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Snusing girls is sexy?

Feels like ages ago I quit smoking although its only been 2 weeks (tomorrow). I am really proud to call myself a snuser now. Still gets this lovely nicotine buzz in the morning that makes me feel like I'm in heaven.

I'm working on a reveiw of some new snus I received yesterday. It is Offroad white portion Licorice. This is not a mini portion as I usally use so I'm hiding in the office while trying this one :)
However I read on snuson that guys think it's sexy with girls having a large snus portion under their lip.

Anyone have a comment on that?
3 comments on "Snusing girls is sexy?"
  1. Anonymous5.5.11

    come on swedish match! if you seiously want an online girly snusser persona to seel your products, you'll have to search harder! The guys writing this blog obviously isn't even doing his homework!

  2. Oh, you seem like a real snus expert! :) Too bad your anonymous... otherwise I would very much like to meet you so you can teach me a little more about snus! I wish I worked for Swedish Match though.... guess that would mean I got some money out from writing this blog.. Thank you for your comment, have a nice day!