snus from a female point of view

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A cute little gift =)

Like most girls I love getting gifts, so this made me very happy. When I walked into the office the first day after returning from the states I found this on my desk. A cute little bag in canvas, a iphone shell and 2 adorable cans of snus.
I can't even remember how long I've been going on and on about wanting some "girlie" snus cans, and here they are! Catch limited edition cans! It's a pitty I can't try the snus at the moment.
I have tried these flavours before though, it's just that the design of the cans is new. I really like the eucalyptus flavour. It's really fresh and it's white portions which I prefer.

Christmas gift for your girlfriends who wants to quit smoking maybe?? These cute cans really made my day- I love it! It's limited edition cans, so I hope they'll still be around when I get to use snus again :)

Well, better go get some rest now. Snus Kid is growing heavy!

EU snus ban

There was a really good article about the EU snus ban in the Swedish newspaper Expressen recently. I thought I'd write about it here since I know most of my blog-readers don't speak Swedish. However the authour of the article himself, Christopher Snowdon, has now translated it into English!
If you haven't read this article already, click on the link below.

 If you'd rather see the article in Swedish you can read it here.


Nicotine free snus

So like I said earlier, giving up snus was actually easier than I first thought. In my case, I knew I had no choice since I'm pregnant and do not want to use any nicotine products at all during this time. Nicotine affects the baby and can lead to low birth weight and premature birth. I quit using snus right away, the day I found out I was pregnant. I tried some Nicotine free snus, like Onico and Choice and that actually helped me alot the first couple of weeks. Even though there is no tobacco or nicotine it helps since you still have the same feeling of having a snuspouch under your lip. The Onico Peppermint also gives you a nice burning feeling.

Onico peppermint soon became my favorite in the "nicotine free" snus djungle. I was very interested in trying the Onico+ White Portion but since that contains ginseng which is also not good to use during pregnancy, I could not.

When I met my friend Rebecka heard that I gave up snus for Onico she immediately warned me. There has been a lot of writings about Onico causing toothloss in Swedish newspapers some years ago. This was due to Onico containing corn extracts, which practically can be compared to walking around with a pouch of sugar under your lip.
However this is not the case anymore since Onico these days are made from cocoa and oat fibers. So you don't  need to worry about loosing your teeth when using Onico!