snus from a female point of view


Snus saved me!

In my mouth right now: Offroad Licorice White portion.

This snus only gets better and better everytime I try it.
Proud to say I'm on my 15:th day being smokefree! I still think the smoke smells extremely good. When I went off the buss today two girls walking in front of me were smoking.... God, that smelled good! Tried to walk as close to them as possible to try and sniff that smoke in... Creepy me. :)
Don't think I'll ever go back to smoking. I know I wouldn't feel this confident without my snus, I've been here before. Right now snus makes my life so much easier.

My dream is to someday make the ultimate girl-snus. Discreet white portions that contains as much nicotine as a regular portion. Good looking can. Perfectly balanced flavour. Maybe someday I will be able to do that.

This is how I feel, Snus was my helping hand.

Picure found at this website Isn't it a great picture?
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