I can still use it (just that alone is a good sign) but probably wouldn’t buy 10 cans of it. It definitely smells like licorice when you open the can but it is, just like the flavor of the pouches, a very smooth kind of smell. I would almost want to call it a more natural licorice scent rather than a faked, chemical kind of scent.. All you licorice lovers out there would love it!

The pouches are just like most other brands of white portions, nice clean and very soft, I’d say they’re comparable to for example Ettan White Portion pouches both in look and texture.
The nicotine content is medium strong, just that perfect amount you’d want when watching a good movie, doing household chores or reading a book – just enough to give you a nice buzz but not so much that you start feeling like you’ve smoked 5 cigarettes in a row and star getting dizzy!  There’s not much of a burn with these pouches, it’s moist in a white portion sort of way – meaning you won’t have to peel off your skin when you take it out but it also won’t make you spit every two seconds so.. pretty much perfect! The size of the pouches are good too, not too big and not too small.

The can is white (which I like) with a strange purple background and silver details. It looks really clean but I think it’s on the verge of being boring and I am not liking the purple color at all to be honest. Every time I see the can my brain gets tricked into thinking it’s a black currant sort of snus instead of a licorice one, and as a girl/woman I honestly want more fun details on the can! My husband on the other hand pointed out that he likes the look of the can so maybe it’s a unisex sort of design, who knows :D

I think as far as licorice snus is concerned this is the best one you can find (at least the best one I have ever tried!). I personally wouldn’t buy this since I don’t like licorice, but if I came across someone who likes licorice I would absolutely recommend it in a heartbeat!

For licorice lovers or who ever want's to try it, it's available here


Thuner Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion Review

Thunder Frosted, Extra Strong Mini Portion 
Swedish snus review
Oh my goshhh! These are the smallest, cutest little portions I have ever seen! I imagine these are what fairies use to get their nicotine high.
As you all know I am a huge fan of the thunder frosted line. Its been the first thing I wake up to and the last thing I use before bed for the last 3 years and despite the ferocious nicotine level, it actually has a calming effect on me.
I didn’t know they actually had a portion this small. I thought thunder long+ was the smallest they had, but no, along comes mini me!
The thing I was most curious about was the nicotine level. Would it be as strong as the others in the frosted line? Turns out its 8mg’s, the thunder long + is 12mg and the thunder regular is 16mgs, (and then of course you have that RAW beast at a whapping 21mgs, but let’s not talk about that). A pretty decent nic hit and a clear graduation of strength between the sizes gives people an option in their individual nicotine needs…very impressive.

The flavor is the same as the other thunder frosted varieties, clean strong mint with a high drip factor and a tobacco aftertaste.  I know these qualities aren’t actually sought out by snus connoisseurs, but all together it works out really well.
Now as I mentioned before, the portion size is super small, and could present itself as a choking hazard to me during certain activities. For example I would not be taking these out on the town, especially if I intend to get drunk, I can just imagine myself swallowing them, urgh!
They would however be PERFECT for work, or any other place where discretion is the key.  To all of those who work in a tobacco free environment, fear not, your Snus is here, no one will ever know, you secret is safe with me, for now ;)

As usual you can get it here!