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Smokefree days: 7!

This is gonna be a great day! The sun is shining outside and I'm having my morning snus! Guess thats why I'm in such a good mood. I passed by a group of smoking people on my way to work..........God that smells good! Yesterday evening was really tough. Me and F went to a restaurant with some friends, having some dinner and some good wine. I was just sitting very nervous waiting for the moment I new would come. The moment where all the girls were gonna head outside for a smoke. I knew that if I went with them I would pretty much be screwed...

However I tried to remember all the bad things about smoking that made me want to quit in the first place. Everything from how bad my breath was, that I couldn't walk the stairs to my apartment on the 4:th floor without having a rest in the middle to people close to me passing away because of cancer caused by smoking. I started telling the girls about the difference I've already noticed in my health since quitting smoking and all the benefits I'm getting from using snus. One of the girls actually stayed with me at the table while the others went out smoking. She asked me if she could try a snus so I gave her a Mocca mint mini portion(didn't want her to feel all dizzy like I did the first time I tried stronger snus) and she liked it! It ended up with me giving her the whole can of Mocca mint to bring home with her and now she is gonna try to quit smoking aswell! I'm gonna call her later today to see how it's going. :)

Funny picture I found on a site about snus and health.

I'm gonna try some new snus later today. It is called Offroad Eucalyptus. So check in with me later for a review!

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Smokefree days: 7!!
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