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Win Snus!

Hi Guys!
Some really exciting stuff is going on here. You will notice it on this page in maybe a week our two =)
My whole life is changing because of snus!

As you can see to the right, you can also find me on Facebook. Thought I'd have a little competition so here it is:

When Snus Girl has 100 "likes" on Facebook I will give away a whole roll of "girly" snus to one of these lucky girls (or boys).  :)
This is the rolls you can choose from:

  • Catch pure mint white medium
  • Northerner wintergreen
  • Offroad white mini licorice
  • General smooth medium
  • Offroad white eucalyptus
  • Thunder Frosted ES Mini
All you have to do is "like" Snus Girl on facebook. So tell all your girl friends about this and write which snus you would like to have if you win in a comment below. Good Luck!

Snus Girl On Facebook 

2 comments on "Win Snus!"
  1. Wow thats very generous of you. Now hopefully more women will try snus :)

  2. I want the snus you like the most!! ;)