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Catch Eucalyptus

I just got this and I'm very excited to try it. Gonna wait til' this evening after work though, it is in my apartment waiting for me. I've been wanting to try this for a long time since I really like Catch pure mint and Offroad Eucalyptus.
I'll let you know how it goes....

Good things from Sweden

There are a lot of good things that comes from Sweden, the best according to me is of course Snus.
This is some of the other things Sweden are known for.

Alfred Nobel 1833-1896 invented the Dynamite.

Key wrench

The key wrench was originally invented by an englishman but later developed into a more user-friendly key wrench. This wrench model is often known as the Swedish Key Wrench and used all over the world. It was developed by a Swedish man named Johan Petter Johansson

The self-adjusting ball-bearings was invented by Sven Wingquist in year 1907.

Coca Cola bottle
The famous Coca Cola bottle was invented by an Swedish-American named Alex Samuelson and was introduced on the market year 1916.
Carl Gunnar Engström invented the Respirator in year 1950.

Pippi Longstocking

Children's books, films and television series written by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.
Pippi is a girl with red hair worn in 2 braids that sticks out from her head. She is known for her superhuman strengh and for speaking with her monkey and having a spotted horse.


picture from PiaSjolinDesign

Midsummer is a Swedish tradition almost as big as christmas. Stores are closed and people celebrate by eating among other things, herring and drinking Snaps. The Swedes also get crazy and dance around something called a maypole which is dressed in flowers.

Absolut Vodka
The Third largest brand of alcoholic spirits. I've had cats named Smirnoff and Baileys and my kittens are named Bacardi and Mintu, maybe the next one will be Absolut?

Furniture store, my favorite!


Abba is a famous popgroup but also a brand of herring.

Volvo & Saab

Ingmar Bergman
Swedish director, producer and writer

Swedish Candy
This is how you shop for candy in Sweden.

Stig Larsson

Picture from

Wrote the millenium series: "Girl with the dragon tattoo", "The girl who played with fire", "The girl who kicked the hornets' nest"

There is a lot of more good stuff from Sweden of course, but this is some of the first things I thought of.

Loving Thunder Coola snus!

Back to Sweden again on the same boat as yesterday. A little bored until the internet finally started working here.
Had a very interesting meeting in Silkeborg yesterday. Visiting the V2 factory and meeting with P and M. They invited us for a lovely dinner last night, including great food, wine and Thunder Coola. I really really like that one. The only thing I wish is that they made it in white portions since I'm not a big fan of the original portions and offroad is starting to be a little bit to weak to satisfy my nicotine cravings. Kind of scary since that made me dizzy in the beginning. Guess I'm just getting more and more addicted to nicotine, huh?
Doesn't matter to me. Still so much better than smoking cigarettes.

I don't have these really bad cigarette cravings that often anymore. Mostly when I'm really stressed out... Chad however gave me the tip to use an E-cigarette when I have an really strong urge to smoke. I haven't really figured out how I feel about E-cigs yet. First came in contact with them at the Nato Show in Vegas. Feels kind of funny and it is really fun to see how people react when you use them in a restaurant or bar in Sweden. It is still very uncommon to smoke E-cigs in Sweden so people start starring at you like you are some kind of freak and the guards will for sure try to kick you out of the place.
We met a very cool guy at the nato show and he came with us for dinner (the lovely dinner Larry wrote about in his blog). I really like his E-cigs and they are made in the US. Heard it was in the news that some E-cigs made in China had lead in them. Feels like a safer alternative to go with the US-made ones. He also promised he would make them for me in pink. :)

Out of Catch

God morning,
Time in Sweden is almost 10am and I'm sitting on a boat on my way to Denmark for an interesting meeting. Found out that I was out of Catch snus yesterday. I got so uppset! When I have my catch cravings I really need catch! Think F kind of regreted steeling snus from my cans :)
However I better buy my self some catch on this boat since portion snus is illegal in Denmark. Find that kind of funny. Don't really get why loose snus is OK but not portion snus. Otherwise Denmark is one of my favorite countries. It is so beautiful everywhere.

Now, I'm gonna go find my catch snus.

How come.....?

How come I always gain so much weight after a visit to the US?? Stupid question really and I know the answer. THE BURGERS ARE SOOO GOOD.... My bikini should be glad we don't have that good burgers in Sweden or otherwise I would have to buy myself a new one really soon.
It's decided now, F and I are really moving to the US in August. Guess I'll just need to work out everyday then. Too bad, cause I hate going to the gym.

Have you seen the new mini snus cans from Swedish Match? They are so cute! Perfect to fit into my party purse at night. It's amazing how they've managed to fit the same amount of snus pouches in these small cans!

Will put up a picture of it later since F kind of stole my mini can... Maybe this weekend when I'm using my party purse =)
Have a good day everyone!

Why plant flowers when there are trees??

The sun has been shining all day! Well, not for us really since we woke up at 2 pm. Still suffering from a major jetlag...
Anyway I told F I wanted to plant some flowers out on the balcony. We live in the middle of the city so I think it would be nice to have some little flowers! However F thought that was unnecessary. He said that if I just stick my head out over the balcony railing i could see some trees over there... Isn't that just so typical for a man to say?? :)
Now I'm just gonna crawl into bed and cuddle a bit with my adorable kittens!
Have a good night everyone!

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Loonic 100%

This morning I tried the Loonic 100% portion for the first time. I actually thought it was gonna be a white portion, which it was not. As you guys probably now I prefer the white portion snus. The new loonic 100% snus consists of 50% tobacco and 50% tea! Nicotine amount is 8mg/portion. I still haven't tried a snus with real tobacco taste. Only tried the flavoured Jakobsson's and Thunder. However I think this one really tastes of tobacco. At least I think that's how it's supposed to taste like, but again I don't know cause I've never really tried an non-flavoured snus before. Also tastes like tea of course, and I like tea so there's really nothing wrong with this snus. containing 50% tea also makes it feel like a little bit healthier snus. Anyone else tried this yet?

If I ever feel like quit using snus I've heard there is a loonic 4 step program that in the end makes you totally free of nicotine and tobacco. However I don't intend to quit. Just don't see the point, and I like snus to much :)

Leopard in LA

Finally home! Had a lovely trip with a lot of work included. Actually we had booked a flight back home from Cancun on April 30 but then F decided to go to a meeting in LA instead so I got to spend a couple of days there. I had this glamorous vision of Hollywood in my head and was chocked when I got there. Not at all what I had pictured. It was very dirty and weird... However Beverly Hills was really nice! F and I had a drink at the hotel where they filmed Pretty Woman. My favorite movie ever :)
Did some shopping in Santa Monica and found this at Forever21. I love leopard!
Anyway it is really nice to be home. I missed the kittens a lot!