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A cute little gift =)

Like most girls I love getting gifts, so this made me very happy. When I walked into the office the first day after returning from the states I found this on my desk. A cute little bag in canvas, a iphone shell and 2 adorable cans of snus.
I can't even remember how long I've been going on and on about wanting some "girlie" snus cans, and here they are! Catch limited edition cans! It's a pitty I can't try the snus at the moment.
I have tried these flavours before though, it's just that the design of the cans is new. I really like the eucalyptus flavour. It's really fresh and it's white portions which I prefer.

Christmas gift for your girlfriends who wants to quit smoking maybe?? These cute cans really made my day- I love it! It's limited edition cans, so I hope they'll still be around when I get to use snus again :)

Well, better go get some rest now. Snus Kid is growing heavy!

EU snus ban

There was a really good article about the EU snus ban in the Swedish newspaper Expressen recently. I thought I'd write about it here since I know most of my blog-readers don't speak Swedish. However the authour of the article himself, Christopher Snowdon, has now translated it into English!
If you haven't read this article already, click on the link below.

 If you'd rather see the article in Swedish you can read it here.


Nicotine free snus

So like I said earlier, giving up snus was actually easier than I first thought. In my case, I knew I had no choice since I'm pregnant and do not want to use any nicotine products at all during this time. Nicotine affects the baby and can lead to low birth weight and premature birth. I quit using snus right away, the day I found out I was pregnant. I tried some Nicotine free snus, like Onico and Choice and that actually helped me alot the first couple of weeks. Even though there is no tobacco or nicotine it helps since you still have the same feeling of having a snuspouch under your lip. The Onico Peppermint also gives you a nice burning feeling.

Onico peppermint soon became my favorite in the "nicotine free" snus djungle. I was very interested in trying the Onico+ White Portion but since that contains ginseng which is also not good to use during pregnancy, I could not.

When I met my friend Rebecka heard that I gave up snus for Onico she immediately warned me. There has been a lot of writings about Onico causing toothloss in Swedish newspapers some years ago. This was due to Onico containing corn extracts, which practically can be compared to walking around with a pouch of sugar under your lip.
However this is not the case anymore since Onico these days are made from cocoa and oat fibers. So you don't  need to worry about loosing your teeth when using Onico!


Introducing Snus Kid

Hi Guys! Sorry for not being around lately, but I have kind of a good reason for that. Me and F are gonna have a little baby boy in the beginning of march. I have kind of been in a coma the last 2 months, laying in bed with at terrible headache, a cold towel and a bucket beside the bed feeling really sorry for myself. I always thought this would be the best and happiest time of my life, but I was wrong. I also had to quit snus, which I really did not want to do, but guess what. It will all be worth it :)
Giving up snus was actually not as difficult as I had imagined it. It was much easier than quitting smoking. I do miss my snus a lot though and especially since I live together with a snuser and work with snus all day long. I definitely think I will go back to using snus after this pregnancy, don't want to live without it.

Now that i'm finally starting to feel better after all this pregnancy -illness me and F went to the US for work. We've been here for 3 weeks now and have 2 weeks left. So this will be my first American halloween and I'm pretty excited. Halloween is so much bigger here than it is in Sweden. Have nothing planned though. Any ideas?

I got this shirt to wear at the Nacs show in Chicago. Isn't it great? Just to clearify, I would never ever use any nicotine products during pregnancy!

Snus war steps up!

Sitting here in New York and reding the Swedish Newspapers on my computer. Suddenly I read something that I just have to share. Swedish Match has sued V2 tobacco for 1,5 Million Swedish kronor which is about 230 000  USD. And this is the funny/weird part. The reason this big company is suing V2 is that their snus cans are to similiar to Swedish Match snus cans.
V2 states that the reason for Swedish Match suing them is that they want to monopolize the Swedish Market and get rid of their competion.

I really like Swedish Match products and I love V2 products, but to me this snus can design war seems to be a little bit silly. A little competition is good and makes your results better!

What do you think about this snus war?

Snus News! Odens Extreme Cinnamon....

I'm sitting here acting just like a child on christmas morning.... In front of me I have a can of Odens Extreme, cinnamon (59). Like I wrote in my Ariva-post I'm not that big of a fan when it comes to cinnamon flavoured things. However this smells devine. The reason I'm acting all neurotic here is that I promised my dear friend R I would not try this til she's here to try it with me. Which will be, hopefully tomorrow. A girls night, maybe some tea (or wine?) on the balcony, and Odens Extreme, can it get any better? Review will be up soon.....

Odens Extreme Cinnamon

Finiti Lifestyle Kit

Last weekend i was at a lovely wedding in a barn out on the country side of Sweden. Everything was so beautiful and the food and wine was amazing!
I brougt one Finiti Lifestyle kit for the bride, she usually just smokes when there is a party but she told me before that she would love to have an E-cig since she thinks it's so cool.

I'd only tried the Freedom smokeless E-cigs before and think they are amazing with it's green glowing light. Made me (or the E-cig) very popular on the dance floor. However this Finiti had a white glowing light instead which was just perfect at a wedding! I think everyone (80-90 people) ended up trying this late at night. In sweden there are still only non-nicotine e-cigs sold in the stores. I remember how much I missed smoking in bars and restuarants when it was banned. Well, E-cigs are just the perfect thing then!

Al Capone Snus

I'm gonna tell you about my favorite snus that is finally for sale online on Earlier you could just find this snus in some stores in Sweden as well as some tax free shops.
This is my all day snus and I just love everything about it.

Al Capone Mint Snus
First of all, the can is very cool. It is black and almost square unlike most cans that are round or oval. The label says "Al Capone ...... No Comment". Not so girlie, but very cool. When I put this can on the table in a bar or restaurant in Sweden it gets very much attention and everyone want's to know what it is. Since I'm a girl who loves to share my snus experiences I love this!

The can contains 20 portions of 6mg purified mint snus. The thing I love the most about purified snus is that it feels more fresh. Purified snus means that it is cleansed from most TSNA's that you can find in tobacco. This cleaning process is very speciall and I don't yet understand how they do it.
The second thing that makes me favor this snus is that the nic hit comes much faster than with regular snus. They also use more free nicotine which makes it stronger than regular snus.
I usually don't get nicotine rushs from 8mg regular or white portion snus, but the purified 6mg snus always gives me the perfect Nicotine rush.

The flavour is wonderful. It's minty but does not taste as much as other minty snus that I've tried. The taste is very refreshing.
Since it is a purified white mini portion it's dry and not runny. This part also makes the snus feel so fresh and clean.
It comes in thin mini pouches that is perfectly hidden under the lip. Very discreet. I love mini portions and most people I meet can never even guess that I use snus. The problems I've had with most mini portions though is that they don't deliver enough nicotine as the regular portions which makes the Al Capone snus so perfect for me.

If you use regular moist snus it takes a while to get used to this purified snus, but after trying it sometimes you can never go back. This is what I've heard from some snus users who switched to purified instead of regular snus.

I always share this snus with my girl friends and it's always very popular. My friend R who's been a snuser for many many years really likes this Al Capone snus. Usually she uses granit.
I'm going to spend the weekend in her apartment at the westcoast of Sweden and I'm bringing her some extreme snus to try this time. She is really amazing and often tries Thunder without feeling a thing. So I'm very excited to see what she thinks about the Odens Extreme.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Yey! I tried the Extreme!

Back at the office after having a lovely week in Stockholm with my family and friends.
Midsummer turned out to be great! Sunny weather, good food, beer and wine, dancing, swimming and a lot of wonderful snus!

I said I was scared trying the Odens Extreme snus but after a some glasses of wine I thought it was time to put this scary pouch under my lip.
I was so surprised, because I did not feel anything. Very good taste of course but no nic hit at all. I thought this was really strange. Then I tried it the next day again,(without having the wine). OMG! That hit me hard! I had to throw it out after a while cause I got so dizzy. This is really extreme stuff! I just can't wait to show this to all my snus using friends!

The taste is really something special and it smells great. I don't have anything more to say about this snus... I'm stunned.
Still not exchanging my purified portions but this is a good party snus!

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Trying out some new snus

A lot of people have been recommending me to try different kinds of snus lately. Thank you all for your suggestions. I just got this snus today. (Thank you, Northerner)

Well I'm not gonna jump right into trying the exteme portion. I'm actually a bit scared of that one, so I though I'd start of with trying the Odens 69 white portion first.
As you know, if you've been here before, I prefer white portions instead of regular portions. I think it just feels more fresh and healthy. However the Jakobsson's Fläder and Odens Extreme is regular portions. I like the other flavours from Jakobsson's like Mint and Wintergreen and now I got a tip from Chad saying I had to try the Fläder. I also like Thunder a lot which is regular portions too.

I'm going to Stockholm tomorrow to spend midsummer there. We are going to have a big midsummer party friday and I guess the Odens Extreme will be quite popular after having some snaps :)


dissolvable tobacco

Anybody else tried this? Yet another smokeless tobacco product. Very interesting. Made me all dizzy and weird. Tastes kind of good too. If I didn't like snusing so much I think I could see myself using this instead of smoking.
I read somewhere that it's 1,5mg of nicotine per piece but it sure felt like much more. Have to do some researching on this one. Think it is a good substitute when you are trying to quit smoking. Northerner sells this online and maybe other webshops too, I'm not sure. I've never seen it in Sweden. Wonder if they will start selling this in stores soon? I tried both the wintergreen flavour and the cinnamon so far. The wintergreen was really good. I'm not that big of a fan when it comes to cinnamon, I thought that was a little strong in taste but I guess if you like cinnamon you will love it.


Melissa Horn

One more good thing from Sweden,
Melissa Horn, I love her!

Doesn't she make Swedish sound beautiful?

Catch Eucalyptus

I just got this and I'm very excited to try it. Gonna wait til' this evening after work though, it is in my apartment waiting for me. I've been wanting to try this for a long time since I really like Catch pure mint and Offroad Eucalyptus.
I'll let you know how it goes....

Good things from Sweden

There are a lot of good things that comes from Sweden, the best according to me is of course Snus.
This is some of the other things Sweden are known for.

Alfred Nobel 1833-1896 invented the Dynamite.

Key wrench

The key wrench was originally invented by an englishman but later developed into a more user-friendly key wrench. This wrench model is often known as the Swedish Key Wrench and used all over the world. It was developed by a Swedish man named Johan Petter Johansson

The self-adjusting ball-bearings was invented by Sven Wingquist in year 1907.

Coca Cola bottle
The famous Coca Cola bottle was invented by an Swedish-American named Alex Samuelson and was introduced on the market year 1916.
Carl Gunnar Engström invented the Respirator in year 1950.

Pippi Longstocking

Children's books, films and television series written by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.
Pippi is a girl with red hair worn in 2 braids that sticks out from her head. She is known for her superhuman strengh and for speaking with her monkey and having a spotted horse.


picture from PiaSjolinDesign

Midsummer is a Swedish tradition almost as big as christmas. Stores are closed and people celebrate by eating among other things, herring and drinking Snaps. The Swedes also get crazy and dance around something called a maypole which is dressed in flowers.

Absolut Vodka
The Third largest brand of alcoholic spirits. I've had cats named Smirnoff and Baileys and my kittens are named Bacardi and Mintu, maybe the next one will be Absolut?

Furniture store, my favorite!


Abba is a famous popgroup but also a brand of herring.

Volvo & Saab

Ingmar Bergman
Swedish director, producer and writer

Swedish Candy
This is how you shop for candy in Sweden.

Stig Larsson

Picture from

Wrote the millenium series: "Girl with the dragon tattoo", "The girl who played with fire", "The girl who kicked the hornets' nest"

There is a lot of more good stuff from Sweden of course, but this is some of the first things I thought of.

Loving Thunder Coola snus!

Back to Sweden again on the same boat as yesterday. A little bored until the internet finally started working here.
Had a very interesting meeting in Silkeborg yesterday. Visiting the V2 factory and meeting with P and M. They invited us for a lovely dinner last night, including great food, wine and Thunder Coola. I really really like that one. The only thing I wish is that they made it in white portions since I'm not a big fan of the original portions and offroad is starting to be a little bit to weak to satisfy my nicotine cravings. Kind of scary since that made me dizzy in the beginning. Guess I'm just getting more and more addicted to nicotine, huh?
Doesn't matter to me. Still so much better than smoking cigarettes.

I don't have these really bad cigarette cravings that often anymore. Mostly when I'm really stressed out... Chad however gave me the tip to use an E-cigarette when I have an really strong urge to smoke. I haven't really figured out how I feel about E-cigs yet. First came in contact with them at the Nato Show in Vegas. Feels kind of funny and it is really fun to see how people react when you use them in a restaurant or bar in Sweden. It is still very uncommon to smoke E-cigs in Sweden so people start starring at you like you are some kind of freak and the guards will for sure try to kick you out of the place.
We met a very cool guy at the nato show and he came with us for dinner (the lovely dinner Larry wrote about in his blog). I really like his E-cigs and they are made in the US. Heard it was in the news that some E-cigs made in China had lead in them. Feels like a safer alternative to go with the US-made ones. He also promised he would make them for me in pink. :)

Out of Catch

God morning,
Time in Sweden is almost 10am and I'm sitting on a boat on my way to Denmark for an interesting meeting. Found out that I was out of Catch snus yesterday. I got so uppset! When I have my catch cravings I really need catch! Think F kind of regreted steeling snus from my cans :)
However I better buy my self some catch on this boat since portion snus is illegal in Denmark. Find that kind of funny. Don't really get why loose snus is OK but not portion snus. Otherwise Denmark is one of my favorite countries. It is so beautiful everywhere.

Now, I'm gonna go find my catch snus.

How come.....?

How come I always gain so much weight after a visit to the US?? Stupid question really and I know the answer. THE BURGERS ARE SOOO GOOD.... My bikini should be glad we don't have that good burgers in Sweden or otherwise I would have to buy myself a new one really soon.
It's decided now, F and I are really moving to the US in August. Guess I'll just need to work out everyday then. Too bad, cause I hate going to the gym.

Have you seen the new mini snus cans from Swedish Match? They are so cute! Perfect to fit into my party purse at night. It's amazing how they've managed to fit the same amount of snus pouches in these small cans!

Will put up a picture of it later since F kind of stole my mini can... Maybe this weekend when I'm using my party purse =)
Have a good day everyone!

Why plant flowers when there are trees??

The sun has been shining all day! Well, not for us really since we woke up at 2 pm. Still suffering from a major jetlag...
Anyway I told F I wanted to plant some flowers out on the balcony. We live in the middle of the city so I think it would be nice to have some little flowers! However F thought that was unnecessary. He said that if I just stick my head out over the balcony railing i could see some trees over there... Isn't that just so typical for a man to say?? :)
Now I'm just gonna crawl into bed and cuddle a bit with my adorable kittens!
Have a good night everyone!

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Loonic 100%

This morning I tried the Loonic 100% portion for the first time. I actually thought it was gonna be a white portion, which it was not. As you guys probably now I prefer the white portion snus. The new loonic 100% snus consists of 50% tobacco and 50% tea! Nicotine amount is 8mg/portion. I still haven't tried a snus with real tobacco taste. Only tried the flavoured Jakobsson's and Thunder. However I think this one really tastes of tobacco. At least I think that's how it's supposed to taste like, but again I don't know cause I've never really tried an non-flavoured snus before. Also tastes like tea of course, and I like tea so there's really nothing wrong with this snus. containing 50% tea also makes it feel like a little bit healthier snus. Anyone else tried this yet?

If I ever feel like quit using snus I've heard there is a loonic 4 step program that in the end makes you totally free of nicotine and tobacco. However I don't intend to quit. Just don't see the point, and I like snus to much :)

Leopard in LA

Finally home! Had a lovely trip with a lot of work included. Actually we had booked a flight back home from Cancun on April 30 but then F decided to go to a meeting in LA instead so I got to spend a couple of days there. I had this glamorous vision of Hollywood in my head and was chocked when I got there. Not at all what I had pictured. It was very dirty and weird... However Beverly Hills was really nice! F and I had a drink at the hotel where they filmed Pretty Woman. My favorite movie ever :)
Did some shopping in Santa Monica and found this at Forever21. I love leopard!
Anyway it is really nice to be home. I missed the kittens a lot!

My nicotine hero

Heading for Cuba soon.. maybe not a good idea to smoke cigars over there. Afraid it will get me back to that nasty smoking habit. Maybe I should just stick to my snus. I Tried thunder frosted ES original portion yesterday. Must admit it made me a little dizzy. Can't believe my friend Nicki takes two thunder frosted portions at the same time! I mean how much nicotine is that? She is my hero!


Amy trying snus

This is sweetest Amy trying snus for the first time in Vegas. I first gave her a purified wintergreen but she thougt it burned booth in her lip and in her througt. Later she tried the discreet strawberry portion. Think she liked that one better. She even wanted to try the peach portion after this. However, as soon as I get home I'm sending her some girly snus to give to her smoking friends!


Thunder coola

Tried thunder coola yesterday. Great snus! F is impressed by Me using strong snus! I must say my favorite is still the purified snus. Tried licorice lemon just now after breakfast and i love the taste of that one. Now F and me are heading for the beach. Really hot here and I definitely don't complaine. Have a wonderful day everyone!


Lovely Vegas...

Had the best days ever in vegas! Met alot of new interesting People and got my friend amy to try snus three times! Having a hard time updateing my blog with my HTC phone. Can't believe i'v Had it for almost three weeks now and it still takes me forever to write! This just took me 15 minutes. F's calling Me out to the pool now so gotta go. Have a Good evening guys!


Arrived at last....

Finally here! Feels good to be back in the US..
Sitting in my room at the hotel too tired to go out to dinner today. Thinking about ordering some room service, but I don't know... Maybe too tired to eat too :)
Long flight, and of course F forgot some stuff on the plane so we had to wait for hours for them to find them! Funny when I reminded him about those things just the minute before we went of the plane :)
Anyway... Think I'm gonna have myself a Thunder snus and check out the TV. Have a good evening people!

Offroad Coola

Offroad white portion coola
Don't really know what to say about this snus. I like it! The smell is very strong like with most Offroad snus. It takes my mind to some kind of cola candy. Definitely not like coke or pepsi. The taste is not that strong and you can really just hint the cola taste. There is some kind of spice that I can not really put my finger on. Think it could be cardamon. After a while you can feel a little bitterness, imo that bitterness comes with all the V2 snus and I'm starting to like it. I just think the taste of Cola could be a little stronger. Like with the other Offroad snus I wish the taste and smell was a little more balanced. Don't like the material of the pouches. They taste a bit like paper and kind of takes over the cola taste after a while. Imo white portions should look like the catch white portions do. These Offroad pouches are a little brown. Don't know if that is because it has more moisture to it than the catch portion does?

Here you can se the difference between a catch pure mint and an offroad white coola portion.

Conclusion: Offroad Coola is overall a good snus with a wonderful smell and good taste. It would definitely be one of my favorites if the pouch was more discreet but still had the same level of nicotine.

Mini skirt from Asos

Love this new mini skirt from Eleven Paris:

Skirt from Asos


What would I do without my morning snus?

The first snus in the morning is my favorite one... I love sitting and waiting for this snus that I know will make me feel so good. When I have my morning snus I feel really calm and warm and cozy sitting here with my big cardigan. It is always very cold at the office in the morning and this warms me up. It is even better than the first cig in the morning was. Never thought I'd say that but it is true!

My friend Anna came over for dinner last night. Had her try the Catch pure mint and she loved it! Hopefully she'll give up her smoking too!

Smokefree days: Tomorrow it's 3 weeks! (feel like forever)

No more snus in the EU, but Makla??

Hope you don't get tired of me talking about the EU snus ban. Just received this newsletter:

On the March 22nd the Swedish Custom stormed one of our competitor office and closed down the website. The two Swedish owners; one women, mother of two six year old twins and one retired man undergoing treatment for skin cancer is now facing prison for up to six years for selling Snus from Sweden to another EU country. 

Take a look at the two products below, can you see the difference? The first one is "Snus" which is illegal in EU and the other "Makla" is legal.
Don't you think it's strange the way EU handle tobacco products? Snus is 98% safer than smoking and five times less harmful than Makla.   

Make a difference today! help yourself and the two persons avoiding prison for a product that should be legal in the EU by contacting your EU commissioner and/or the EU Health Minister, John Dalli

I'm contacting them immediately...

City Girl

This is almost what my outfit looks like today. A little inspiration.
Klick on the image to get it larger.

Shopping places: Bag from Zara , Top from H&M, Earrings & Bracelets from Accessorize , Blazer & Sunglasses from Topshop, Jeans from Citizens of Humanity at Net-a-porter, Shoes from Forever21

My new shoes

From my HTC

Stockholm, Snus and Vegas

Hi Guys!
Sorry for bad updating during the weekend. Spent the last couple of days in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrating my good friend Camilla's 25:th birthday. Did a whole lot of shopping too! Introduced the Thunder Frosted Mini to all of the smoking girls at her birthday party. Snus is more commonly used by Swedish women though. Everyone knows what snus is in Sweden.

Sad to see not many people joined my contest. Only got a comment from Anna saying that if she wins she wants the snus which i prefer. Right now that is the purified Wintergreen and Thunder frosted mini of course. Guess that can change before I have 100 "likes" on facebook. Have 22 right now :)

If you are a snuser or just curious about snus please join the contest.
Winning free snus is not a bad thing imo :)
Got a lot of traveling ahead of me now... Just a couple of days left to Vegas and I'm quite nervous. How much snus do I need to bring for 3 weeks?? =)


Snus saved me!

In my mouth right now: Offroad Licorice White portion.

This snus only gets better and better everytime I try it.
Proud to say I'm on my 15:th day being smokefree! I still think the smoke smells extremely good. When I went off the buss today two girls walking in front of me were smoking.... God, that smelled good! Tried to walk as close to them as possible to try and sniff that smoke in... Creepy me. :)
Don't think I'll ever go back to smoking. I know I wouldn't feel this confident without my snus, I've been here before. Right now snus makes my life so much easier.

My dream is to someday make the ultimate girl-snus. Discreet white portions that contains as much nicotine as a regular portion. Good looking can. Perfectly balanced flavour. Maybe someday I will be able to do that.

This is how I feel, Snus was my helping hand.

Picure found at this website Isn't it a great picture?

No more Swedish Match in EU

Just read on Northerner's facebook that they won't be able to ship anymore Swedish Match products from US to EU. Guess there is no way to get Swedish Match snus in EU then. What is wrong with the world? Feel sorry for all you people living in EU....

Thank god for snus....

Good morning,
Had some tough couple of days lately.... All work related. This is difficult times for many companies and some colleagues of mine and me have to quit our jobs. Really feel like having a smoke right now but I think I'm just gonna try some strong snus instead. Got a tip on facebook from one of my readers that I should try the Thunder frosted ES mini portions. Got some delivered to me yesterday so I think I'm gonna try that one.

However other good things is going on in my life right now. Some weeks ago I really didn't think my life would change this much so quickly just because of snus. Since this is a product that I've come to love, I am so glad to be able to share my stories with you.

Did some reading on Swedish Match's (you know, the company that makes Catch)website about snus and health benefits compared to smoking. There are so many women smoking around the world but apparently in Sweden, where more men has replaced their cigarette habit with snus, they have the lowest tobacco related mortality. Think that says alot.

Like always when I feel a little blue, I need to do some shopping! That is the best medicine in the world! Crazy that buying things can get you in such better mood! I know... something is really wrong with me :) F is not very happy about me being addicted to shopping.

Talk to you later, and if you feel like trying some snus, please join my contest below.
Love, Snus Girl

Smokefree days: 14

Win Snus!

Hi Guys!
Some really exciting stuff is going on here. You will notice it on this page in maybe a week our two =)
My whole life is changing because of snus!

As you can see to the right, you can also find me on Facebook. Thought I'd have a little competition so here it is:

When Snus Girl has 100 "likes" on Facebook I will give away a whole roll of "girly" snus to one of these lucky girls (or boys).  :)
This is the rolls you can choose from:

  • Catch pure mint white medium
  • Northerner wintergreen
  • Offroad white mini licorice
  • General smooth medium
  • Offroad white eucalyptus
  • Thunder Frosted ES Mini
All you have to do is "like" Snus Girl on facebook. So tell all your girl friends about this and write which snus you would like to have if you win in a comment below. Good Luck!

Snus Girl On Facebook 

Offroad Licorice White Portion

Hi guys, tried the Offroad Licorice white portion.
Just like with the Eucalyptus the smell when you open the can is very strong. In this case it is not a bad thing because the smell is wonderful! It reminds me a little bit more about Salmiak than Licorice though. I'm having a hard time with the pouches. Think they are a little bit "flabby" and of course they are too big for me. The mini portions fit better, but I want the higher nicotine content. The taste however is lovely! The only thing that disappointed me about the taste is that it's a bit weak. I was kinda surprised since the smell is very strong. A little more balance between smell, and taste would be great! The taste is of salty licorice and reminds me about Salmiak. The Licorice taste and natural tobacco taste i perfectly balanced. I like when the taste of tobacco is not that strong but you can still hint it in the background. I still wait for the nicotine rush to kick in but since I'm used to purified instant snus I guess I have to be a bit more patient.
The can has the same design as the other Offroad cans which I think is kind of boring, but that's just my opinion. I know many people want discreet designs on their cans but I just wish they could make them look a little more classy. This is not a can that I would want to show off to my girl friends. This refers not only to the Offroad snus cans but also other brands. I want better looking cans!

Conclusion: A little more balance in strength between the smell and taste, and better pouches and this would definitely be my new favorite snus. The nicotine content is 8mg/portion which is normal.

Snusing girls is sexy?

Feels like ages ago I quit smoking although its only been 2 weeks (tomorrow). I am really proud to call myself a snuser now. Still gets this lovely nicotine buzz in the morning that makes me feel like I'm in heaven.

I'm working on a reveiw of some new snus I received yesterday. It is Offroad white portion Licorice. This is not a mini portion as I usally use so I'm hiding in the office while trying this one :)
However I read on snuson that guys think it's sexy with girls having a large snus portion under their lip.

Anyone have a comment on that?

No more snus from Sweden to EU

Spoke to some friends of mine. Seems like it is very difficult to get any information about this. Found out a little more however.
Last week an online store selling Swedish snus was shut down by Swedish customs. Apparently Finland press charges at them. Now all the online stores that used to ship snus from Sweden to countries in the EU are not able to do that anymore. I think this is insane since many people quit smoking thanks to snus. And if anything gives you cancer it is cigarettes.
However I've heard that the Swedish gouvernment is not so pleased with this ban either.

Makla is a product that is not included in the EU ban. Why? It is used in the same way as snus is, but it is registered as a chewing tobacco product. How can Swedish snus be banned when this is allowed? I think this is discrimination of a product that help people quit smoking and also is more healthy than using chewing tobacco or moist snuff. This is very hard for me to understand at the moment and makes me very mad. I would love to use some bad words right now but that's not really my thing.
Is this EU trying to push down Sweden or what? Crazy to allow other products that is practically the same thing.

If anyone took away my snus.... Don't even want to think about what I would do then....
Luckily Europeans can still order snus from's American warehouse. Thank you, Chad for telling me that.

No more snus within EU

What is this??? You can't order snus from EU countries to other EU countries anymore? This is totally crazy and I really don't understand what this thing is about. Isn't this discrimination? You can by chewing tobacco and cigarettes within EU, why not the Swedish snus? As I see it Swedish snus saves lives while smoking and using other forms of smokeless tobacco gives you cancer.
Read a lot of blogs this morning and found out this news. After a really good weekend, reading about this just makes me sad. Where is the world headed when people put a ban on things that helps you quit smoking?
I'm watching Snubie for updates...

I'll try to get a hold of some friends of mine who might have more information. Will keep you updated!

Snus ban in the EU


Finally Friday!

Hi guys,
Finally it's Friday! Had a lovely day today. First at work and then lunch with my wonderful mother who I've missed so much. We had a ceasar-salad at a lovely restaurant in the city. She was very happy I quit smoking and seemed to be quite interested in Snus. She asked a lot of questions which I could easily answer to after all the researching I've been doing on the internet. Most questions about snus and health of course.

Picked up a nice pair of shoes on my way back. Thought they were so cute! Really want it to be summer now! Guess I can wear them in Mexico... Only two weeks and I'm there!
Also had to buy some shampoo and conditioner. My hair is a mess! Bought Paul Mitchells Extra body shampoo and rinse. The woman in the store of course made me buy a hairspray too! Lanza Healing volume Final Effects. Have very high expectations on that hairspray! Got 20 % discount on the entire purchase and that made me kinda happy!

However... Have been using the wintergreen snus today, but a guy at facebook, Snubie, recommended me to try some Thunder frosted mini portion. Think I'm gonna order that next!

My day so far in a picture

Have a good weekend everyone!


Offroad Eucalyptus White Mini Review

I tried a new kind of snus today. Offroad Eucalyptus White Mini portions. When I opened the snus can I was hit by a strong scent of Eucalyptus. Reminds me a little bit about when I had a cold once and had to smell this menthol product called Vicks that cleared my head. It definitly smells like Eucalyptus is supposed to smell. The first thing I noticed when openening the can was that the snus pouches didn't really look like white pouches. Or at least not as the white pouches that I am use to. They look a little more brownish and not as fresh in my opinion. I must say I prefer the pouches of Mocca White, and Catch White. The reason for this is that I think the Offroad pouches tastes a little bit like paper. They are very soft though and that is good. Feels comfortable. The taste is very fresch and reminds me a bit about summer. It does't taste as strong as it smells but it burns a little on the inside of my lip after keeping it in my mouth for a while. I find the taste to be a little salty like Catch Eucalyptus and not as sweet as other snus that i've tried. Regarding the nicotine content this is a little to weak for me. I'd rather use the original size portion to get some more nicotine but it is to big to fit under my lip. The offroad Eucalyptus white mini portion contains 8mg/g of nicotine.

Offroad was earlier called Fellinni and had a more feminin design to the cans. I did'nt like the design of the Fellinni cans because I thought they looked a little too old-fashioned. I can't say I like this can better eather. I'd like to see a can that is a little more classy. A snus can that I would be proud to show off and keep in my handbag. It doesn't have to be very girly but just a little less boyish. I like the General Smooth White Medium can. It has a very simple but good looking design. Could be a little bit thinner though.

Conclusion: The taste of the snus is very good. The smell is quite strong but nice. Comfortable pouches that fits well in the mouth. Not my favorite snus but absolutely a snus that I can see myself using.

Since this is the first snus review I've ever written, please have a little patience with me. I'd love to get some constructive criticism to help me get better at this!

Smokefree days: 7!

This is gonna be a great day! The sun is shining outside and I'm having my morning snus! Guess thats why I'm in such a good mood. I passed by a group of smoking people on my way to work..........God that smells good! Yesterday evening was really tough. Me and F went to a restaurant with some friends, having some dinner and some good wine. I was just sitting very nervous waiting for the moment I new would come. The moment where all the girls were gonna head outside for a smoke. I knew that if I went with them I would pretty much be screwed...

However I tried to remember all the bad things about smoking that made me want to quit in the first place. Everything from how bad my breath was, that I couldn't walk the stairs to my apartment on the 4:th floor without having a rest in the middle to people close to me passing away because of cancer caused by smoking. I started telling the girls about the difference I've already noticed in my health since quitting smoking and all the benefits I'm getting from using snus. One of the girls actually stayed with me at the table while the others went out smoking. She asked me if she could try a snus so I gave her a Mocca mint mini portion(didn't want her to feel all dizzy like I did the first time I tried stronger snus) and she liked it! It ended up with me giving her the whole can of Mocca mint to bring home with her and now she is gonna try to quit smoking aswell! I'm gonna call her later today to see how it's going. :)

Funny picture I found on a site about snus and health.

I'm gonna try some new snus later today. It is called Offroad Eucalyptus. So check in with me later for a review!

Dreamhost codes

Smokefree days: 7!!

Vegas soon!

Starting to panic a little.... Soon it is time for F's and my travel to Las Vegas. Never been there before and I am so excited! Just trying to figure out how much snus I will need while I'm there and what to wear! What to wear feels like the biggest issue right now.
A good thing is that I haven't gained any weight while quitting smoking this time! Last time I tried to quit smoking I gained many pounds. Thank you Snus!

Found this dress at H&M... What do you think? Suitable for Vegas?

Really gotta do some shopping this weekend!


Good Morning!

Really starting to love this first snus in the morning ritual. A cup of coffee and a snus, what a perfect match! Can not believe I never heard about snus until now. Why use cigarettes that are really bad for you when there this wonderful product snus that tastes good and makes you feel good!

Yesterday while F was doing the dishes (yes, F's doing the dishes in our house) and I threw my used snus in the trash he said with a very surprised look on his face: "Whaaaat??! Did you have a snus in?? I didn't even notice that when I kissed you" Ha ha..... Pretty cool.

This is what I think of F when he's doing the dishes!

I'm very happy today. A blogger, Snubie who I follow and admire alot just mentioned me in his blog! He also mentioned a site called Northerner offering free shipping! That's great. Thinking about ordering some new snus from them. Could be fun to try some new stuff? Could anyone recommend something?

Smokefree days: 6! (if i make it through today it is a whole week!)

Different portions

Having my first morning Snus. If I make it through today I've been smokefree for 6 days... Had a little breakdown when I realized I counted the days wrong. At first i thought this would be my 7:th day.. It is not. It's been 7 days since I first tried snus though. Ooooh... Now this lovely nicotine buzz is kicking in. Love this Purified Wintergreen snus. It gives an more instant kick than other snus.

F told me yesterday that he is glad I'm using snus while quitting smoking. F said that he likes my temper better now than the other times i tried quitting smoking with nicotinegum. I guess I was kinda angry those times :) Took out all my anger on him of course ;) But i'm being a nice girl these days (thanks to snus).

Thought I'd show you the difference in the portion sizes. Just click on the image view it in a larger format.

From the left: Mocca white mini portion, Northerner wintergreen portion, Göteborgs Rapé White original portion, Skruf original portion, Catch pure mint long portion, Lab series 01 long portion.
 As you can see on the picture they are quite different regarding size. My favorite is the Northerner portion since it is much thinner than the other portions (as you can see on the second picture). That is the portion that fits the best in my mouth since my mouth isn't that big and my lips are quite small. Feels very discreet and I don't want it to stick out or show under my lip. I also like the white portions better and feel that they are much more fresh than the original portions. But hey, everyone's got different taste and I now that the original portion is very popular.

From the left: Mocca white mini portion, Northerner Wintergreen portion, Mocca pure mint long portion.
 As you can see the Northerner Wintergreen portion in the middle is very thin. However it still contains more nicotine than the Mocca portion to the left.
Which one is your favorite portion?

Love these shoes!

Just found these Jeffrey Campbell shoes at a this blog: and fell in love immediatly... Too bad they were out of stock at

What do you think?
I have to stop falling in love with all these fantastic shoes all the time... F's getting crazy at me.

Longing for Spring

Sitting in my office a little "high" on snus. Feels good! My 6th day being smokefree is almost over!
Daydreaming about spring and sunny weather. Longning to go out shopping but guess I have to wait until the salary comes in to my account. Anyway: a little spring inspiration:

Dress from Forever21, Footless tights from Topshop, Shoes from Topshop
Hat from Topshop, Bracelet from Topshop, Bag from Asos,
Jeans Jacket Acne from Netaporter, Scarf from Topshop,
Sunglasses from Netaporter

How to use Swedish Snus

Have breakfast before taking your morning snus! Good idea...
Yesterday I had my first snus in the morning without eating anything first. Got really dizzy! Quite funny feeling actually... but maybe not early in the morning :) Had a coffee with a friend of mine yesterday. She also quit smoking with snus and has been smokefree for many years now. She didn't like the purified Wintergreen that I use. She prefers a more salty snus like Catch dry eucalyptus. I like my snus a little bit sweetened.
Oooh.... now the dizzines hit me again... :) guess it is always a little bit stronger in the morning. The GOOD thing is that this takes away my urge to run down to 7-eleven and by a pack of cigarettes. After having this snus I can not smoke. I would definitly faint or throw up if I did.
The weekend was kind of tough. Having a glass of wine is for me strongly linked to having a smoke. I made it through though!
I found that having a glass of wine with a snus is acutally a really good flavour combination.

Thought I would show you how to use Snus. I now many people confuse snus with the smokeless tobacco product moist snuff which you place under your lower lip. I actually did to. However I've learned it is not the same thing. First of all you don't have to spit while using the Swedish snus. That's a good thing I think. Not very sexy to walk around spitting all the time, right? Secondly the Swedish snus is much healthier. I would never use the moist snuff.

This is how you use Swedish snus:

You put the snus portion under your upper lip and leave it there for between 15 minutes up to an hour. At first I couldn't keep the snus in for that long because of the dizzines but now I can leave it in for an hour.

The best thing is that these thin pouches doesn't show under my lip.

Smokefree days: 5

Mission: Make the office more cozy!

This is the result of me and M's visit to IKEA yesterday. Mission: to make the office more cozy, Done!
What do you think?

This is what we bought at Ikea!

The best thing about Ikea is that it is so cheap! It is so much funnier when you can combine a lot of furniture and you really can afford it when shopping att Ikea!
You can find the furniture at

I want to smoke!

The funny thing is, what I thought I would miss the most about smoking is having that morning cigarette with a cup of coffee. That is not what i miss right now. This morning was actually easy having my cup of coffee with a snus. It is now, when I'm sitting in my office, a bit tired before lunch, that I really want a smoke! My colleagues just went out to have their smoking break and I'm kindly sitting here at the computer. I tried a Northerner Wintergreen today. It is a purified portion that is cleansed from nitrosamines (carcinogenics). It is stronger than the Mocca Mint white mini portions and I really need that today.

What I like about this Northerner snus is that the pouches are dry and freshly white. It also gives me a good nicotine rush. I think if I had a smoke right now I would feel quite sick, getting to much nicotine. However, I hope my cigarette cravings will pass soon. Why can't cigarettes be as healthy as smoking??!
Well, stupid question and after all my researching I now the answer to it. With snus you don't inhale any smoke. Secondly snus is pasteurized which makes it more healthy than tobacco that's been fire-cured or fermented.