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Sting Free Snus Might Be Available Soon

We might be able to see a Sting Free Swedish Snus on the market very soon. A product that can not only improve the gum health of snus users but also a product that inventor Bengt Wiberg believe can save tobacco smokers lives. I spoke to Bengt again, about his invention and how he believes that Sting Free snus can change the future.

"Snus is scientifically proven considerably less harmful than smoking. According to the WHO more than 6 million smokers dies prematurely annually to a cost for the world society of about $1,1 trillion. Worldwide, one billion smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings with cigarettes instead of snus ... until now", he starts. Bengt's patent has already been approved in Sweden but he also has a patent pending in the USA and the rest of Europe. 

Almost half of Swedish Snus users find the sting unpleasant.
I know a lot of you (including me) have come to like the sting. I even know a person who put a piece of ginger under their upper lip when they quit using snus, because the sting was more difficult to give up than the nicotine.
Turns out though, according to a survey conducted among over 600 Swedish Snus users - that only 11% of women and 17% of men found the burning feeling in their gums pleasant.

Imagine trying snus for the first time and you feel a strong burning feeling under your upper lip, wouldn't that make you wonder if there is something wrong with the product? Maybe you are sensitive to it? Maybe it's just not a good option for you? I have heard from a lot of people that try snus for the first time, and are worried about the "sting". They are wondering why this happens and if there are any alternatives, very soon we might be able to tell them about one.

High Demand
Customers are already asking tobacco store owners about the sting free snus product that does not yet exist on the market and not surprisingly Bengt has also found people ready to invest in a his invention. His story has spread and been covered many times, both in blogs and newspapers over the world. He says he is most proud of an article in Dagens Hälsa (Today's Health) The biggest newspaper for health matters in Scandinavia. 
"Imagine a tobacco product, Sting Free Snus in this case, being promoted by a paper for health. This is the first time any such thing has happened.", he says. 
He was also awarded the prize for best business idea in Venture cup, a big competition for Entrepreneurs in Sweden and just recently he was in the TV show "Företagsänglarna" which is the Swedish version of the TV show Shark Tank or Dragon's Den. It will be aired this fall and he cannot yet speak about the outcome. 

His patented invention is not actually a new tobacco product, but a membrane that gives snus manufacturers the possibility to make their products pain free!
The ultra-thin membrane can be integrated in the sachet production of snus. Think, almost like a patch that protects a wound. "The best thing is that it does not affect taste, smell or nicotine experience", he says.

Easier for Smokers to Embrace Tobacco Harm Reduction
Bengt speaks about how Sweden has one of the lowest rates of tobacco related mortality in the world. Sweden also has one of the lowest rates of smokers in the world, still Swedes consume just as much tobacco as other EU countries, but Swedes use snus more and instead of cigarettes. 
 "Still there is one million Swedes (11 % of the population) who haven’t been able to quit smoking although snus have been available for almost 200 years. Now you might ask yourself why?" Bengt says. 

If we go back to the survey above again, 4 out of 10 snus users consider the stinging of the snus "unpleasant". Bengt also tells me about another survey that shows that 7 out of 10 snus users in Sweden are former smokers.
 "You don’t have to be a professor in order to draw the conclusion that a big number of smokers can’t bear the pain of the stinging of snus and therefore continue smoking in spite of the snus availability The patented Sting Free Snus has solved the snus pain on gum and oral mucosa problem. Thus there will be much easier to embrace harm reduction, by switching cigarettes for snus, in the future. Smoking kills – Snus doesn't.", says Bengt.

A representative for Swedish Snus Store told me they would be very interested in adding a Sting Free Snus product to their assortment of Swedish snus "I believe there would be a demand for this type of product and that it would have especially big potential for those that use snus a lot. With a lot I mean they pretty much have a portion in 24/7. Sometimes these people can have problems with their gums and a Sting Free Snus could really help them", he says.


How Kathie Quit Smoking After 35 Years.

Altid spitless tobacco free nicotine pouch

When I met Kathie a couple of years ago, she had no intentions to quit smoking. Ever. I kept her company during her smoke breaks and enjoyed the smell of cigarette smoke. Interestingly enough, I still love the smell even though I have not had a cigarette in over 7 years. Of course I offered her to try my Swedish Snus, but she had no interest at all. She loved her cigarettes and did not plan to retire them anytime soon. 

Was I surprised when I received a text from Kathie a couple of months ago, saying she had quit smoking? YES! I instantly knew I had to interview her for Snus Girl.

A Long Time Smoker

Kathie had been smoking 10-12 cigarettes a day pretty consistent for 35 years. In June 2016 she was so busy at work, she found herself stuck at her desk for hours without any opportunity for a smoke break.
"I purchased a starter vape to try that and I used altid in conjunction with the vape, then without realizing it stopped using the vape and I was only using altid", Kathie tells me.

What Is Altid?

Altid is a tobacco free, spitless nicotine pouch that you put in your upper lip so the nicotine can be absorbed by the mucous membranes in your gums. The nicotine is derived from tobacco, however the product does not contain any tobacco or salt like Swedish snus does. Altid is also more effective in delivering nicotine to your blood stream which can make the nicotine content seem higher than in Swedish Snus. Altid is simply nicotine, food grade colorings and a gum base. The gum base gives you the option to chew gently on the pouch to release more nicotine.
"I never did try Swedish Snus.  I loved smoking but not the taste of tobacco if that makes any sense", Kathie explained.

How Kathie Quit Smoking 

Being a former smoking myself I know how hard it can be to quit. I asked Kathie about her recipe for success.
"That's the funny thing. I never intended to quit smoking. I loved smoking. I started using altid and when I would have a cigarette it tasted completely disgusting. I didn't need the nicotine fix as much as before because of the altid. All of a sudden, I just didn't want to smoke anymore", she says.
Kathie is happy that she gave up smoking. Now she is noticing how much easier she is breathing. As an extra bonus she tells us that altid helps her from overeating. "Finish your meal, slip in a pouch and you won't eat more than you intended", she adds.

When Discreet & Convenient is a Preference.   

Kathie says what she loves most about altid is the taste and the convenience.
"Nobody has to know you have the pouch in your lip unless you tell them. There is no spitting. You can drink with it in. The taste of the flavors is unbeatable. They really are so good", says Kathie.
altid comes in four flavors and three different strengths. Kathie uses all of the flavors, but is fast to claim wintergreen as her favorite.
"The tastes vary so much from flavor to flavor. If you want sweet, go with Dragon Fruit, it reminds me of berries and cotton candy. Wintergreen tastes exactly like a Wintergreen lifesaver. Ice mint is a wonderful pepperminty flavor and Citrus Mint gives you that hint of orange and lemon with a little mint", she describes.

Saving Money

Not only is Kathie's health better since quitting smoking. She is also saving a lot of money. She used to spend over $150 a month on cigarettes. She tells us a can of altid would last her about a week and is only $3.36 at Northerner.
I ask her if she misses smoking and she tells med there are triggers that makes her miss it.
"I have tried one or two since I started using altid and while I miss the general idea of smoking, I do NOT miss the taste or smell."

Easier Than She Thought

Kathie's story sure is inspiring. For a lot of people quitting smoking is a huge endeavor, but for her it came naturally when using another product. Lastly I ask her if she has any advice for other people struggling to quit smoking.
"You would be shocked at how much you will love altid id as an alternative to smoking. I never ever thought I would be able to quit that easily.  If you had told me this product would have me quit smoking in about 2 days I would have laughed at you. The taste and ease of it makes all the difference in the world."

You can buy altid online and in a selection of stores in the US.
Go to their webpage to learn more about altid. You can also find contact information if you would like to find stores that carry their products.

Now it's your turn, have you ever been a smoker? How did you quit? Ever tried altid? Would love to hear your stories.

Love, Snus Girl

Sting Free Snus

Hi Guys,
I'm sorry I haven't updated this blog in so long. I am so happy and surprised to see that this blog has so many readers still. The Snus Girl blog is something that is very close to my heart and I appreciate all of you so much! Planning to pick up blogging and snus reviewing again and below you can read about a new snus invention. It's a story I just had to share!

A snus revolution

A while ago I got in contact with a very special man that calls him self a "snus health inventor". His name is Bengt Wiberg from Lidingö in Sweden and his unique invention has already been written about many times by the largest newspapers in Sweden and snus blogs from all over the world. They are calling it a snus revolution, read on to find out why.

What has he done that is so special?

He has invented an industrial method to add great value to the snus pouch itself. In other words it’s not a new tobacco mixture or new flavor, but instead a revolution to the pouch itself. He calls his invention “Sting Free snus” and the facts are:
sting free snus prototype
Sting free snus prototype

  • Doesn’t sting/burn
  • Gentle and protective to gum and oral mucosa
  • Doesn’t stain the teeth the same way normal snus can do
  • Works on all types of snus and snuff in pouch (portion) in the world
  • Delivers same nicotine kick, fragrance and flavor
  • Patent pending in Sweden, Norway, EU and USA
  • Swedish Match has a (non) exclusive license

Why sting free snus?

He says he invented the Sting Free snus in pure self-preservation after his dentist ordered him to quit
using snus a few years ago due to him having big trouble with his oral mucosa and gum. Bengt have been using snus every day for 40 years and didn’t want to quit. So he came up with a simple scientific solution, started using it on himself and amazed his dentist who confirms that his mouth is now 100 % healthy again.

Why I think this is a great invention

Bengt Wiberg Sting Free Snus
Bengt Wiberg with his sting free snus

Although I have never had these problems with my gum myself (the product I am using should not cause these problems), I have heard about people who do. I have also been contacted many times by people who try snus for the first time, and are worried about this sting/burn they feel underneath their lip. Many of them feel discouraged and may not try snus ever again. Since a lot of these people try snus in the hopes of it being able to help them quit smoking, I see this as a huge problem. I hope that every snus brand will offer a sting free option in the future.

Back in Sweden, Bengt can now lean back in his chair and enjoy his favorite Grov Portion Sting free snus with his morning coffee, without worrying about his mouth health. Thank you, Bengt for wanting to share your invention with us.

So now you know, the method to make sting free snus exists. What do you think about this invention? If there was a sting free snus product out there, would you buy it?

Want to know more?

Check out the new video interview by StiffUpperLipp or go have a look at Bengt's facebook page or website 

Love, SnusGirl


Wow Wintermint White Portion Review

WoW! Wintermint

Swedish Snus Review

Wow Wintermint is made by a company named SPT (Scandinavian Premium Tobacco) that also owns
Wow wintermint snus
the brand Taboca, which I haven’t tried yet. I have heard a lot of good things about Taboca so I was really curios to try this WoW! Wintermint snus.

I opened the can, by actually pulling off the top of the label on the sides of the can. I think they had me there already. These guys think about my nails! How thoughtful! I hate breaking my nails when I open a snus can.

Jenka Jenka Jenka!

Wow! You have to smell this snus! It’s one of those nostalgic snuses for me, yes I know, I’ve gotten quite a few of them lately. This snus smells exactly like a chewing gum my friends and I used to buy in Sweden when we were kids. It was named Jenka and cost 0,50 SEK each. I remember that because we used to convert all our money to the cost of this chewing gum. If I got 10 SEK from my parents that meant I could buy 20 Jenka .

I was a little bit disappointed by the flavor of this snus at first. After getting this nostalgic feeling from the smell of Wow wintermint  I had high expectations of the flavor being the same as the smell. It's not. Thing is, it’s too sweet and the Wintergreen flavor should definitely be stronger and give you more of a burn. That is after all what I’m looking for in a Wintergreen and Mint snus. I find this snus a little mild in flavor.

It Grows On You

Wow! Wintermint White Portion SnusThe first time I tried this snus I didn’t feel that burning sensation that usually comes with a mint or wintergreen snus. I just got a slightly tingling feeling under my lip, but I was surprised because with my third portion I actually felt more of a burn. It’s still not a massive burning feeling (which I actually like) and it got milder after a while. I’ve come to like the flavor more and more. It’s not a really rich wintergreen or mint flavor and it’s still a tad sweet for my taste but it grows on you. I also feel you get the same freshness as you would get from a mint chewing gum. With my third portion I felt so comfortable with the flavor and the softness of the pouch that I forgot I had it in which I then realized 40 minutes later. I would definitely suggest giving it a few portions; you might just fall in love with it.
I also let my husband and his Swedish friend try this snus and they both liked it. That surprised me a little since his friend only uses General Classic Portion snus and I could never imagine that he would like a wintermint flavor. 
Wow Wintermint Portions

A Retro Can

The can is pretty cool. Not only do SPT care about my nails they have also made an awesome retro designed can which really stands out on the market. Just seeing it on Northerner made me curious because it really stands out from all the other brands.Oh, and the can has a huge "ashtray" for used portions built in to the lid of the can. The bigger the better. I hate it when I forget to empty my "ashtray" and can't find a trashcan around.

Mouthfeel & Nicotine

The portions are really soft and I find them somewhat thicker than other white portions which gives you a comfortable feeling under your lip. Being a white portion I still find it a bit moist. The portions are a little too big for my taste but as you know I’m a mini portion kind of girl. The nicotine level is average. Not to strong, not to weak.

I painted my nails green yesterday, to match the WoW wintermint can of course. My husband then said “Noooo, What are you doing? Green nails? Really?” Just a piece of advice to you men out there, Compliment your girlfriend/wife and if you have nothing nice to say; stay quiet. That is my best advice if you want to live a long and happy life.
My husband then realized his mistake and said: “I guess I just need some time to get used to it….” Well, maybe that’s the case for me with this snus cause every time I try it I seem to like it a little bit more. I almost went trough a whole can of wow wintermint now and think I might just order some more which was definitely not my thought after trying my first portion. At least I can say this snus is different from any other snus I have tried and sometimes being different is a good thing.


Should EU decide about Swedish Snus flavoring?

The EU has already put a ban on snus so it's not allowed for sale in any other EU countries than Sweden (loose snus is allowed in Denmark). Now they also want to decide which flavors we are allowed to have. Is this right? I don't think so! If it can't be sold in any other EU countries, it's not their business!

The devastating consequences of the EU snus ban

Swedish snus has been around in Sweden for over 200 years and is a deeply rooted tradition. Now
the EU wants to take control and change our snus and I am as a Swede extremely worried that snus will not be the same again. The new tobacco directive suggests a ban on flavored snus. What not all people understand is that even the original tobacco-taste brands like for example General, contains flavors like bergamot and smoke aromas. The consequences of this ban might be that people in Sweden switches back to smoking again, the cigarette consumption will grow higher and smuggling of uncontrolled products will explode. The EU decision will affect the Swedish snus manufacturing and retailing in a negative way. The EU decision might also spread to other countries outside of EU. The US, India, Russia and Norway are already discussing it.

This has happened:

    The EU snus ban and Makla
  • 1991 The EU directive applied a ban on all tobacco products not intended to be smoked or chewed. The reason for this is that it’s addictive, said to cause mouth cancer and be a gateway to smoking. (Ironic since there is no ban on cigarettes and both cigarettes and chewing tobacco is said to cause cancer when snus is not)
  • Sweden got an exception from the snus ban when they joined EU in 1995. That meant Swedish people could still sell, buy and use snus within Sweden but was forbidden to export snus to other countries in the EU. 
  • Year 2001 the public health institute in Sweden removed the cancer warning label from the snus cans since there was no evidence that snus could cause cancer.
  • The EU commission compare the Swedish snus to reports made about foreign oral tobacco products (which we know is not the same thing at all.)
  • The EU commission uses and relies on reports that are not statistically scientifically correct.
  • Autumn 2012 John Dalli, The EU commissioner for health and consumer policy resigns after being involved in a bribery scandal involving the new tobacco directive and Swedish snus. Tonio Borg is chosen as a new commissioner.
  • Tonio Borg says tobacco products should taste like tobacco.
  • A new tobacco directive was presented in December 2012. This new directive suggests a continued export ban for Swedish snus but also a ban of flavored snus.

They fight for our Snus!

Swedish Snus Manufacturers are fighting for our right to our snus. I got an opportunity to interview Gotlandssnus owner Henrik Jakobsson who is also a front person for the organization Vårt Snus Vårt Beslut (Our Snus, Our Decision). You can read the full interview with Henrik below. If you have any questions or concerns go ahead and like their Facebook page. They will answer all of your questions there.
What do you think about the future for snus in Sweden and the rest of the world?
Things are very uncertain in Sweden and it’s difficult to focus on the future when we don’t know what’s going to happen. Other countries might emulate if they believe the EU commission has done a fair assessment. 

Gotlandssnus Henrik JakobssonDo you think flavored snus will be forbidden in Sweden? What’s the reason EU wants to ban flavored snus and if so, when is this going to happen?
We hope that our politicians understand the consequences of a ban of flavored snus and continue to fight against it.

The EU claims that flavorings attract young people to start using tobacco. There is no evidence of this and the consequences could instead be that people switch to a more harmful product.

Negotiations have now started on all levels of the directive, there are many instances this will go through, their goal is to have everything ready for a decision in Parliament in autumn 2013, but many believe it will be at earliest 2014.

Are the flavors that are added to Swedish snus somehow harmful?
No, Snus should according to Swedish law be regulated as a food product which means that all the flavors that are added are approved for food products.

Who will decide what is defined as a tobacco taste and how will that method work? For
Snus Manufacturing Jakobssons Fläder
example General, one of the most popular brands in Sweden has distinct notes of bergamot, Will this also be forbidden?
The EU commission suggests this should be decided by a group of people in Brussels. This group should determine if the snus has a characteristic aroma. How they are supposed to decide that is to me unimaginably.

All Swedish snus contains aromas. A person who has ever tried totally unflavored snus would understand that. A ban against flavored snus would mean that no snus would be approved. 

For example, the smoke aroma that is used in almost all snus brands will have to be replaced with fire cured tobacco which is a much more harmful alternative to the air cured tobacco that is used for snus manufacturing today.

The tobacco used in Swedish snus is air cured to minimize unwanted substances (carcinogenic and toxins) but since this eliminates all flavors we have to add the flavors later. 

Swedish match previously said nearly 70% of their brands will disappear if the new tobacco directive goes through, what’s the case for Gotlandssnus products?
For us it’s a 100% of our product range that would disappear from the market which I think it would be for our competitors as well.

Many Swedes have said they want to leave the EU if this ban is applied. What do you think
about that? If the new tobacco directive goes through will snus be totally forbidden or will the flavors allowed in Sweden be allowed in the rest of the EU?
I don’t think all of our Swedish politicians or the EU understands our snus culture. Swedish snus cannot be compared to other EU acts or decisions (for example requirements for size and shape for cucumbers or strawberries). Snus is a very personal and traditional product.

Gotlandssnus manufacturingI’m pretty convinced that people in Sweden will react. The consequences will be a big opposition against our membership in the European Union, which some organizations and political parties will benefit from. 

The ban of flavored snus will in that case only be in Sweden and Sweden will also be the only country with an exception from the Snus ban. Snus will still be forbidden in other EU countries. 

Have the EU commission taken any part of or been informed of any studies made on Swedish snus and health and compared it to other tobacco products that’s allowed in the EU?
They have never viewed snus as a better alternative product. 

200.000 deaths related to Alcohol in the EU every year.

700.000 deaths due to smoking in the EU every year.  The health care cost for this is 100 billion Euros each year.

40% of the population in Sweden were smokers in year 1976. 2002 it was only 15%. It’s also unique that most of them were women. 

Gotlandssnus Jakobssons Melon SnusToday Sweden has the lowest rate of smokers. Only 13% in Sweden are smokers when the average smoking rate in the EU is 28%. Greece has the highest rate, 40%. 

From what I know there is no documented deaths due to snus use. 

Is there some way for us snusers in Sweden and in the EU to help and fight for Swedish snus?
The only thing we can do right now is to inform people what’s going on behind the curtains, cause one day we might stand there with a ban on snus and then it will be too late.


Catch Collection Madison Avenue Review

Madison Avenue Rich Mint

Swedish Snus Review

The first thing that hit me when I put this portion under my lip was – This reminds me of a mint
candy my grandmother used to buy when I was a kid. I got a little nostalgic. It was a mint-toffee kind of candy and I remember my grandmother always carrying these mint-toffee’s in her purse during the time she was trying to quit smoking.  Me and my sister loved walking around with her in the city, because every 15 minutes we would stop and get a candy. My grandmother was very close to me and even though she died when I was nine, I still miss her a lot. I have the cigarettes to blame for her being ripped out of my life far too early.

Mmmmm Mint!

This is one of the best mint flavors I’ve tried. It has both a little sweetness and a saltiness to it. The mint flavor combined with the hints of caramel is a perfect match. You can also still taste the tobacco very mildly in the background. It’s a very fresh, rich mint flavor that gives you a nice subtle burn under your lip. What makes me sad is that this is a Catch Collection snus which means that this flavor will eventually go away and be replaced with a new one. I really want Madison Avenue to stay!! I might just start a petition for that!

A Nice Treat

I carried this snus with me on our road trip to Grand Canyon last week. With an angry 1 year old screaming in the backseat this was a much needed treat. The nicotine at 4mgs per portion doesn’t really do it for me, but that means I can use them more often and with this amazing flavor I tend to pop another portion in after just a while. It’s good to know you can do that without worrying about suffering from a nicotine overdose. 

The Organized Snus

This is a white mini portion snus and I could easily use 2 at a time if I needed more of a nicotine buzz. The portions are pretty moist compared to other white portions so you still get the freshness from a white portion but without the feeling of it sucking all the moisture out of your mouth. I also like Swedish Match’s mini snus cans. They are cute and tiny and fits into my small purse packed with other things I don’t need, but forget to take out (like my 1,5 inch pile of old receipts and coupons). Since I’m obviously pretty unorganized it’s good to have something that is, and this snus as well as many other Swedish Match products has the neat star formation which means the portions are organized in a star pattern as you can see on the picture below.

Overall this is a really good snus, I don’t have anything negative to say about it except maybe you would want a little higher nicotine level, but then again that’s easily fixed; These portions are small so you can easily have two in at the same time. This is a really good snus with a flavor that to me is just divine! It took me back a lot of years to good memories hidden away somewhere back in my mind. I’ll make sure to pick up a few more of these before they disappear from the market!
Thank you Swedish Match for an awesome snus!

Written by Josie

Skruf Xtra Stark White Portion Review

Skruf Extra Strong White Portion

Swedish Snus Review

Skruf Extra Strong White Portion Snus I am obsessed with Skruf now! Last night I put in a list of requests to the awesome Snus Girl, that included just about every product in their range including: los, tranbar (cranberry), the strong mint and the new organic tobacco portions (can’t wait to taste and review them all!)
Today is all about the Skruf extra sterk white portion. I've seen these white packaged portions around the traps for years and I know they have quite a cult like following. Once again I kick myself for not trying skruf earlier, but it’s all good. What attracts me to sterk now is not just the great taste or the awesome strength, but the quality of the tobacco they use. I was reading on their website today, through their terribly atrocious English translation, that they source their tobacco from the finest selections around the world. I believe it too. Skruf has a clean and smooth taste with a long lasting nic hit. They started like most of us wish we could do in life. Follow our dreams and start a small company doing what we love to do the most, and from that love, comes a commitment to quality and longevity.

Can Design

The can is unmistakably Skruf and a sharp marketing ploy on their behalf.  Early in modern snus
production days, most cans were either black or earth tones and by creating a solid white can, Skruf stood out from the crowd. The 4 dot strength indication is also present meaning STRONG! I'm starting to love this 4 dot system makes my mouth water and my heart palpitate just looking at it.

Delightful Smell

The smell is delightful. A rich tobacco with grapefruit tones and rose oil. A lot richer than most
bergamot scented snus, and I love that the tobacco comes through.  One of my favorite things in the world to do is smell cigars. I love to compare the mellow and the mild, the strong and rich, and I am happy when these qualities transfer over to snus, I truly appreciate quality and strength.
Skruf Xtra Strong White and Skruf Xtra Strong Slim Portions

Used To Be The Strongest Portions

Strength, yea, these portions have a whole bunch! They used to be the strongest portions on the market back in the day. Now of course they have several competitors. It’s almost like companies are in competition with each other, who can make the strongest palatable snus (and V2 is questionable, just kidding! I love you junkie V2!) :)  The exact Mg is not readily disclosed by Skruf, but in estimate its about 17-19mg per portion.  Rather high but not the strongest anymore. Surprisingly these portions don’t really have an effect on me as far as head spins or total snus inhalation, but I do notice that if I have a lot of strong portions at night I get very drowsy. I always thought tobacco was a stimulant, hmph…maybe I have ADHD or something, either that or my heart is giving out. :)

Strong Taste

Skruf Xtra Stark Snus Portion
The taste is rather strong for a white portion, i was pleasantly surprised.  If your into citrus and Turkish delight you will love these!  The flavor is long lasting, slightly salty and very invigorating! Skruf sure has their stuff together with the moisture content. Once again i can keep a portion in for a good hour with no drip. enough to keep the portion moist, but not enough to cause that horrible brown run down your to love that!  Im interested to try their regular extra sterk portions to get a comparison between the two, but im sure they are just as awesome.  Being a white portion i was concerned about dryness and unadequate flavor and nicotine absorption.  Lets just say that there is nothing left to be desired and the portions are still reasonably moist for a white variety. Ahh skruf, please dont become my new lover, you are too much of a pain in the ass to get from the Swedish factory all the time!

It's Everything You Want...

I would have these or any Skruf product again in a heartbeat. Its one of the very few snus's that has so many good things going for it.If you have ever sat and wondered...hmmm...I wish this snus had such and such, then give Skruf a try, I'm sure it's everything you want out of tobacco and more! The cost is also affordable and competitive with other decent and good quality snus.

Im really looking forward to what Skruf has in store for us in the near future....we will keep you posted! :)

Written By Sarah S