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How to use Swedish Snus

Have breakfast before taking your morning snus! Good idea...
Yesterday I had my first snus in the morning without eating anything first. Got really dizzy! Quite funny feeling actually... but maybe not early in the morning :) Had a coffee with a friend of mine yesterday. She also quit smoking with snus and has been smokefree for many years now. She didn't like the purified Wintergreen that I use. She prefers a more salty snus like Catch dry eucalyptus. I like my snus a little bit sweetened.
Oooh.... now the dizzines hit me again... :) guess it is always a little bit stronger in the morning. The GOOD thing is that this takes away my urge to run down to 7-eleven and by a pack of cigarettes. After having this snus I can not smoke. I would definitly faint or throw up if I did.
The weekend was kind of tough. Having a glass of wine is for me strongly linked to having a smoke. I made it through though!
I found that having a glass of wine with a snus is acutally a really good flavour combination.

Thought I would show you how to use Snus. I now many people confuse snus with the smokeless tobacco product moist snuff which you place under your lower lip. I actually did to. However I've learned it is not the same thing. First of all you don't have to spit while using the Swedish snus. That's a good thing I think. Not very sexy to walk around spitting all the time, right? Secondly the Swedish snus is much healthier. I would never use the moist snuff.

This is how you use Swedish snus:

You put the snus portion under your upper lip and leave it there for between 15 minutes up to an hour. At first I couldn't keep the snus in for that long because of the dizzines but now I can leave it in for an hour.

The best thing is that these thin pouches doesn't show under my lip.

Smokefree days: 5
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