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Al Capone Snus

I'm gonna tell you about my favorite snus that is finally for sale online on Earlier you could just find this snus in some stores in Sweden as well as some tax free shops.
This is my all day snus and I just love everything about it.

Al Capone Mint Snus
First of all, the can is very cool. It is black and almost square unlike most cans that are round or oval. The label says "Al Capone ...... No Comment". Not so girlie, but very cool. When I put this can on the table in a bar or restaurant in Sweden it gets very much attention and everyone want's to know what it is. Since I'm a girl who loves to share my snus experiences I love this!

The can contains 20 portions of 6mg purified mint snus. The thing I love the most about purified snus is that it feels more fresh. Purified snus means that it is cleansed from most TSNA's that you can find in tobacco. This cleaning process is very speciall and I don't yet understand how they do it.
The second thing that makes me favor this snus is that the nic hit comes much faster than with regular snus. They also use more free nicotine which makes it stronger than regular snus.
I usually don't get nicotine rushs from 8mg regular or white portion snus, but the purified 6mg snus always gives me the perfect Nicotine rush.

The flavour is wonderful. It's minty but does not taste as much as other minty snus that I've tried. The taste is very refreshing.
Since it is a purified white mini portion it's dry and not runny. This part also makes the snus feel so fresh and clean.
It comes in thin mini pouches that is perfectly hidden under the lip. Very discreet. I love mini portions and most people I meet can never even guess that I use snus. The problems I've had with most mini portions though is that they don't deliver enough nicotine as the regular portions which makes the Al Capone snus so perfect for me.

If you use regular moist snus it takes a while to get used to this purified snus, but after trying it sometimes you can never go back. This is what I've heard from some snus users who switched to purified instead of regular snus.

I always share this snus with my girl friends and it's always very popular. My friend R who's been a snuser for many many years really likes this Al Capone snus. Usually she uses granit.
I'm going to spend the weekend in her apartment at the westcoast of Sweden and I'm bringing her some extreme snus to try this time. She is really amazing and often tries Thunder without feeling a thing. So I'm very excited to see what she thinks about the Odens Extreme.

Have a great weekend everyone!
6 comments on "Al Capone Snus"
  1. Tony P.8.7.11

    Too bad it's not available for sale in the US. I'm a fan of the Al Capone brand of cigars, and would really like to try their snus.

  2. Snus Girl...I have to agree with Tony P. I have tried the purified snus, but live in the states, New York to be exact. Northerner is not offering the Al Capone snus for sale in the USA....Really hoping this changes, since Al Capone products are sold in many store here. Really want to try this as I enjoy mint snus. Thanks for your blog Snus girl!

  3. Anonymous5.2.13

    Dry, small, expensive, smells old and doesn't taste anything. threw them away.

  4. Anonymous30.4.13

    Any idea why Al Capone is not available in the USA?

    1. Anonymous20.10.13

      They will show up in the USA, but not this year. The production of Al Capone is to small to open up on a 2 market. But during 2014 there will be a change of that.

  5. Anonymous10.6.14

    TillCe NClub Mint is now available to the U.S. and 9mg to boot.