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Different portions

Having my first morning Snus. If I make it through today I've been smokefree for 6 days... Had a little breakdown when I realized I counted the days wrong. At first i thought this would be my 7:th day.. It is not. It's been 7 days since I first tried snus though. Ooooh... Now this lovely nicotine buzz is kicking in. Love this Purified Wintergreen snus. It gives an more instant kick than other snus.

F told me yesterday that he is glad I'm using snus while quitting smoking. F said that he likes my temper better now than the other times i tried quitting smoking with nicotinegum. I guess I was kinda angry those times :) Took out all my anger on him of course ;) But i'm being a nice girl these days (thanks to snus).

Thought I'd show you the difference in the portion sizes. Just click on the image view it in a larger format.

From the left: Mocca white mini portion, Northerner wintergreen portion, Göteborgs Rapé White original portion, Skruf original portion, Catch pure mint long portion, Lab series 01 long portion.
 As you can see on the picture they are quite different regarding size. My favorite is the Northerner portion since it is much thinner than the other portions (as you can see on the second picture). That is the portion that fits the best in my mouth since my mouth isn't that big and my lips are quite small. Feels very discreet and I don't want it to stick out or show under my lip. I also like the white portions better and feel that they are much more fresh than the original portions. But hey, everyone's got different taste and I now that the original portion is very popular.

From the left: Mocca white mini portion, Northerner Wintergreen portion, Mocca pure mint long portion.
 As you can see the Northerner Wintergreen portion in the middle is very thin. However it still contains more nicotine than the Mocca portion to the left.
Which one is your favorite portion?

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