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My nicotine hero

Heading for Cuba soon.. maybe not a good idea to smoke cigars over there. Afraid it will get me back to that nasty smoking habit. Maybe I should just stick to my snus. I Tried thunder frosted ES original portion yesterday. Must admit it made me a little dizzy. Can't believe my friend Nicki takes two thunder frosted portions at the same time! I mean how much nicotine is that? She is my hero!


Amy trying snus

This is sweetest Amy trying snus for the first time in Vegas. I first gave her a purified wintergreen but she thougt it burned booth in her lip and in her througt. Later she tried the discreet strawberry portion. Think she liked that one better. She even wanted to try the peach portion after this. However, as soon as I get home I'm sending her some girly snus to give to her smoking friends!


Thunder coola

Tried thunder coola yesterday. Great snus! F is impressed by Me using strong snus! I must say my favorite is still the purified snus. Tried licorice lemon just now after breakfast and i love the taste of that one. Now F and me are heading for the beach. Really hot here and I definitely don't complaine. Have a wonderful day everyone!


Lovely Vegas...

Had the best days ever in vegas! Met alot of new interesting People and got my friend amy to try snus three times! Having a hard time updateing my blog with my HTC phone. Can't believe i'v Had it for almost three weeks now and it still takes me forever to write! This just took me 15 minutes. F's calling Me out to the pool now so gotta go. Have a Good evening guys!


Arrived at last....

Finally here! Feels good to be back in the US..
Sitting in my room at the hotel too tired to go out to dinner today. Thinking about ordering some room service, but I don't know... Maybe too tired to eat too :)
Long flight, and of course F forgot some stuff on the plane so we had to wait for hours for them to find them! Funny when I reminded him about those things just the minute before we went of the plane :)
Anyway... Think I'm gonna have myself a Thunder snus and check out the TV. Have a good evening people!

Offroad Coola

Offroad white portion coola
Don't really know what to say about this snus. I like it! The smell is very strong like with most Offroad snus. It takes my mind to some kind of cola candy. Definitely not like coke or pepsi. The taste is not that strong and you can really just hint the cola taste. There is some kind of spice that I can not really put my finger on. Think it could be cardamon. After a while you can feel a little bitterness, imo that bitterness comes with all the V2 snus and I'm starting to like it. I just think the taste of Cola could be a little stronger. Like with the other Offroad snus I wish the taste and smell was a little more balanced. Don't like the material of the pouches. They taste a bit like paper and kind of takes over the cola taste after a while. Imo white portions should look like the catch white portions do. These Offroad pouches are a little brown. Don't know if that is because it has more moisture to it than the catch portion does?

Here you can se the difference between a catch pure mint and an offroad white coola portion.

Conclusion: Offroad Coola is overall a good snus with a wonderful smell and good taste. It would definitely be one of my favorites if the pouch was more discreet but still had the same level of nicotine.

Mini skirt from Asos

Love this new mini skirt from Eleven Paris:

Skirt from Asos


What would I do without my morning snus?

The first snus in the morning is my favorite one... I love sitting and waiting for this snus that I know will make me feel so good. When I have my morning snus I feel really calm and warm and cozy sitting here with my big cardigan. It is always very cold at the office in the morning and this warms me up. It is even better than the first cig in the morning was. Never thought I'd say that but it is true!

My friend Anna came over for dinner last night. Had her try the Catch pure mint and she loved it! Hopefully she'll give up her smoking too!

Smokefree days: Tomorrow it's 3 weeks! (feel like forever)

No more snus in the EU, but Makla??

Hope you don't get tired of me talking about the EU snus ban. Just received this newsletter:

On the March 22nd the Swedish Custom stormed one of our competitor office and closed down the website. The two Swedish owners; one women, mother of two six year old twins and one retired man undergoing treatment for skin cancer is now facing prison for up to six years for selling Snus from Sweden to another EU country. 

Take a look at the two products below, can you see the difference? The first one is "Snus" which is illegal in EU and the other "Makla" is legal.
Don't you think it's strange the way EU handle tobacco products? Snus is 98% safer than smoking and five times less harmful than Makla.   

Make a difference today! help yourself and the two persons avoiding prison for a product that should be legal in the EU by contacting your EU commissioner and/or the EU Health Minister, John Dalli

I'm contacting them immediately...

City Girl

This is almost what my outfit looks like today. A little inspiration.
Klick on the image to get it larger.

Shopping places: Bag from Zara , Top from H&M, Earrings & Bracelets from Accessorize , Blazer & Sunglasses from Topshop, Jeans from Citizens of Humanity at Net-a-porter, Shoes from Forever21

My new shoes

From my HTC

Stockholm, Snus and Vegas

Hi Guys!
Sorry for bad updating during the weekend. Spent the last couple of days in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrating my good friend Camilla's 25:th birthday. Did a whole lot of shopping too! Introduced the Thunder Frosted Mini to all of the smoking girls at her birthday party. Snus is more commonly used by Swedish women though. Everyone knows what snus is in Sweden.

Sad to see not many people joined my contest. Only got a comment from Anna saying that if she wins she wants the snus which i prefer. Right now that is the purified Wintergreen and Thunder frosted mini of course. Guess that can change before I have 100 "likes" on facebook. Have 22 right now :)

If you are a snuser or just curious about snus please join the contest.
Winning free snus is not a bad thing imo :)
Got a lot of traveling ahead of me now... Just a couple of days left to Vegas and I'm quite nervous. How much snus do I need to bring for 3 weeks?? =)