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Good Morning!

Really starting to love this first snus in the morning ritual. A cup of coffee and a snus, what a perfect match! Can not believe I never heard about snus until now. Why use cigarettes that are really bad for you when there this wonderful product snus that tastes good and makes you feel good!

Yesterday while F was doing the dishes (yes, F's doing the dishes in our house) and I threw my used snus in the trash he said with a very surprised look on his face: "Whaaaat??! Did you have a snus in?? I didn't even notice that when I kissed you" Ha ha..... Pretty cool.

This is what I think of F when he's doing the dishes!

I'm very happy today. A blogger, Snubie who I follow and admire alot just mentioned me in his blog! He also mentioned a site called Northerner offering free shipping! That's great. Thinking about ordering some new snus from them. Could be fun to try some new stuff? Could anyone recommend something?

Smokefree days: 6! (if i make it through today it is a whole week!)
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  1. Snus Girl - My sister is also a snuser, she seems to enjoy the Fellinni snus from V2 Tobacco (particularly the mint which has a smooth taste of chocolate and mint). An FYI - these are now rebranded as Offroad White Mini - but still, same great taste. She's also been a big fan of the Mocca Pomegranate and Mocca Mint from F&L. I would urge you to try those if you haven't yet! Also, keep an eye on Swedish Match's Catch Collection. Currently they have a great Mint/Vanilla flavor out (also in mini portion) which is wonderful!