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The first day of my new life!

Hi Guys, Welcome to my blog!

Most people start writing blogs while entering a new stage in their life. Well, I'm there. If my life was a video game this is when i reach the next level. This is my first page of a whole new lifestyle.
The thing is,  I decided to give up a very bad habit. I have tried this before but faild like so many others. This time though.... I'm quite sure I will succeed!

Like many of you probably guessed already, I'm gonna quit smoking.

There are a lot of reasons for me wanting to quit smoking. First of all people around me always complains about how bad it smells. How bad I smell! Guess I don't even feel that anymore. I think the smoke smells pretty good.
Secondly, how many of you doesn't have relatives who passed away because of smoking? Well, I do. Maybe not that strange... Heard that half of all smokers die from their habit. Is it worth it? I want to live a long life. I want to have kids, see them grow up, and i definitly don't want them to watch their mother die in cancer, COPD or something like that... I mean, search google pics for mouth cancer or lungcancer. I don't want that!

However, like I said, I tried quitting before. The nicotine gums does not work for me!
Now my boyfriend and friends told me about Snus. Thought that was for men. Looks disgusting when they have this moist brown thing in their mouth. My boyfriend showed me this white small pouches that smelled of mint! I thought, why not give it a try.

So I set a date (today) to quit smoking and ordered som Swedish snus on the internet. I'm gonna try my first one now!

Anyway, except from my struggle to quit smoking (which I have to do now that I've written it down for everyone to see) I will write about my life. I'm very into fashion, cooking and travelling.

Wish me good luck ( I think I'm gonna need it)


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