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Yey! I tried the Extreme!

Back at the office after having a lovely week in Stockholm with my family and friends.
Midsummer turned out to be great! Sunny weather, good food, beer and wine, dancing, swimming and a lot of wonderful snus!

I said I was scared trying the Odens Extreme snus but after a some glasses of wine I thought it was time to put this scary pouch under my lip.
I was so surprised, because I did not feel anything. Very good taste of course but no nic hit at all. I thought this was really strange. Then I tried it the next day again,(without having the wine). OMG! That hit me hard! I had to throw it out after a while cause I got so dizzy. This is really extreme stuff! I just can't wait to show this to all my snus using friends!

The taste is really something special and it smells great. I don't have anything more to say about this snus... I'm stunned.
Still not exchanging my purified portions but this is a good party snus!

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2 comments on "Yey! I tried the Extreme!"
  1. It is the best snus ever. That's no lie.

  2. I like chad's comment. haha