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Thank god for snus....

Good morning,
Had some tough couple of days lately.... All work related. This is difficult times for many companies and some colleagues of mine and me have to quit our jobs. Really feel like having a smoke right now but I think I'm just gonna try some strong snus instead. Got a tip on facebook from one of my readers that I should try the Thunder frosted ES mini portions. Got some delivered to me yesterday so I think I'm gonna try that one.

However other good things is going on in my life right now. Some weeks ago I really didn't think my life would change this much so quickly just because of snus. Since this is a product that I've come to love, I am so glad to be able to share my stories with you.

Did some reading on Swedish Match's (you know, the company that makes Catch)website about snus and health benefits compared to smoking. There are so many women smoking around the world but apparently in Sweden, where more men has replaced their cigarette habit with snus, they have the lowest tobacco related mortality. Think that says alot.

Like always when I feel a little blue, I need to do some shopping! That is the best medicine in the world! Crazy that buying things can get you in such better mood! I know... something is really wrong with me :) F is not very happy about me being addicted to shopping.

Talk to you later, and if you feel like trying some snus, please join my contest below.
Love, Snus Girl

Smokefree days: 14
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