snus from a female point of view


How come.....?

How come I always gain so much weight after a visit to the US?? Stupid question really and I know the answer. THE BURGERS ARE SOOO GOOD.... My bikini should be glad we don't have that good burgers in Sweden or otherwise I would have to buy myself a new one really soon.
It's decided now, F and I are really moving to the US in August. Guess I'll just need to work out everyday then. Too bad, cause I hate going to the gym.

Have you seen the new mini snus cans from Swedish Match? They are so cute! Perfect to fit into my party purse at night. It's amazing how they've managed to fit the same amount of snus pouches in these small cans!

Will put up a picture of it later since F kind of stole my mini can... Maybe this weekend when I'm using my party purse =)
Have a good day everyone!
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  1. Look forward to you guys coming to the US!