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Finally Friday!

Hi guys,
Finally it's Friday! Had a lovely day today. First at work and then lunch with my wonderful mother who I've missed so much. We had a ceasar-salad at a lovely restaurant in the city. She was very happy I quit smoking and seemed to be quite interested in Snus. She asked a lot of questions which I could easily answer to after all the researching I've been doing on the internet. Most questions about snus and health of course.

Picked up a nice pair of shoes on my way back. Thought they were so cute! Really want it to be summer now! Guess I can wear them in Mexico... Only two weeks and I'm there!
Also had to buy some shampoo and conditioner. My hair is a mess! Bought Paul Mitchells Extra body shampoo and rinse. The woman in the store of course made me buy a hairspray too! Lanza Healing volume Final Effects. Have very high expectations on that hairspray! Got 20 % discount on the entire purchase and that made me kinda happy!

However... Have been using the wintergreen snus today, but a guy at facebook, Snubie, recommended me to try some Thunder frosted mini portion. Think I'm gonna order that next!

My day so far in a picture

Have a good weekend everyone!

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