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Stockholm, Snus and Vegas

Hi Guys!
Sorry for bad updating during the weekend. Spent the last couple of days in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrating my good friend Camilla's 25:th birthday. Did a whole lot of shopping too! Introduced the Thunder Frosted Mini to all of the smoking girls at her birthday party. Snus is more commonly used by Swedish women though. Everyone knows what snus is in Sweden.

Sad to see not many people joined my contest. Only got a comment from Anna saying that if she wins she wants the snus which i prefer. Right now that is the purified Wintergreen and Thunder frosted mini of course. Guess that can change before I have 100 "likes" on facebook. Have 22 right now :)

If you are a snuser or just curious about snus please join the contest.
Winning free snus is not a bad thing imo :)
Got a lot of traveling ahead of me now... Just a couple of days left to Vegas and I'm quite nervous. How much snus do I need to bring for 3 weeks?? =)

1 comment on "Stockholm, Snus and Vegas"
  1. 3 weeks = 21 days = 21 tins.

    I'm sure you're saying: I use less than 1 tin per day.

    Well, anything could happen, and you don't want to get stuck in some third-world country like the USA without extra snus.