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Snus war steps up!

Sitting here in New York and reding the Swedish Newspapers on my computer. Suddenly I read something that I just have to share. Swedish Match has sued V2 tobacco for 1,5 Million Swedish kronor which is about 230 000  USD. And this is the funny/weird part. The reason this big company is suing V2 is that their snus cans are to similiar to Swedish Match snus cans.
V2 states that the reason for Swedish Match suing them is that they want to monopolize the Swedish Market and get rid of their competion.

I really like Swedish Match products and I love V2 products, but to me this snus can design war seems to be a little bit silly. A little competition is good and makes your results better!

What do you think about this snus war?
5 comments on "Snus war steps up!"
  1. I wondered if something like this was going to happen when I saw the new Thunder Raw because it does resemble Swedish Match Beyond Zero. This sucks cause I realy like both companies and their products.

  2. Anonymous18.10.11

    Lol whats next them suing because your white portions are similar in color to ours !

  3. Are you kidding?
    This is interesting.

  4. That's crazy. Most V2 products don't even have a catch lid except Thunder afaik. Swedish Match needs to let it be. There are tons of other companies using the same friggin design!

  5. Anonymous16.11.11

    Så du är svensk alltså? :)