snus from a female point of view

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Yey! I tried the Extreme!

Back at the office after having a lovely week in Stockholm with my family and friends.
Midsummer turned out to be great! Sunny weather, good food, beer and wine, dancing, swimming and a lot of wonderful snus!

I said I was scared trying the Odens Extreme snus but after a some glasses of wine I thought it was time to put this scary pouch under my lip.
I was so surprised, because I did not feel anything. Very good taste of course but no nic hit at all. I thought this was really strange. Then I tried it the next day again,(without having the wine). OMG! That hit me hard! I had to throw it out after a while cause I got so dizzy. This is really extreme stuff! I just can't wait to show this to all my snus using friends!

The taste is really something special and it smells great. I don't have anything more to say about this snus... I'm stunned.
Still not exchanging my purified portions but this is a good party snus!

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Trying out some new snus

A lot of people have been recommending me to try different kinds of snus lately. Thank you all for your suggestions. I just got this snus today. (Thank you, Northerner)

Well I'm not gonna jump right into trying the exteme portion. I'm actually a bit scared of that one, so I though I'd start of with trying the Odens 69 white portion first.
As you know, if you've been here before, I prefer white portions instead of regular portions. I think it just feels more fresh and healthy. However the Jakobsson's Fläder and Odens Extreme is regular portions. I like the other flavours from Jakobsson's like Mint and Wintergreen and now I got a tip from Chad saying I had to try the Fläder. I also like Thunder a lot which is regular portions too.

I'm going to Stockholm tomorrow to spend midsummer there. We are going to have a big midsummer party friday and I guess the Odens Extreme will be quite popular after having some snaps :)


dissolvable tobacco

Anybody else tried this? Yet another smokeless tobacco product. Very interesting. Made me all dizzy and weird. Tastes kind of good too. If I didn't like snusing so much I think I could see myself using this instead of smoking.
I read somewhere that it's 1,5mg of nicotine per piece but it sure felt like much more. Have to do some researching on this one. Think it is a good substitute when you are trying to quit smoking. Northerner sells this online and maybe other webshops too, I'm not sure. I've never seen it in Sweden. Wonder if they will start selling this in stores soon? I tried both the wintergreen flavour and the cinnamon so far. The wintergreen was really good. I'm not that big of a fan when it comes to cinnamon, I thought that was a little strong in taste but I guess if you like cinnamon you will love it.


Melissa Horn

One more good thing from Sweden,
Melissa Horn, I love her!

Doesn't she make Swedish sound beautiful?